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Marie Osmond RE-MARRIES 1st Husband

5/4/2011 10:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Marie Osmond is taking another trip down the aisle -- RIGHT NOW -- and the lucky groom is her FIRST husband ... TMZ has learned.


TMZ has confirmed that Marie Osmond is currently at the Latter Day Saints Temple in Las Vegas, Nevada to re-wed her first husband, Stephen Craig.

The couple was first married in 1982 ... but Marie filed for divorce in 1985, citing "mental cruelty."

The Morman Church put Craig on disciplinary probation after the two split. In her divorce petition, Osmond requested $1-per-year in alimony payments.

Osmond married another man in 1986 ... but they divorced in 2007.

Third time's the charm?



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$1 a year alimony huh? Symbolic? Sure, except that it goes to an OSMOND. The whole family has been famous forever. No way the dude was making more money than her. Send him the dollar.

1246 days ago


@debschira...TMZ has it right, you need to get your facts straight. You can get married in a Mormon Temple as many times as you desire(if you have been divorced) as long as you can get a temple recommend. I personally know of of several people that have been married in a temple more than once or twice. Also, that is her in the pictures, she is just looking down because there are several steps at the Las Vegas Temple.

1246 days ago


The groom must be the Stupidest guy on earth or Broke..Marie is crazzzzzyzee with a bunch of screwed up kids...

1246 days ago


She's a plastic surgery trainwreck. They showed pictures of her at her son's funeral in the sunlight whoa! I think she spreads herself too thin with QVC work and travelling. I give this marriage 2 years tops. It's great she's found such happiness? When did her son die after leaping off a building? A year ago?

1246 days ago


um..wonder what he does for a living...hope is not re-marrying her for her 'money'...
I agree w/ a few other posters, something is alittle 'off about her...
she must not feel complete w/o a man...maybe as a Morman, or however you spell can not sex unless you are married???

1246 days ago


Please tell me she did not wear a white dress.

1246 days ago


Boy, I don't know about you but I would rather jump out of a high rise apartment building than attend that Mormon Bul****. Ya,remarry your first puke husband.. Go to hell you sick bit@h....

1246 days ago


It's not likely to last, but I hope it does. I wish her nothing but true love and happiness for her and her children.

1246 days ago


it is silly for her to wear white after all the times she has been married, guess she can,t make it without a man or she needs the publicty, ither why who cares. she is just a media needy person.

1245 days ago


who cares since it's the same dress she wore at her first wedding to him!

1245 days ago


All you morons who are for this forget one thing, remarriages RARELY work (see Melanie Griffith and Elizabeth Taylor). She will be taking the anti-depressive pills again soon enough!

1242 days ago


She looks like a porn star... Lips , tits... Hair... Should I say more

1242 days ago


i always thought if a mormon divorced they could never remarry. or is it ok in different situations

1241 days ago


i hope things go well this time, i heard he cheated on her, and said he heard better singers, ok so why ride that ride again. hope he has changed some guys do some never. guys can still be a sex machine up to there last days,it just depends, some can't. they do have pills for that, good luck you 2 i'm happy for you.

1241 days ago



Vivian : 242 days ago

She looks like a porn star... Lips , tits... Hair... Should I say more
No, you shouldn't even post. lol I met Marie Osmond, and believe me, she is no porn star. As for her tits, she don't show them off like other women do. I heard her say once that she was ask to pose for Playboy, and with her good values and morals and up bringing, she turn them down. Marie is a very pretty girl, and I never seen her less than a lady should act. I am not of the same faith as marie and her family are, but still the Osmonds are good God loving people. Oh, and what is wrong with her lips? Marie's lips never looked like she is always ready to do men the big one, to say it nicely. Mel gibson ex gf looks more like a porn star than Marie Osmond does.

1000 days ago
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