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TMZ Live: Accidental Discharges & Double Dip STDs

5/6/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

So, it turns out Charlie Sheen didn't shoot Kelly Preston after all -- she's confirming it was just an accident -- but we're still wondering why it took 21 years to clear it up. And, what's lurking in your salon's hot wax these days...

21 answers to your questions on a "Lawyer Friday" edition of TMZ Live!


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(0:40) Harvey is freaked out about waxing .,. especially the dangerous "double dip."
(2:15) Kelly Preston backs up Charlie Sheen's claims that he didn't shoot her ... so why wait so long to clear his name?
(6:00) Harvey explains how Lindsay could escape a jail sentence.
(8:30) Harvey says criminals should be prosecuted based on their "bad intentions" ... not the result of their crimes.
(15:50) Harvey and Charles argue about changes to the TV show.
(21:30) Are social networks screwing up kids' ability to interact face-to-face?
(27:50) Webcam question from Toronto -- can Eddie Cibrian really stop his ex from putting their kids on "Real Housewives"?
(31:00) Harvey is leather free ... for the most part.
(33:45) Max was Harvey's assistant for two weeks back in the day ... and was TERRIBLE at it.
(40:45) The tour guides for the TMZ Hollywood Bus Tour drop by to say how AWESOME the tour is.
(42:00) All the celebs we've spotted during the tour ... including the "fake Tom Cruise" that hangs out near the Scientology center.


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Why do celebrities run into Tax Trouble (Wesley Snipes, Richard Hatch etc.)? Do they not take taxes out of their checks like they do everyone else in America or are they lying on their W4 forms with their deductions?

1244 days ago


Why dont americans give Obama credit for killing Osama, sure the seals did it but than again Osama didnt kill the 9/11 vics

1244 days ago

nee nee    

what about the police report in 1989...did Kelly have a different story?.. it's against to file a false police report

1244 days ago


You say the CSI couple getting divorced will split 50-50. How come John Cleese is saying on his "Alimony Tour" he found himself stung by a Californian court for £12 million. Not only did he have to shell out an £8 million lump sum, followed by £612,000 a year for the next seven years, but he also had to hand his former wife his London home, leaving him with just £10 million to rub together.

1244 days ago


If Lindsey wears the monitoring bracelet will she be allowed to leave her home to do her community service work while wearing the bracelet?

1244 days ago



Add 'too many lawyers' to your rant on the legal system...

1244 days ago


Why did you just delete the other thread about this and all the questions posted on it?

1244 days ago


When creating my own version and arrangement of a song in the public domain, how can I determine if my version infringes on someone else's copyrighted material without listening to every version of the song ever recorded?

1244 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

There's a lotta sexual innuendo that can be gleaned from Harvey and Charles' argument. Is there something you wanna tell us guys??

1244 days ago


There was another thread earlier with about the same exact title, with many questions posted on it. I personally had three posts there. Now this thread is posted and the other thread and its questions and comments gone.

Harvey can you find out what staffer is responsible for this carelessness?

1244 days ago


Why did Osama's DNA test only take moments to find out the results but whe law enforcement, or the judicial system does DNA testing it takes weeks or even a month or more.....what's up with that?

1244 days ago


Who would be responsible if LILO were harmed or killed while performing her forced community service in skid row.

1244 days ago


everyone spends there life looking at their machines and ingoring the world around them.

1244 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

Harvey, you're a very sick man. You watch international kiddie porn, don't you?!?

1244 days ago


Do you have any Canadian's in the office? What do they think of Dax's statement.

1244 days ago
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