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Kelly Preston -- Charlie Sheen DID NOT Shoot Me!

5/6/2011 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Kelly Preston is backing up her ex-fiance Charlie Sheen -- confirming he DID NOT pull the trigger during the infamous 1990 shooting incident ... and insisting the whole thing was a "complete accident."


Kelly -- who's now married to John Travolta -- was leaving Mr. Chow after a dinner date with Kirstie Alley when she explained what REALLY happened that night ... and it syncs up perfectly with Charlie's explanation.

Earlier this week, Charlie gave his version of the shooting during a performance of his "Torpedoes of Truth" tour in Vancouver ... and told the crowd ... he knew he would be blamed for the shooting.

The real question -- why did Kelly stay quiet for 21 years and let Charlie take a bum wrap!?


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I am sorry, but Kelly Preston is nothing but a fame whore.
Who HASN'T she been engaged to? And she ends up with the
real prize...a GAY man pretending to be the perfect family
man..HA! And her son dies because she is a wacked-out
Scientologist. GREAT LIFE KELLY. I wonder who John Travolta
had to sleep with to get her the part in Gotti.(I mean, which
guy did he have to sleep with?) I have no respect for her.
KARMA WILL get you in the end.

1265 days ago



Thanks for explaining.


I basically agree with what you are saying, even if I am skeptical about Kelly's word.

If Charlie had not decided to make this incident a part of his "tell all, dredge up everyone's past" tour, we wouldn't be hearing about it here now at TMZ.

1265 days ago



Someone needs to remind Charlie that when his stories involve other people, that his "hard earned, entertainment industry" stories are also their life stories. When he tells them in public he is also dragging them into the public at the same time.

1265 days ago



Not such a stretch, really. Before she was engaged to Charlie Sheen she was married to marijuana advocate Kevin Gage.


Gia about an hour ago
WOW so Kelly Preston was a druggy back in the day? Who da thun

1265 days ago


She wasn't doing anything to protect her career. The press were the ones who ran with the "Charlie shot Kelly" angle and it was quickly found out that it was an accident. He's an idiot for carrying a gun in his freakin' pocket anyway. He should have had his license to carry suspended at the very least for not holstering a weapon properly. You don't need to be a Mensa member to realize carrying a gun (must have awfully small) in your pocket might be a bad idea. Especially since it obviously didn't even have the safety on!

1265 days ago


Kelly Preston is a fame whore??? They caught her when she was leaving a god damn restaurant. She is barely seen on TV. Her career is gone. She is just a wife and mother.

1265 days ago


Kelly - who cares what you have to say especially about something so long ago. You obviously hang out with losers and narry them. I guess it is only too bad he did not shot you and kill you so we would not have to talk about it. Now go back into your little hole.

1265 days ago


ummm... because it was good for his "bad boy" reputation and business in general? Just like his cliched "character" on that hack sit-com ?

1265 days ago


For the record Kelly is an active actress and has performed in numerous roles through last year. She may not be a headlining performer but she is active.

I think it's unfortunate that Kelly has been forced into the spotlight by Chucky Sleeze but that is Sleezy's nature which is to be very self centered without regard to others. In this regard I think any animocity towards Kelly is misguided and should be directed at Chucky Sleeze instead. For it is Sleezy that has dug this up from his sordid history and, more or less, forced Kelly to address it.

As for Kelly personally she has been married to the same individual for 20 years, has kids, and seems to act responsibly. I say great job. Probably her best decision was parting ways with Sleezy 21 years ago.

1265 days ago


ROFLMAO @ chucky sleeze.

1265 days ago


Kelly shot herself - would YOU want the whole world to know that and to talk it to death?

1265 days ago


Doesn't matter. The idiots who post their vile hatred on TMZ don't care about facts. To hear them tell it, and they will again and again in TMZ's comments... Charlie tried to murder her that night. He was out of his mind on drugs and pulled a gun on her, threatened her life, and shot her. Because that's how TMZ's posters roll. They have their own agenda and they won't let a little thing like facts get in the way.

1265 days ago


The show was in Vancouver not Alabama you idiots. Get your facts right.

1265 days ago


Muppet 4 hours ago

Ok so he didn't shoot her but he still left a loaded gun in his pants pocket. That shows he was irresponsible and did in fact cause her to be harmed. Who leaves a loaded gun lying around? I'm not saying he shot her, but he did cause her to be hurt through his own negligence. So basically it still is HIS fault.

Why was she snooping through his pants? Inspecting them for skid marks or some scientology experiment? Maybe she should leave other peoples property alone?

1265 days ago


Mork12 14 minutes ago
Why was she snooping through his pants?

I was wondering the same thing. Maybe she was hunting for some cash.

1265 days ago
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