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'CSI' Star

Justin Bieber Was a Brat

5/8/2011 10:16 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Justin Bieber had a memorable performance on "CSI" recently -- but the only thing "CSI" star Marg Helgenberger remembers ... is that he "was kind of a brat."

Justin Bieber, "un sale gosse" chez Les Experts
by Europe1fr

Helgenberger appeared on French radio show "Le Grand Direct des Médias" on Friday where she prefaced the slight with "I shouldn't be saying this, but ..." Always a good sign!

She also said the Biebs locked a producer in a closet and put his fist through a cake.

Good thing she never had to work with Charlie Sheen.

(Thanks to Gawker for the head's up on the interview)


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Cynthia J    

He is a little-LITTLE-turd. I really don't see the attraction and I bet he was a brat, little baby.

1243 days ago


Money and fame make people brats.

1243 days ago

weird al yankovich    

this chicken head just wants exposure. what a dumb way to try and get it. she thinks bieber fans are stupid ? doesn't she know he is a God to them ? What a loser
I didn't even know who she was before this lol
and now I will remember her as the loser

1243 days ago


Charlie Sheen never caused anyone but his dumb exec producer any problems.

1243 days ago


Oh Yea...the future Brittany Spears, Kanye West, Chris Brown...TOOL.

Wasn't there a poll asking if people thought Bieber would be in Rehab by 25?

As of now, my bets on 20.

1243 days ago


Come on now what a bitter old hag, red heads don't age well just because her carrer sucked she's got to take it out on a kid does she even have any she's dried up along time ago eww

1243 days ago


Truth 16 minutes ago

Charlie Sheen never caused anyone but his dumb exec producer any problems.
Well, that's a start...but then you left out...His parents, his siblings, ALL of his girlfriends...ALL of his wives...ALL FIVE of his children, ALL of his friends and neighbors...

Oh, and then there's the general public that have to hear about CHUCKLES THE CRACK HEAD CLOWN and his stupid ass bullsh*t...

So, Uhm, left a few people off that Chuckles list.

1243 days ago


Marg looks like a HUGE brat! She also needs to eat some food.. tooooooo skinny and her face does not move!!!!!!!!!!! Frozen stick figure!

1243 days ago


Wow!! You freaks are all nuts!! And I'm talking about both sides of this retarded arguement.

I'm probably the last person on earth to find out who Justin Bieber is. I don't think I've ever heard any of his songs. I can't believe how much some of your lives revolve around this kid.

Marg was just joking around you idiots!!! Start thinking like an f'ing grown up and get serious.

1243 days ago


he is a kid
people seem to forget abut that
and he wants to joke around and paly pranks and have fun
hopeully as he grows up he will realize that being professonal means that there is a time and a place for everything

and Marg-with your botox and lip injections- him being on the show probably gave CSI the best ratings of the year and brought you a whole new audience-so not very smart saying that!

makes you wonder what she's said about other guest stars who have appeared...not too professional of her either is it?

would make anyone famous think twice before agreeing to appear on the show tohelp boost ratings

I want Grissom back in charge!!
love Laurence Fishburn and want him to stay-she can leave the show as far as I'm concerned

1243 days ago


His mother is responsible and very involved! TMZ has forgotten their own story!

Also, in December she canceled his cell phone:

Don't forget, when Miley was his age she had a live-in 20yr old model boyfriend and was in clubs in Europe drinking! Pranks, are just that, pranks! Has anyone seen Jacka$$, that's what white guys do for fun!

1243 days ago


Justin Bieber has been involved in an incident aboard a Melbourne bound flight this afternoon (Australia time).

Qantas cabin staff had to order Bieber and one of his security guards to take their seats after they started roaming the plane while it began taxiing at Sydney airport.
NOt surprised that he is a brat....remember this happening on May 1st... i mean who does he think he is....he's a child that sings CRAPPY music...get over yourself Bieber... GRRRR

The Qantas flight attendant told Bieber that his behavior was a security risk and that he had been acting like a child and would therefore be treated like one.

Read more: Justin Bieber incident with Qantas flight attendant | JUSTIN BIEBER ZONE

1243 days ago


Dec. 3, 2010

Justin Bieber’s mom Pattie Mallette has canceled his cell phone plan after getting into a fight with him. According to Justin,

The other day she cancelled my phone plan. We got into an argument about something stupid, and she was like, ‘Give me the phone’ and I was like, ‘No’, so she just went and canceled it.

1243 days ago


I'm sure they were just pranks, all in fun. If she doesn't have a sense of humor that's her problem. Anyways when I see her on TV I change the channel really fast because I can't stand to look at her ugly lips, they give me the creeps.

1243 days ago

Mrs. Mathers    

being a kid????? thats y society is gettin worse n worse, thats not how kids r suppose to act! if i did that i woulda get beat!!! thats y i turned out respectful n grateful for all i get

1243 days ago
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