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The Osbournes

357,000 More Tax Problems

4/30/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The IRS ain't done with Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne -- TMZ has learned the couple has been hit with a brand NEW tax lien for more than $357k.


The lien, filed this week in L.A., shows the couple still owes $357,070.62 in unpaid federal income  taxes from 2007.

The new filing comes on the heels of a $1.7 million lien filed against the family earlier this month ... bringing their grand total of debt just over $2 mil.

Earlier this month, Sharon took responsibility for the tax issues -- saying she was "too involved with myself" to meet with her accountant.

Osbourne adds, "I cancelled two meetings with him over the last 18 months because I was way too busy."


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Out of their ~$150 millions i don't think will be very hard to find $357,000

1273 days ago


Too involved in yourself=YES. Stupid stupid people,THE WHOLE FAMILY

1273 days ago


The IRS needs to do a mass audit of Hollywood. These dopes are always spouting their "Americans aren't taxed enough" nonsense, then we find out the reason they think that is because they don't pay their own damn taxes.

We could pay off the national debt tomorrow if the IRS would audit every name in IMDB!

1273 days ago


Frist: the is for Truth of who wrote the Osbournes are worth 140 million. Since they owe 2 mil the IRS will seize the 140 mil just to get the 2 mil. They may be worth 140 mil in England but they owe 2 mil here.

The Osbournes are too busy to consult with their "Accountant" he's the one who's suppose to pay their taxes. Ozzy is going to join Wesley Snipes at Club Fed and who know where Sharon going to go.

The IRS get's a little "Pissed Off" when people like the Osbournes feel that they don't don't pay their taxes. If they were in England they'd be in jail right now. Club Fed is nice this time of year ask Wesley Snipes. I wonder if Ozzy is going to act stupid for IRS he probably thinks if he does one of his acts that the IRS will let him off, well they'll tell Ozzy he can be the main event at "Club Fed". When the IRS comes to their home and siezes it the IRS isn't going to give a "Rats Ass". The IRS is going to seize everything bank account, saving account, stocks, bonds, all royalties from Sharons shows. These two morons have no idea the power of the IRS.

1273 days ago


This woman has no class , she talks like a sailor and is down right rude in public. Can't stand her or that ugly hair dye.

1273 days ago


I thought she was daddy's little fat girl with the brains for business, and thus when she was Ozzie's business manager she not only covered for all his business matters but eventually harranged him into marriage so she could get her mitts on his money.

Apparently she isnt quite the astute business woman we've been led to believe and the Biography TV Show has portrayed her as...she's nothing more than a thief and a fraud.

I mean he's actually mentally ill, from depression and drug use so he wouldnt even know how to write a check...her? She knows exactly what shes doing---every thief does. Let her play this out and see if she can talk all ****ney tough with the Federal Govt...when the Fed speaks about money, they dont care about color, creed, or dont play no equality card---there is none with them and money.

1273 days ago


2 F'n MILLION in tax debt!!!!!????!! WTF !!! Throw that filthy mouth, limey-ass bitch the hell into the SLAMMER, along with her drugged-out hubby, and tired ass daughter as well. TO CBS; This woman is in essence a TAX FELON, AND YOU GIVE HER FACE TIME ON YOUR SHOW!! You should be ashamed. You fired sheen for being a s***bag, FIRE SO for being a TAX FELON. The State department should revoke her visa IMMEDIATELY, and DEPORT her arse back to the UK, with ALL her US assets FROZEN. Maybe she can do the "TALK" by Skype from london.

1273 days ago


i bet they could find that much money in their couch cushions.

1273 days ago


How could this happen? Don't rich people have top-notch accountants? Pay the money and obviously find a NEW accountant! And don't try and find a bunch of loop holes... just pay your taxes flat out and get on with it.

1273 days ago


How stupid !!! These people live and make big bucks in the USA. Enough with Tax evasion!! Pay up like everyone else has to!!!

1273 days ago

Common Sense    

That's what happens when you pay without question, the IRS tries to squeeze more out of you.
Just because the IRS says you owe it, doesn't make it so! they are human and make mistakes, and quite a few. Their penalties would be considered usury in the real world (illegal high interest).
You sheeple should worry that you may feel this abuse of authority someday.

1273 days ago

Diana Smith    

Only in the US that people pay attention to them. Go back to England where no one give a crap about them.

1273 days ago

Diana Smith    

Only in the US that people pay attention to them. Go back to England where no one give a crap about them.

1273 days ago


If the stupid publicity whore Sharon was'nt more interested in being on television show all the time maybe she could take care of the family buisness.What a dumb Bitch.

1273 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

why don't they just create a soccer (i.e. 'football'...) league with all them dogs n cats n wild house animals. i'm sure england would generate a billion million fans around a crazy game show like that!! money, money money$$$$$$!!!

1273 days ago
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