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Kelly Preston -- Charlie Sheen DID NOT Shoot Me!

5/6/2011 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelly Preston is backing up her ex-fiance Charlie Sheen -- confirming he DID NOT pull the trigger during the infamous 1990 shooting incident ... and insisting the whole thing was a "complete accident."


Kelly -- who's now married to John Travolta -- was leaving Mr. Chow after a dinner date with Kirstie Alley when she explained what REALLY happened that night ... and it syncs up perfectly with Charlie's explanation.

Earlier this week, Charlie gave his version of the shooting during a performance of his "Torpedoes of Truth" tour in Vancouver ... and told the crowd ... he knew he would be blamed for the shooting.

The real question -- why did Kelly stay quiet for 21 years and let Charlie take a bum wrap!?


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I read about this incident years and years ago after it happened. She always said it was accident. Check your facts TMZ.

1234 days ago


Perhaps she is dishonest.

1234 days ago


It wasn't a "bum wrap"...he wasn't charged with actually shooting her. However the shooting was his fault because of his negligence with the gun, nothing stated HE pulled the trigger!

TMZ you guys are grasping at straws for gossip...slow week?

1234 days ago


Also, when this happened TWENTY YEARS AGO, she stated it was an accident...she's also never said he shot her. She said she was shot, not that he shot her...and that it was an accident.

1234 days ago



Are you both talking about the same thing?

What you do mean"confess" and "her who did it" and "didn't want to destroy her career"?

What she says in the video here - which is very scant in detail - is that it was an accident. Why would she have anything to "confess" and why would a simple accident have any impact on her career? Why would Charlie being careless leaving his own loaded firearm laying around have any impact on her career?

1234 days ago



What a novel thought. Why would any public figure in Hollywood ever be less than completely forthcoming about a shooting? (Sarcasm)

mannequin 16 minutes ago
Perhaps she is dishonest.

1234 days ago

Politico Pablo    

As I recall, he gave this account of a small handgun falling out of a robe/pants and going off back in 1990.

She never made any comments about the incident, which then opened speculation he had shot her. Glad it was finally cleared up.

1234 days ago


WOW so Kelly Preston was a druggy back in the day? Who da thunk

1234 days ago


She's said this many times before. I was surprised when TMZ asked if we bought Charlie Sheen's version of the story, precisely because I had heard Kelly Preston say all of this before. She even did a magazine article on it.

1234 days ago


she did an interview when this first happened in either us or people. she mentioned being in the bathroom and picking up his pants and the gun falling out of his pocket and firing. the shot hit the toilet and she had pieces of that hitting her and hurting her. yes, charlie was very irresponsible for having a loaded gun in his pants pocket, but the police investigated and no charges were filed. personally i'm confused as to why people are so quick to say kelly did something wrong or is hiding something just because she doesn't comment on old stuff that she's already gone through. i've never heard her say anything bad about charlie. just because someone isn't running to the media every 2 minutes doesn't mean they have something to hide.

1234 days ago


She probably didn't come forward right away because she's not a stalker who follows her ex boy friend around listening to every word he says, or giving a ****.

1234 days ago


Good lord she has a huge forehead

1234 days ago


TMZ you need to do your research. His and her description of events have been out in the news and do***entation for a couple years. Read up, research, you have nothing new and stop spinning the story as if you uncovered something.

1234 days ago


HAHAHAHA!!! Now let's hear all those excuses. She was FORCED to say it. It's all about Scientology. She is LYING. LOL!!
All those saying that she was QUIET for 20 years are very much off base. Charlie SAID WHAT HAPPENED and she never DENIED IT. That was like saying that HE WAS TELLING THE TRUTH.
And the fact that she wasn't yammering about it for the past 20 years? It only proves that she is more intelligent and classy than MANY the American journalists who were trying to make a big deal out of it and frame Charlie for something he didn't do.

1234 days ago


I'd take Kelly at her word.

As far as Chucky Sleeze saying "he knew he would be blamed for the shooting", well he deserves it. If it wasn't for Sleezy's actions Kelly would not have been injured that night. Bottom line is if Sleezy had shot her it would be criminal, the fact she was injured as a result of his negligence is also criminal. Sleezy lucked out simply because Kelly didn't want to press charges back when this happened.

I agree with many commenters that this is over 20 years old, and is old news. All it proves is that Chucky Sleeze has been irresponsible for a majority of his adult life.

Chucky Sleeze, the tradition of "excellence" continues.....

1234 days ago
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