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Kelly Preston -- Charlie Sheen DID NOT Shoot Me!

5/6/2011 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelly Preston is backing up her ex-fiance Charlie Sheen -- confirming he DID NOT pull the trigger during the infamous 1990 shooting incident ... and insisting the whole thing was a "complete accident."


Kelly -- who's now married to John Travolta -- was leaving Mr. Chow after a dinner date with Kirstie Alley when she explained what REALLY happened that night ... and it syncs up perfectly with Charlie's explanation.

Earlier this week, Charlie gave his version of the shooting during a performance of his "Torpedoes of Truth" tour in Vancouver ... and told the crowd ... he knew he would be blamed for the shooting.

The real question -- why did Kelly stay quiet for 21 years and let Charlie take a bum wrap!?


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Exactly. Why didn't she come forward right away? Even a few days ago when Charlie said what really happened--why didn't she confirm it then? What is with these people letting others take the blame for something not deserved? If they are public people, they should respond immediately.

1265 days ago


The real question -- why did Kelly stay quiet for 21 years and let Charlie take a bum wrap!?

The real question -- why are media D-bags so quick to skewer ole Charlie, don't they stop to think that if he planned to shoot her she'd probably be dead?

1265 days ago

John the Lawyer    

The Scientologists MADE her do it bwhahahahaah

1265 days ago


Wow. So she let him take the blame for that for two decades?
Seriously makes you wonder how many of the other accusations against him are true. Seems as though no matter how crazy the story is, if you’ve been primed for YEARS to believe the worst of a person, then people will believe anything about them. Sad really.

Back to Kelly though.. How can she get away with that kind of thing? She’s basically caught confessing that she filed a false report and damaged his image for nearly 21 years.. Yet. What. She gets to go about her life as Travolta’s beard, and Charlie still gets to be thought of as the guy that shot his ex… doesn’t seem fair, really.

1265 days ago


it was never said that charlie shot her......all the articles i read indicated he had a gun that accidentally went off. why should she talk to media whores. i have more respect for her for not sharing any of the details.

1265 days ago


i think your little 'fact checkers' are sleeping on the job tmz. kelly DID say what really happened over 20 YEARS ago. She did an interview in a mag where she goes into detail about it. she didn't blame charlie then, so why would she blame him now. in fact, people seem more concerned about it now all these years later than they did back then. go figure.

1265 days ago


Ok so he didn't shoot her but he still left a loaded gun in his pants pocket. That shows he was irresponsible and did in fact cause her to be harmed. Who leaves a loaded gun lying around? I'm not saying he shot her, but he did cause her to be hurt through his own negligence. So basically it still is HIS fault.

1265 days ago


That's an excellent question. It's been reported as fact all these years that he shot her. Why didn't she set the record straight for all those years?

1265 days ago


It hasn't been reported as a fact for years that he shot her, Kelly did AN INTERVIEW with a magazine where she CONFESSED everything in detail a decade or more ago.

Charlie was never blamed for it, well they thought he did it in the beginning but then Kelly confessed that it was her who did it. She just didn't want to destroy her career.

1265 days ago


Good job TMZ,He made those comments in Vancouver B.C. Charlie was in Alabama surveying the Tornado damage. I know cause I was there!!

1265 days ago


@ piper.......thanks for clearing things up.

1265 days ago


A bum wrap? Did they use rye bread instead of pita?

Oh, you meant RAP.

1265 days ago



Because that's what Travolta told her to do.

1265 days ago


Well, to be fair, he did leave a live firearm laying around. Which is about as irresponsible as it's possible to get. Admittedly not the same as an accident with a gun in your hands but still up there with stupid accidents involving guns.

1265 days ago


She used to date George Clooney too. And she talked to the press about the Sheen gunshot incident because she want everyone to see her play Mrs. John Gotti opposite her husband.

1265 days ago
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