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Bieber's Crew

Stages Mutiny

Over Japan Concert

5/5/2011 6:28 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber's scheduled concerts in Japan could be torpedoed because of a crew mutiny ... TMZ has learned.

Many crew members have flat out refused to go to Japan for two concerts later this month, because they're afraid of the cancer risks from the recent nuclear disaster.  They also fear another earthquake.  Short story -- they are refusing to go to Osaka for a May 17 concert and another concert two days later in Tokyo.

Today in Adelaide, Australia, an angry Scooter Braun -- Justin's manager -- exploded at the crew ... sources who were there tell TMZ.

Braun told the crew, "Man the f**k up and do the right thing by these kids."

But during the meeting -- the 3rd one in 4 days -- members of the crew fired back that it wasn't safe to go and Avril Lavigne and Slash had canceled their Japan concerts.

Scooter said Justin did not want to disappoint the kids who bought tickets and that the Japanese government had given an "all clear" -- that it was safe to be in both cities.

And Scooter noted, Maroon 5 is full steam ahead for its upcoming Japanese concerts.

As of now, there's a stalemate, and the Japanese concerts are in jeopardy.


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Mr. Manager isn't interested in letting down the 'kids', he is thinking about his percent of the 2 concerts! He couldn't care less about whether they get sick or not. Not saying they would, but what a hypocrite. Do it for the kids, F him.

1266 days ago


Hire a Japanese crew and be done with it. It is so dumb to punish the country for its tragedy.

1266 days ago


They have to listen to Justin Bieber music every freaking day. Haven't they suffered enough?

1266 days ago


I agree with Tia. I wouldn't go - this is the same government that lied about how bad the nuclear situation was at first, and we only know it was ridiculously bad because outside troops were in the area. Sorry, but there isn't enough valid confirmation and I wouldn't advise anybody to travel there right now. Japan just needs time to rebuild and get back in shape.

1265 days ago


Tokyo and Osaka are safe. And while there may be trace amounts of radiation in seafood, etc., it's not something people who are only there for a short time should worry about.

The Japanese population may have to worry because of months or years of exposure, but a week or two? Shouldn't have any effects.

ESPECIALLY Osaka. Like others have said, it's very far away from the plant and wasn't even effected by the earthquake.

I'm going to Japan next week for a wedding. I'll be visiting Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka, and Kochi and couldn't be more excited. I trust the people in those cities with Geiger counters who have SHOWED us (not just told us) that it's safe. Yet the poll here on TMZ shows that the media's comparison to Chernobyl has worked and everyone is scared. It's a shame, you're missing out on an amazing country.

1265 days ago


HaHa. They would have to be a crew of dumb Americans. Osaka is 500 miles from Fukushima and Tokyo 180 miles. The safe zone around the nuclear plant is 20 miles. So typical of Americans lack of knowledge of what goes on in the rest of the world haha. They probably couldn't even point to Japan on a map lol. Oh I also converted all the measurements from kilometers to miles so you could understand lol. You people crack me up.

1265 days ago


back in shape ?????............what radioactive shape would you like!!!!

1265 days ago


People outside Japan must think the whole country is 20 miles wide. There is no more danger of an earthquake now than there will be tomorrow or there was 2 years ago. They happen every day. The concentration of escaping radiation is very far from Tokyo and absolutely nowhere near Osaka. I'm glad the little prick isn't coming here and I thank the panic-mongering American media for spreading the fear.

1265 days ago


can you add a hell no option. thankyou

1265 days ago


Avril Lavigne had not canceled her Japan concerts.
Write a lie.

1265 days ago

'tis me    

Fire 'em all and let Obama sort them out.

1265 days ago


Avril Lavigne does not cancel the concert in Japan.
Justin's crew is lying.
Please investigate properly.

1265 days ago


i live in tokyo and its completely safe here. you would get less radiation here than you would traveling from tokyo to new york on an airplane. so even if they came here it wouldnt risk them getting cancer. and these like crew memebers or whatever are like grown up and even when the radiation was at its worst...which was like two months ago it would only affect the babies. and also when it was at its worst there was less radiation here than there was in like colorado. and we havent had an afterschock in a month. and even if we had one it would probably be tiny and you probably wouldnt be able to feel it. i get that there like scared and stuff but theres nothing to be scared about. if the japanese government gave them the all clear than it must be fine. and they would only be here for like 2 or 3 days a week max. so im guessing that if i havent gotten any like cancer symptoms or whatever than they shouldnt either cause one their older than me and two ive been here in tokyo this whole entire time. even right after the earthquake. and tokyo and osaka are perfectly safe. if they were gonna go to like sendai or fukushima i would totally understand. but tokyo and osaka are FINE!
Justin Bieber needs to come. so many people have been looking forward to this concert. and this would really make their lives a whole lot better after this traumatic event.
i really hope that he can come <3

1264 days ago


i live in tokyo and there is like no radiation here. and we havent had an aftershock in like a month. so its like really safe. they would get more radiation touring on an airplane than they would coming to japan. those crew members that think its too dangerous are like really stupid. if the japanese government gave them the all clear than its SAFE!! and even at its worst like time for the radiation which was like two months ago it was only like not as safe as it would be usually for like babies. it wouldnt affect anybody else. and just saying theres probably more radiation in like LA where most of the crew members live than there is in tokyo. its not like their going to fukushima. osaka and tokyo are completely safe.

1264 days ago


i hope they fire every last one of them. get people in there who want to work

1264 days ago
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