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David Beckham in Car Accident on LA Freeway

5/7/2011 1:20 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

David Beckham was involved in a car accident on one of the busiest freeways in all of Los Angeles ... and the driver of the other car had to be taken to a local hospital ... TMZ has learned.

David Beckham Car Accident
According to law enforcement sources, Beckham was driving a black Cadillac on the 405 Freeway near Torrance, CA yesterday morning ... when he rear-ended a gold Mitsubishi that was broken down in the carpool lane.

We're told the driver of the Mistubishi, who was inside the car and wearing his seatbelt at the time, had to be taken to the hospital -- but Beckham did not require medical attention.

Law enforcement sources tell us Beckham was not arrested or cited on the scene.

A call to Beckham's rep was not returned.

UPDATE: Sources close to Beckham tell us his son Brooklyn was in the car at the time of the accident, but that he and David were both not injured.

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I was caught up in that for a few minutes. The mitzi looked like it was hit by more than one car. The only other car I saw on scene could have been an Escalade. It was flat black with some large chrome rims. The thing that stood out most for me, was that a highway patrol man was RUNNING to pick up the cones so traffic could move freely again. Cudo's to that guy.

1174 days ago


first of all, all of you negative commenters, david was legally in the carpool lane, with his son in the car. he had his son brooklyn in the car...kids are included as a person in the carpool lane.

second, you cant go left, usually, from the carpool lane, and, to go right, if the cars are stopped in front of you, it can be very dangerous too, so, he might have had no choice.

he probably did all he could do to avoid it.

1174 days ago


for all those people commenting on the `he was legally in the carpool lane because his son was in the car`...if you haven`t noticed, the fact that his son was in the car was an UPDATE, therefore it was not in th original post. Just though I`d save the rest of you who were to comment on that the time.

1173 days ago


Don't you ever get tired of sueing innocent people who have made an innocent mistake over there? I'm sure if David B hurt the car he will offer to pay for damages. But why all this "Lets get him for huge ammounts of money" What a bunch of sickos. You sound like Lindsay and her Mum sueing etrade and anyone else they can get their claws in to to get money that they don't deserve. Discusting mind set.

1173 days ago


Wondering of the other driver put his blinkers on after his car broke down and how much not doing so would mitigate damages he could claim. But David's insurance will most likely still have to pay out on this one b/c you have to be going slowly enough to stop before hitting the car in front of you even if that car stops suddenly. The driver he hit would at the very least have to be whiplashed, which is painful and lingering, although usually just a soft tissue injury. California law allows compensation for pain and suffering in addition to medical bills, lost wages and property damage. So even if he is not seriouisly hurt, the other driver could and should rightfully file a claim. He will at the very least be very sore for a minimum of several weeks, and should not be thought to be "gold-digging" just because he wants fair compensation.

1173 days ago

Fun Mom     

It was Friday morning. Shouldn't his son have been in school? Just asking......

1173 days ago


David Beckham must have attended the "David Arquette Celebrity Driving School".

1173 days ago


Because California and it's HORRIBLE "drivers" SUCK!!!!!! Nobody even likes stanky gangland Cali with it's wannabe "gangsters" (cowards who are afraid to get a job and are to p**sy to fight) and wannabe royalty. Can't wait for that earthquake to take them away! These people think they are the epicenter of the earth... lmao!

1173 days ago

The Truth    

The article says

“Sources close to Beckham tell us” in other words a press agent who was not there and is trying to spin the story.

The Police report is public record and anyone can look at it. An it says Beckham was alone in his car, switched to the car pool lane and rear ended the other car that was broke down.

So the police must be lying then. .. Police Report Beckham only person in the car.

So those sources close to Beckham (his press agent) is full of BS.

Spin...Spin Spin...Special Treatment..he rear ended another car
The Truth

free if you go to the ploice station or $4.95 if you get it through their online system

1173 days ago

Football Fan    

The Truth, you are soooooooo DESPERATE!!! The police didn't sue, cite, or arrest him because the accident occured AFTER he tried to avoid the car, probably in shock to find the car stop on that lane, but ended hitting the rear-end SIDE of the car anyway! His son was in there too, and this is confirmed by ALL other tabloids, news site which have gotten an interview with the police themselves. Further, the fact that there are no further action from the PROBABLY injured (it's probably because the man was taken to the hospital just FOR PRECAUTION!) man/driver just goes to show that Beckham has settled the matter i.e. the BILLS for the car and the hospital with the driver personally! So there you go! It's a SMALL matter happening to him JUST LIKE what's been happening to us ordinary people everyday! Geez..you and other negative posters here, including TMZ are so pathetic!

1173 days ago

margaret hodge    

why wasn't David Beckham cited? It was clearly his fault.

1173 days ago

maggie mae    

Why wasn't Beckham arrested??? He rear ended a vehicle!!!!

1173 days ago


You mean all a person has to do is breakdown in the 'carpool lane' and get rear ended and sue.

hmmmmmmmmm. What time of day was it when the guy was 'broken down in the carpool lane'? One guy in the car. hmmmmmmmmm

Hope all is well with all involved. $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ouch

1173 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

if beckam still needs 'damage to the face', i can make arrangements. i'm just sayin...;D

1173 days ago


It is not always a violation if you hit a car from behind. If the car in front is causing a hazard or driving recklessly, the driver in the rear is not at fault.

1173 days ago
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