TMZ Live: Accidental Discharges & Double Dip STDs

5/6/2011 11:00 AM PDT

TMZ Live: Accidental Discharges & Double Dip STDs

So, it turns out Charlie Sheen didn't shoot Kelly Preston after all -- she's confirming it was just an accident -- but we're still wondering why it took 21 years to clear it up. And, what's lurking in your salon's hot wax these days...

21 answers to your questions on a "Lawyer Friday" edition of TMZ Live!

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(0:40) Harvey is freaked out about waxing .,. especially the dangerous "double dip."
(2:15) Kelly Preston backs up Charlie Sheen's claims that he didn't shoot her ... so why wait so long to clear his name?
(6:00) Harvey explains how Lindsay could escape a jail sentence.
(8:30) Harvey says criminals should be prosecuted based on their "bad intentions" ... not the result of their crimes.
(15:50) Harvey and Charles argue about changes to the TV show.
(21:30) Are social networks screwing up kids' ability to interact face-to-face?
(27:50) Webcam question from Toronto -- can Eddie Cibrian really stop his ex from putting their kids on "Real Housewives"?
(31:00) Harvey is leather free ... for the most part.
(33:45) Max was Harvey's assistant for two weeks back in the day ... and was TERRIBLE at it.
(40:45) The tour guides for the TMZ Hollywood Bus Tour drop by to say how AWESOME the tour is.
(42:00) All the celebs we've spotted during the tour ... including the "fake Tom Cruise" that hangs out near the Scientology center.