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MJ's Mom -- My Son Was NO Child Molester!!!!!

5/4/2011 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Katherine Jackson is still ADAMANT her son never molested any children ... including MJ's 1993 accuser -- and insists MJ only paid the kid off because his lawyers gave him bad advice.

Katherine appeared on "Today" this morning ... where Matt Lauer asked if there was anything she wanted to clear up about her son's life.

Katherine responded, "As far as Michael being a child molester ... that's the biggest lie ever been told."

MJ's mom said she read an article after MJ died -- in which the 1993 accuser allegedly admitted he made up the story against Michael.

When Lauer asked why MJ forked over a settlement with the boy ... Katherine said, "His lawyers told him he should just pay the money .. they thought that just paying the money and shut the people up would be the right thing to do."

Katherine said she asked MJ why he made the move -- and MJ told

her, "I didn't want to do it either mother, I wanted to fight it because I knew it wasn't the truth."


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and he was not a serious drug addict...this bitch is delusional.....her brain that old to admit the truth.....lord forgive me, but I hate this bitch and any other insect spawned from her and joe jackson.....a bunch of fleas is what they are...get out the raid!

1245 days ago


Of course the lawyers got together and recommended a payoff-because they got a BIG FAT CUTeach of the settlement-and in 2005 thats exactly what the same lawyer and psychiatrist tried to do again-this whole affair just shows up what a corrupt legal system you get when the system of settlement and civil prosecution just breeds total greed and corruption. You should have limits on settlements so that it is not profitable for greedy lawyers to push innocent people into admitting guilt in order to get off the hook-you really think that when so much money is involved these lawyers on opposing sides who all know each other dont fix up with each other to settle the matter and take their cuts? In some cases the PIs who work for them come up with bogus 'evidence' to hurry things along. Why do you think the childs description of MJs genitals-a diagram in the fathers handwriting not the childs came to light so late when the case was passed to a different lawyer famous for big settlemente

Mj once said that his business was lawyer heavy-the whole US is lawyer heavy. Its like an alternative tax system-the means whereby money flows from the rich into the pockets of the greedy and dishonest.

1245 days ago


Anya about an hour ago

She'll never admit otherwise. To do so she'd have to face the fact that she is as responsible as her husband for having created the tortured, twisted soul that he was.


You hit the nail on the head, Anya. The Jacksons are past masters of self-deception and inveterate liars. And don't forget, they have a financial stake in ensuring that MJ's "brand" remains a viable money-maker.

1245 days ago


This is unbelievable - who still believes that MJ was a childmolester is really sick !!! Why can the person even imagine this for MJ? I think they must be childmolesters themselves.

1245 days ago


Don't listen to malicious people (them much less) and don't pay to them attention. The disgusting lie has been rejected. Everything else has no value. Your son is innocent. And millions people know it. Don't worry,please.

1245 days ago


MJ fans need to put down the "Jesus Juice" and stop sailing down that river called "denial". MJ was a drug addict and a pedophile. Just cause you can sing and dance doesn't mean you can't be a criminal. And MJ wasn't even a smooth one.

1245 days ago


Note to all who think Michael Jackson was a pedophile: Kill yourself.

1245 days ago


Look at this film:
Michael Jackson loved children. It is a truth.

1245 days ago


I used to get so angry reading “hater” comments my hands would shake. Then I had one on one conversations with a few. I naively thought they were simply misinformed, but learned that is not the case. They want to hate Michael, some seem to need to. Without exception, the “haters” I've spoken to have miserable lives and lack the character to change it.

Then we have Michael who, despite abuse at the hands of his father, permanent damage and pain from the Pepsi fire, auto-immune disease, etc. continues to amaze. Not only does he achieve unprecedented professional success, he retains his compassion and generosity. With dignity, grace and humor he carries on despite burdens that would crush most of us. This causes two basic reactions – 1) admiration and inspiration or 2) bitterness and resentment.

I no longer get angry at “haters”, I pity them. They remind me of a saying -
Never try to teach a pig to sing. It wastes your time and annoys the pig.

1245 days ago

moe l.    

Joanne about an hour ago Poor Michael she conspiracy story
All that is the fault of the media have never been any evidence of it all
They believed a family of profiteering to it are stealing money that 's the real story
Bizare lot of people do not believe the death of bin Laden and they want proof for Michael they had no need of proof WHY
For me Michael was a human like the others and also a very good person.
Love you Michael

Joanne - go back to school and this time don't skip English class when they teach grammar, spelling and sentence construction.

1245 days ago


This is beyond ridiculous. He can't just rest in peace. People need to keep bringing it up. If you were the accuser would you accept money if someone was suspected in molesting your child? hell no you would want justice. All they wanted was money. It's always about money. If you have enough of it than it doesn't matter how nice of a person you are people will come for you.

1245 days ago


Michael Jackson never molested anyone .
but i dont think much of matt lauer interviewing his mother on this subject,because it serves no purpose imo.
she is his mother, of course she will say he was innocent and no one will believe her for that very same reason..matt lauer knows that..
why doesnt he do his research? why doesnt he interview tom mesereau or ask larry feldman, who freely admits he had mj team between a rock and a hard place on a legal technicality, and that the civil trial being able to go before the criminal trial was a huge turning point,in settling a case that would have dragged on for a very long time..
this stuff is getting real

1245 days ago


Michael i love you more. i miss you angel.i made this video for you yes i still cry.i'll always believe in you.i'll always stand behind you. the real true fans know in their hearts your innocent of this . here's the link to my video love you bunches MJ. miss you very much and your smile.

1245 days ago


WOW!! How can you have M.J's Mother saying that he was NO molester, and in another breath you have a poll asking the public if they think he is?? TMZ you guys need to leave Michael rest in peace for god sakes!!! You know damn well some will say yes and some no, why create drama and hurt!! Go find someone else to bug and leave Michael the hell alone already!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1245 days ago
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