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'E.R.' Actor -- I Sold Drugs To Repay Mexican Cartel

5/3/2011 4:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

A former "E.R." actor claims he ONLY agreed to take part in a major drug operation to help his best friend pay off a debt to a deadly Mexican drug cartel ... this according to legal docs obtained by TMZ.


Sam Jones -- who also starred in "Smallville" and "Blue Mountain State" -- wants a judge to go easy on him ... despite having pled guilty  to conspiracy to sell more than 10,000 pills of oxycodone.

The feds want Jones to spend 70 months in prison -- but Jones says it's an unfair sentence because his only intention was to raise enough cash to save his friend from certain doom.

According to court docs, Jones says his childhood friend, a drug dealer named Tom Cataloni believed he was on the hook to a Mexican drug cartel to the tune of $90,000.

Jones says rather than let his friend get killed, he agreed to slang some pills to help raise the cash ... only to find out, there was no Mexican drug cartel ... and the whole thing was a DEA set up.

Jones says he only played a "minor role" in the conspiracy -- and therefore wants a reduced sentence.

Jones is set to face the judge on June 22.


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Jim in Cali    

This guy is a loser. He made a porn flick of himself and his girlfriend. Loser.

1266 days ago

Tom G    

Before all you people start trashing TMZ and Harvey Levin just know that they all read your hate messages and laugh at the pure hilarity of you "normal people" envy and jealousy for them.
Haters gonna Hate, like every singe person who comments on TMZ haha, you're all a bunch of TMZ/Harvey hating whiny little biatches.
It's ok, the more hate comments you write, the more money they make because ads pay them everytime you visit a site, click on an article, and post on said article.
The money just piles up the more you all hate haha

1266 days ago

Mark Proctor    

Total BS. Another waste of resources.

1266 days ago


haha, too funny. he should have went to the police, sorry but if my friend was being threaten by a cartel, id call the FEDS, and hide him or her somewhere safe, even if we had to camp out in front of a police station or donut shop.

what about all the people he sold to, where is their justice, he used them...

1266 days ago


Put his sorry-poor-me rump in jail. 70 months sounds about right.

1266 days ago


He live in California?

If yes,

His s**t might fly!

1266 days ago


Hey..."You pays your money? You takes your chances"

Sorry dude, you played, now pay.

1266 days ago


Why would anyone plead guilty if they were busted in a case like this. Any store front lawyer (even Harvey, jk) could beat this charge. It's called "entrapment".

1266 days ago


OMG this happened to me also .But it was my Great Grandma who was on SSI and was 2 Billion dollars in debt to the Cartel.

1266 days ago


Ya dude, we gotta bail Kenny outta jail

1266 days ago


your friend is in debt to a cartel for 90g's and you as an actor who probably makes stupid money, decide to sell drugs instead of hitting the bank? yea that sounds right, start selling for 90g's and use a million on lawyers to stay out of prison. Good one.

1266 days ago

Maria Perez    

Pardon my language, but **** them. They have blood in their hands, like every person who takes drugs. Tienen sange en las manos, malditos! Ellos financian las guerras de los narcon en Mexico y en toda Latinoamerica!!! **** them!!!!

1266 days ago


Hell if it was Lindsay, or paris he wouldnt do jail time. So why should he have to serve so much time. Im never the one to pull the race card but umm I can't help but notice the difference in how the so called justice system treats them.

1266 days ago


if this guy is involved with the cartels he should be in hiding. they don't like ppl talking about their business. darwin award winner.

1266 days ago


"Live by the sword, Die by the sword"

Yeah right, go easy. You know what a Oxycodone junkie acts like? Or feels like? Or what happens to their family when they only love the drug?

Die in prison for all I care!

1266 days ago
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