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MJ's Mom -- My Son Was NO Child Molester!!!!!

5/4/2011 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson is still ADAMANT her son never molested any children ... including MJ's 1993 accuser -- and insists MJ only paid the kid off because his lawyers gave him bad advice.

Katherine appeared on "Today" this morning ... where Matt Lauer asked if there was anything she wanted to clear up about her son's life.

Katherine responded, "As far as Michael being a child molester ... that's the biggest lie ever been told."

MJ's mom said she read an article after MJ died -- in which the 1993 accuser allegedly admitted he made up the story against Michael.

When Lauer asked why MJ forked over a settlement with the boy ... Katherine said, "His lawyers told him he should just pay the money .. they thought that just paying the money and shut the people up would be the right thing to do."

Katherine said she asked MJ why he made the move -- and MJ told

her, "I didn't want to do it either mother, I wanted to fight it because I knew it wasn't the truth."


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Tom C.    

Sorry, but he was.

1246 days ago


It wasn't the only payout.

1246 days ago


I feel sorry for her. She is raising his children. What else can she say?

1246 days ago

tony gee    

Yeah, MJ was not a child molester and I am putting the island of Manhattan up for sale today!

The guy wanted to look like a female and had himself sculpted to look like one. He never reproduced any children by consummating his marriage to Debbie.

He probably cringed at the thought of being with a real woman in bed with him.

He never came to grips with his ethnicity and, thus, used Invitro Fertilization to produce a child where he hoes not have to touch a real woman.

Hasn't anybody noticed that all his children are white? What's up with that? How much hate has he had about the color of his skin that he had to transform his black male self to a white female.

Good Luck with that, KJ! Remember the Sea of the Nile? HAH!

1246 days ago


what mother would want to admit publicly that her son really was even if it were true
and do you really think he ever let his mother see any of his negative side.....I think not

so sadly what she is saying os more or less expected from her

1246 days ago


MJ was no Aphrodite Jones book its an honest account from an independent reporter / writer

The book really clears up alot of mis truths

1246 days ago


@ tony gee...Just so you know, you just described a cross-dressing homosexual not a pedophile.

1246 days ago


He definitely disrobed in front of them, which is wrong or at the very least extremely iffy, depending on his mindset and intentions. Whether or not there was anything else, I don't think we will ever know. He could have been just a weird peter pan syndrome eccentric, but we already know that. I'd like to think he just really liked children and just wanted to be one himself when he was with them. The other is just hard to think about. His kids seem to be well adjusted and willingly embracing his memory.

1246 days ago


I think he was

1246 days ago


nobody I know would ever settle a suit like this (myself included)...even if it meant only paying $10 to the accuser

they would fight with everything they had to make sure that the truth came out and that it was not the least bit ambiguous in anyone's mind....

that they were NOT a pedophile!

1246 days ago

Sociopaths are Sad    

There is ABSOLUTELY NO PROOF WHATSOEVER that Michael Jackson was a child molester. NO PROOF AT ALL.

And everyone was out to prove MJ was a child molester...don't you think that with all the people out to get him they would have come up with SOMETHING on him? But they couldn't.

Michael Jackson was WEIRD. Very many artists are WEIRD. That is not a crime. Michael Jackson missed his childhood and tried his whole life to get that back somehow...that's the reason for having sleepovers with children. He missed having them while growing up. Yes, that's WEIRD but it's NOT A CRIME.

People may roll their eyes at that and not believe it...but whose fault is that? Just b/c this society is messed up and you all have dirty disgusting minds doesn't mean MJ was a child molester.

FYI: EVERY SINGLE child that MJ had sleepovers with (Macauley Culkin, Corey Feldman, Emmanuel Lewis, etc etc)...they ALL went on record defending MJ. ALL of them said it was absolutely innocent and nothing inappropriate at all was involved. And Corey Feldman is the BIGGEST FAME WHORE. If he felt he was even .05% molested, he would have had multiple press conferences to talk about it.

In fact, Corey Feldman WAS molested by OTHER people in his life (he wrote about this in a book) and he has adamantly stated that NEVER was Michale Jackson a molester. He, and others who were his friends as kids, ALWAYS DEFENDED HIM.

How can people just publicly lynch him like this? So terrible and sad.

1246 days ago

Oh no! Not another clone!    

Phantom Thank you for your lovely post I am crying.MJ was an Angel.I loved that Man sooo !!How sad !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1246 days ago

jealous of kate    

very few mothers believe their children do wrong, esp. of that level. Even when they do believe, they still are upset when their child dies. You see mothers of serial killers crying at their passing. Maybe it is still the memory of that innocent baby. I feel MJ was a child molestor, or at least VERY CLOSE to it, he just gave me chills back when he would carry Emannual Lewis around. I would see the boys around him and think something is very wrong and THAT WAS YEARS BEFORE ACCUSATIONS WERE FLUNG. Do I think some were made up? Probably, opportunists are always around, and once one person sues, it seems all of a sudden, there are 'others who suffered and were afraid to come foward'. Like when someone finds something DISGUSTING IS FOOD. All of a sudden, cases pop up all over, and idiots forget when the item was, but all of a sudden (I am remembering Diet Pepsi over 10 years ago and an insulin needle was 'found' in a can)people were FILMING others supposedly opening pepsi cans and OMG LOOK GLASS, NEEDLES, ETC ETC. Money hungry b*stards. all fake and with MJ, I can believe a few, some, a lot, I DON'T KNOW, BUT when some smell MONEY, DOLLARS, $$$$$, some will do ANYTHING!!!!

1246 days ago


The FBI would've found something on him if he was molesting children. He was quirky, to say the least, but I don't think he was a child molester.

1246 days ago
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