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Bieber's Crew

Stages Mutiny

Over Japan Concert

5/5/2011 6:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber's scheduled concerts in Japan could be torpedoed because of a crew mutiny ... TMZ has learned.

Many crew members have flat out refused to go to Japan for two concerts later this month, because they're afraid of the cancer risks from the recent nuclear disaster.  They also fear another earthquake.  Short story -- they are refusing to go to Osaka for a May 17 concert and another concert two days later in Tokyo.

Today in Adelaide, Australia, an angry Scooter Braun -- Justin's manager -- exploded at the crew ... sources who were there tell TMZ.

Braun told the crew, "Man the f**k up and do the right thing by these kids."

But during the meeting -- the 3rd one in 4 days -- members of the crew fired back that it wasn't safe to go and Avril Lavigne and Slash had canceled their Japan concerts.

Scooter said Justin did not want to disappoint the kids who bought tickets and that the Japanese government had given an "all clear" -- that it was safe to be in both cities.

And Scooter noted, Maroon 5 is full steam ahead for its upcoming Japanese concerts.

As of now, there's a stalemate, and the Japanese concerts are in jeopardy.


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Gloria Unread    

@Truth - Your Plan : Not every Japanese kid would just *love* a trip to the USA, even to see Beiber live. That would require at least 22 hours of flight - which is more radiation than Bieber's crew would be exposed to in Osaka or Tokyo, BTW (just pointing that out for the folks who don't understand radiation levels)
Plus, one parent to accompany them (depending on their age). That's quite the inconvenience Plus, school is still in session. It's just not practical.

1276 days ago


Osaka is no where near the epicenter of these earthquakes or the reactors. I know, because I have friends who lives in Osaka and I can read Japanese media. Osaka is even farther away than Tokyo is from Fukushima. Why act all indignant about something you don't take the time to investigate yourself?

1276 days ago


The management company in charge of the crew needs to fire the crew members that fail to follow the tour on to Japan. In Japan if Justin has too few or no crew he can easily replace those with knowledgeable Japanese members for that portion of his tour and perhaps for the remainder of his tour while in Asia.

1276 days ago


Fire the whole lot of them. According to the TMZ pole, there are still one in four people out there who AREN'T stupid, who are actually aware of what's really going on in the world around them, and I'm sure would be more than happy to sign on with the kid and work in the place of the Knucklehead squad for the opportunity to travel the world and make a paycheck doing it.


Then again, I bet Beiber can HIRE replacements IN Japan and given the state of the economy along with the displaced population, I bet he could easily find people willing to work and GRATEFUL for the opportunity right there.

1276 days ago


you braindead, media-feed-bull**** yanks really do deserve the nasty death that awaits you -and it WILL raise the general IQ of the planet.
Thanks for playing, retards...

1276 days ago


"Man the f**k up and do the right thing by these kids."

1276 days ago


steve said:
PrincessGinger u deluded braindead, dumbed down american piece of worthless filth.... (a barely coherent, grammatically incorrect, run-on sentence follows).

Let me guess, you believe that the attacks of September 11 were perpetrated by the U.S. Government, that Obama was born in Kenya and the moon landing was a hoax.

I do agree with you about fast food rotting the "american empire" - hence the reason of my first post.

Lithium - it does a (crazy-ass) body good. You should try it some time!

1276 days ago


I don't know what sad underground doomsday blog you all are reading, but aside from the initial disaster, Japan is a safe place to travel. But I won't waste my time to bother arguing with anyone who uses any juvenile insult they can think of - applicable or not - to make their point with no evidence. Pathetic.

1276 days ago


So why doesn't Bieber go and get a local Japanese crew? No one is disappointed.

1276 days ago


@Vicky - loose their jobs? Were they tight before?

LOOSE (adj.) = the opposite of tight
LOSE (verb) = to misplace something or have something taken away.

1276 days ago



1276 days ago


The crew is supposed to go because JUSTIN'S MANAGEMENT DECIDED IT IS SAFE! Arrogant bastards! They are not discussing the situation, but trying to shove their opinions down their employees throats. And taking the argument public is a cheap ploy that shows no regard at all for the employees. Let's see how well Justin can do if he looses his support staff - his fifteen minutes should be up anyways!

1276 days ago


I'm sure this is a cover up for the Bieber to save face-sure blame it on the crew! yeah, right ;)

1276 days ago


Its like this - see you in japan or go get in the unemployment line. JB, love him or hate him, will have no trouble finding competant production and stage personel to go to Japan. Kind of like when Ronald reagan gave 11,000 air traffic controllers the opportunity to show up or get the boot. You kiddos born 1980 or later will have to google it. Most were fired and had a life time ban of ever being rehired by the FAA. See you in Japan...signed yo Prez JB

1276 days ago


Yea PrincessGinger, take the lithium, your rotted brain requires it, you have nothing to lose being medicated, you honestly couldn't get any more retarded than you already are...
Bury your dopey, ugly, spastic head in the sand and wait for the inevitable - you'd be doing the intelligent world a fovour...

1276 days ago
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