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Hilary Duff


From Bonnie & Clyde Movie

5/5/2011 12:28 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Hilary Duff is no longer an outlaw ... she's just OUT -- TMZ has learned the actress will be REPLACED as Bonnie Parker in the upcoming movie, "The Story of Bonnie and Clyde."

Hilary Duff Bonnie and Clyde

Sources connected to the project tell us ... Duff will still get paid ... but producers are looking to find a new actress to play the role.

We're told ... producers have not yet decided who will replace Duff -- but "Gossip Girl" star Kevin Zegers is still slated to play Clyde.

UPDATE: After the casting director issued a press release confirming they were actively searching for Hilary's replacement ... the director of the movie, Tonya Holly, called TMZ and told us the casting director jumped the gun.

Holly tells us she still wants Hilary to appear in the movie -- and the two sides are trying to work out scheduling conflicts.


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Sorry, but the untalented young "actresses" will never measure up to the real "Bonnie"--ie., Faye Dunaway.

Any great movie really does NOT need a remake.

1245 days ago


Another fricking Bonnie & Clyde movie? Please!

Can't anyone come up with anything new anymore? It's really pathetic.

Same ****, different year.

1245 days ago


What's wrong with all the writers/producers? Are they unable to come up with any new interesting movies? Forget the remakes and get on with making some good new movies!!

1245 days ago


....AND WHY is she getting paid ? I don't get paid for not working.....I don't get it. It's bad enough when they get paid millions 'per episode', but to get paid for not working......????? It's just WRONG !!!!!!!!!!!!!

1245 days ago


To quote the original actress, Faye Dunaway, a REAL movie STAR who originated the film role creating a lendendary film classic upon hearing of this inane casting joke, "Why couldn't they find a REAL actress?"

We ALL agree Ms. Dunaway, we ALL agree.

Hopefully, the 2nd hire will be an actual actress.

1245 days ago


YEP, she has to be the worst actress in Hollywood, or ONE OF THE MANY... because these days, most of them have no skill at all! Just huge egos.

1245 days ago

Harveys boyfriend    

Lindsay and Sam could play them to a "tea"

silly girls TRICKS R 4 kidz

tea for two or two for tea
I for you and you for me...

1245 days ago


Might as well cast Miley Cyrus or Lindsay Lohan. I hope the High School Musical director is on board. This will sweep the Oscars for sure right after its premier at 2 am on the Food Network.

1245 days ago


sorry haters it's just a rumor, this report is UNTRUE !!

"The TMZ story was not originated by the producers of "The Story of Bonnie and Clyde". Hilary Duff is still slated to play Bonnie Parker. The storms on April 27th damaged 2 locations which has caused a brief delay to production."
B&C facebook

1245 days ago


It's because the producers finally found out she has no talent!

1245 days ago


Actually, according to the producers, Duff is still officially attached and playing the role. This information appears to be incorrect. Maybe a little fact checking would be good?

1245 days ago


How many remakes can Hollywood make? Can they make a new movie for crying out loud?! This is why I don't want to go to the movies anymore! Seriously!

1245 days ago


Hilary happens to be a pretty good actress! She has grown exponentially since her "Lizzie Mcguire" days. (even then she wasn't *that* bad). I don't get where everyone seems to think shes a bad actress. She received great reviews for her recurring role on "Gossip Girls".
Is it because she's not a "bad girl", like Lindsay ™ or the others?
I'm hoping she'll put out some more music sometime soon. But, I guess her plan was to focus more on her acting.
And, if directors thought she was as "bad" an actress as all you have stated, then I seriously doubt they would have cast her in all of the projects she has and will be making.
She was a great influence on young girls growing up, and still is considering how so many celebrity couples will have 3 or 4 kids and never get married. She wasn't pregnant at 16 or 17, her and Mike waited to start a family until AFTER they were married. That's someone who was raised to respect yourself. Our kids are learning so much sh.yte from all of these celebrities its not funny. And I'm not a prude by any means, but there are some things that just seem even more special and amazing when done in a familiar and self-respecting order. (
But, I digress.....I still think she's a pretty darn good actress. And she is a very sweet girl when met in person. (yes we did meet her, my daughters first concert! ). {o:

1245 days ago

Who Farted    

there are TONSSSS of way better actors for the job..Emily Rossum, for one. Taylor Mumsen and the list goes on. Lohan?? LMFAO

1245 days ago

My New Name    

"linda 4 hours ago as a great great niece of bonnie parker, i think lindsay would be a good actress to play her"

This was funny. Someone claims to be a distant relative of Bonnie Parker and thinks that makes them a Hollywood casting professional.

1245 days ago
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