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Marie Osmond RE-MARRIES 1st Husband

5/4/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marie Osmond is taking another trip down the aisle -- RIGHT NOW -- and the lucky groom is her FIRST husband ... TMZ has learned.


TMZ has confirmed that Marie Osmond is currently at the Latter Day Saints Temple in Las Vegas, Nevada to re-wed her first husband, Stephen Craig.

The couple was first married in 1982 ... but Marie filed for divorce in 1985, citing "mental cruelty."

The Morman Church put Craig on disciplinary probation after the two split. In her divorce petition, Osmond requested $1-per-year in alimony payments.

Osmond married another man in 1986 ... but they divorced in 2007.

Third time's the charm?



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Wrap those legs around my neck!

1214 days ago


We get it lots 50 pounds on Jennie Craig and now you can fit into your first wedding dress. Well, just because you CAN, does not mean you SHOULD.

Remarrying your first spouse usually has a snowballs chance in hell of ever working out, but wearing the original dress with the huge train and over the top veil? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

She should have shown some dignity and class and worn a simple suit or a simple long dress. She looks like a joke (and not in a good way) in that dumb looking 80's horror show of a dress.

Marie has been treated for mental illness before. She needs to be checked again.

1214 days ago


I'm pretty sure wearing white for your THIRD wedding is in pretty poor taste.

1214 days ago


He looks like a real prick. I predict they will get another divorce. Marie is a hottie and just like all the hotties out there. They marry for all the wrong reasons.

1214 days ago


They are the most somber-looking newly marrieds I've ever seen. Even the GUESTS look somber.

1214 days ago


Is there an unwritten Mormon law that says that if someone emotionally supports you after the tragic death of a child, you have to MARRY them as a "thank you?" Or is it just that Marie...with all her success and good fortune and family support...really does think she's nothing without a man?

For as many years as I've been watching her, there's just something not "right" with this woman.

1214 days ago


think of how desperate stephen craig must me to re-marry marie osmond.

marie osmond is old news & is nuttier than a fruit cake.

stephen is an absolute loser in life & obviously couldn't find anything better than marie osmond.


1214 days ago


I don't know about this, I mean she divoriced him on mental crualty. Did she forget this? Also someone said how they both and the guests look so somber, no smiles? They were right about this not a smile in the bunch. I can't pertend to know thier lives, I just wish them well and many years of happiness. Best of Luck.

1214 days ago


TMZ...I'm not sure that's Steve Craig in your pic. Maybe it's a family friend attending the wedding.

1214 days ago


always. 6 hours ago
Word in Hollywood is, if she would have let her son come out and be happy he would still be alive today. Being gay was not the end of the world Marie.
Then that word would be wrong. Marie also has a daughter, who is a lesbian. And Marie has openly supported her. Same as with Stephen, if he were to have openly faced this, she would have accepted him as well. I think being raised as he was it was a real conflict for him.

1214 days ago


More likely, they came together over the death of their son (Stephen, named after Steven Craig) and those old feelings came back. Maybe they realized possibly they had made a mistake, Steve had been through his counseling and realized what he did that caused the relationship to fail (same for Marie, no one is perfect), or who knows. But for some reason they have ended up together again.
I wish them only the best, and hope they are happy. Donny made a comment in his auto, that Marie was always unhappy about the divorce due to her upbringing and religion. Now, hopefully she can finally be happy in her/and as:
Life. Wife. Mother (the one thing she has never regretted). My best to them!

1214 days ago


Oops....brain fart!
Pls, Marie and Steve's sons name was Michael. He was not named after Stephen (obviously). I was thinking about another situation at the time and all that slipped through because I didn't proof before hitting "send". Lol
Michael, who was adopted, was the only child of Marie and Steve's first marriage. {o:

1214 days ago


OMG.....early onset dementia people! You heard it here first! :/
Marie and Steve had one son, Stephen. They were only married for about 3 yrs.
Her son Michael, was from her 2nd marriage.
I believe my heads back on straight now! Really hard to focus with a toothache!!
Tmom. {o:

1214 days ago


Check out the video and pics on ETonline... Marie is all smiles after coming out. This guy in the blue suit is not the groom. The groom is in black. These pictures may have been before the wedding. She told Mary Hart that she ordered a dress for the wedding, but it didn't work out. Then she came across the box with her first wedding dress and decided to try it on and it still fit. Congrats to Marie. I hope she has found true happiness. All the best.

1214 days ago


Fab, she cited mental cruelty for the first divorce and rumors then pics floated in the rags of him cheating on her. Maybe now that he is old and washed up his skinny again semi-famous again ex looked a bit more appealing...for now. And what level of crazy is it to save your old wedding dress for all those years to some wanker?
Apparently "mormon temple" marriages are for "eternity" and thought you can get a divorce the temple "sealing" is very hard to dissolve. This lady has had 3 mormon temple weddings..someone splain that one.

1214 days ago
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