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USS Carl Vinson Sailor's Mom -- My Son Made History!

5/2/2011 12:10 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The mother of a sailor currently on board the USS Carl Vinson -- the ship that dumped Osama bin Laden's body in the sea -- tells TMZ, she couldn't be prouder of her son ... and his fellow servicemen.


Molly -- the proud mother of 20-year-old Colton -- tells us, "I can tell you just how proud so many of us are of our family members who have worked long and hard to fight terrorism ... It amazes me that these young men and women are now a part of history!"

Molly adds, "I am so proud of all of our troops and all they give up for us. And for all the family of these service members who give up so much also."

But Molly says she's only gotten radio silence from Colton since Osama's burial -- telling us, "I have not heard from my son, and chances are I will not for quite some time and until the military deems it safe for him to contact."

And in case her kids are reading this, Molly wants to pass along this message -- "Please know how proud we are of you and how much we love you. God bless all our military and thank you for everything you give up so that we in America have the choices we do!"


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1268 days ago


we shouldn't be happy for this person´s dead, parents need to be proud for the good things of our children but been proud for dumping a dead body in the sea is´t no good.
That´s what i think.

1268 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

Re: my previous comment; Should read 'burial rites' not 'rights'.

1268 days ago

♥TMZ but ...    

how could his mother be so stupid as to put her son's name out there putting also herself and her big fat mouth at risk!!!

1268 days ago


this is so crazy that she put her familys name out there like this...i googled her name and already found a picture of her and her son that serves aboard the ship....if it was that easy for me to find this out just imagine what the terrorist cells are finding out about this family.....complete stupiditiy......

1268 days ago

Judy Griffith    

Is she out of her mind? Thanks for putting these guys lives at risk, Mom!! Now your son is in danger!!

1268 days ago


There is no way they can track someone in the military by a name....all americans are at risk and certainly anyone in uniform...

1268 days ago



obviously by your name i can tell you know nothing about the military . and yes you can find out information about anyone in the military especially if they put his name and mothers name on the web. i really hope nothing happens to this kid or his family because his mom will feel so terrible

1268 days ago


You all are so blind!!This is a bull**** story,just seen the photos on a link at the bottom of this page,look at his left ear and look at the before photo,lol this country is so full of lies its sickening,and you dump him at sea hmmmmmmmm weird huh,f you fbi cia and the rest of you political liars!!what a bunch of bull**** this country is feeding us,wake up america!!!another lie!!1

1268 days ago


ohreally on page one got it right, the powers that be at play here and do you honestly think this person really exists, molly is a fake name lol

1268 days ago


Every American is proud of our servicemen, especially those who risked their lives to get bin Laden and those who gathered intelligence. Kudos to President Obama and his staff for taking that risk also, but they also know there could be a back lash. proud of your son but be hyper aware of his safety, as well of your own, and those of his shipmates. Trust -Mom, one could tell you stories why you don't give names of your family member in the military. Did you see the troops in Afghanistan gloating? no--They know why. God bless our troops.

Harvey, you are still a greedy ass fool doing anything to make a buck. Peace.

1268 days ago


you guys are ****ing disgusting, murder should never ever be glorified or celebrated whether its one man or 6 thousand men, american or anywhere this is no cause for celebration and frankly anyone who buys this **** the white house is selling is just another redneck part of the problem with the world

1268 days ago


There was a say way back went like this ...loose lips sink ships .
There is too much info in this story . who was the dumb ass that thought it ok to post !

1268 days ago


RESPONSE TO W: ohreally on page one got it right, the powers that be at play here and do you honestly think this person really exists, molly is a fake name lol

IF THIS IS SUCH A FAKE NAME YOU CAN GO TO HER WEBPAGE THAT I JUST FOUND ALSO: u can even go here and see an article about fake is it now you freaking moron

1268 days ago


I think they made this all up just to cut off the last 10 minutes of the Celebrity Apprentice,Shows u the grimebag Obama really is.

1268 days ago
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