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Osama bin Laden -- BOGUS Death Photo

5/2/2011 6:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A photo reportedly showing a dead Osama bin Laden is already making its way around the Internet ... but it seems pretty obvious ... the photo is a FAKE.

Osama Bin Laden Dead Body Picture

The image on the left is an ALTERED version of a famous photo of bin Laden.

The White House has NOT released an official death photo of the corpse ... yet.

An official has told CNN ... REAL photographs of Osama's body exist ... which show a gunshot wound to the side of his head. The official says due to the wounds, bin Laden's face is "unrecognizable."


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Sonja stations were saying it was recognizable... they best release them otherwise the new thing will be that this too is some sort of immense conspiracy to get Pres. Obabma elected.

1269 days ago


Here come the racist conspiracy theorists who cannot accept the fact that Obama did what Bush/Cheney couldn't do in 7 years.

Kudos President Obama!

1269 days ago


I'd rather someone who's good with photoshop would put a little effigy of him in a fry pan beside some nice strips bacon.

1269 days ago


As soon as I saw that picture it was obvious to me it was a fake. There was no source cited as being responsible for leaking it and apparently it's been lurking around the net for a few years now.

1269 days ago


Stokes Young of Photo Blog of concluded that bin Laden "death photo" is a fake. In his report, "an image circulating on the Internet and displayed on some television news programs abroad purports to show Osama bin Laden’s bloody corpse. No U.S. or Pakistani officials have confirmed its authenticity, and two U.S. officials have warned NBC News that the image is a hoax."


1269 days ago

holy cow    

Looking forward to seeing the real photo!

1269 days ago


If anyone can get the real photo, TMZ can! Hope this SOB feels the pain of all those he murdered forever. May the 70 virgins be real pigs! Thank You Navy Seals and the CIA and all those who has been hunting his ass for all these years...

1269 days ago


@ Meanie

Well, I could do that (I've been using Photoshop since the mid 90s), but I have too much respect for bacon.

1269 days ago


Juju, you are forgetting that it was mostly Obama's followers that said George Bush was the mastermind behind 9/11. I guess not. We heard it directly from Obama himself that Bin Laden was the mastermind behind 9/11. I guess you were brainwashed by these bias leftist college professors.

1269 days ago


if this is a photoshopped photo do we really need to see the image? it's still disturbing and I feel it might be better left after the jump rather than right on the page.

1269 days ago


Osama bin Laden had a full autopsy and biological samples taken. Then bin Laden was embalmed with pigs blood and dumped into the ocean.

1269 days ago


Ugh why do people do stupid **** like this?

1269 days ago

The Observer    

WTF? The gov't is reporting a gunshot wound to the head, not eyes gouged out by an icepick, ala "The Fog."

Someone needs more experience with Photoshop.

1269 days ago


@Rhubino... ah come on... give an ole girl a good chuckle ;)

1269 days ago


thanks geroge bush for all the hard work you did to make this possible..obama had nothing to do with this other than announce bin laden death

1269 days ago
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