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'Sister Wives' Mother's Day -- To The Buffet!!!

5/8/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"Sister Wives" star Kody Brown knows there's only one way to please all 4of his wives on Mother's Day ... and it involves an ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT BUFFET IN VEGAS!!

TMZ spoke with the TLC reality star -- who tells us he's taking Meri, Christine, Janelle, and Robyn to the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas for their famous Mother's Day Brunch buffet.

Kody says he isn't really a "breakfast guy" -- but his wives are huge fans of the Rock's quiche, eggs, and waffles ... and at $23.99 a pop, it fits in the budget.

Meanwhile, the Duggar family from "19 Kids & Counting" are also having a cost-friendly Mom's Day ... hitting church in the morning ... followed by a family luncheon honoring the women.

In other Mother's Day news -- TMZ also spoke with "Cake Boss" Buddy Valastro ... who told us he's finally gonna take the day off this year and spend it with his wife Lisa ... who gave birth to their 4th kid this year.

Happy Mother's Day people.


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Correction: He disavowed his 5 (not 6) children with Christine. Some dedicated father, huh?

1263 days ago


BankruptcyAttorney.......this is exactly what I mean....all is not as we see on the REALITY show....reality shows are scripted. This is just a way of making money, they will do and say whatever people want to see and hear.......just as long as the money is rolling in

1263 days ago


actually tweetz, they're not Mormons. The LDS faith does not believe in ~ nor condone ~ bigamy. They're part of some breakaway faction.

1263 days ago


what a bunch of idiots always have something stupid to say like you really know whats going on with these familys and you judge them but i bet at home you are lazy disgusting probably have people who truloey hate you you lioe you cheat you treat others bad and do idotic things and make mistakes everyday dont judge other people plus if you have something against a show on a family then uh i dont know...DONT WATCH ITSTUPID! poeple need to grow up

1263 days ago


Why put the Duggars in an article regarding sister wives-That's BS
Las Vegas is tired of the Sister Wives and their HORNY HUBBY!

1262 days ago


Wow, can't believe how hateful you all are. Really? What makes their life so different from your own? How can you live with yourselves being so judgmental? The sister wives and Kody (however you may feel about him) live pretty normal lives compared to many in our country... you may also be the ones that are all for gay marriage. What makes this different? Because it is different from the life you live? What happened to living as Americans? Living a life of freedom and choice?

1260 days ago


this is a sick show what does this guy do other than screw 4 women sick show tlc should be ashamed!!!

1258 days ago


Mary, Animals F**K and S***W. People with one partner who sneak around behind their partners back also F**K and Sc**w.

I believe Kody serves as a husband to these women with all that entails. ONLY a juvinille would focus on the sexual part of the relationship and forget about the rest. Again, I repeat for anyone who cares to think, we are not talking about under-aged children being forced into marriage. I may not want their life style but who are they really hurting. Are they really any different than the Dugger Family and their 19 and counting children?

1258 days ago


THese women have no self esteem, no self respect, nothing!! and him ... he is just disgusting and have no sense of respect for women.

1255 days ago

S Bee    

I hope this family finds a place where they can just live their lives the way they want to. They are not asking anyone to join in, they just want to have their family and have people understand where they are coming from. I can understand the need the wives have for a family and I think that they are all doing a great job of raising their kids. Some of the comments on this page prove that people form opinions without even watching the show! I have watched them all....didn't get it at the beginning, but understand their beliefs better now. No, I am not Mormon, nor would I want this life style, but THEY do and I think they should be left alone by the law.

1254 days ago


Nancy/Illinois 13 days ago

Hey I love this show! It makes me envious at times, wish i had sister wives to share & help with the house, cooking & burdens. It works for them, good for them. What about these guys that just screw around on their wives & have kids out of wedlock. These people have faith & morals, just a different life style. Thank you Sister Wives for sharing your family & teaching us.
This is exactly the same as a married man screwing around with other women and having children out of wedlock. He is legally only married to one. The other "sister wives" are mistresses and all the children with those other women were born out of wedlock. Just because they hide behind religion doesn't make it morally right. It seems as though the last 3 women he brought into the relationship don't have much self esteem if they are willing to share a man with 3 other women. I would like to know what would happen if one of the women met another man and wanted to bring him into the family. Would that be allowed, and would he be called a brother husband?

1251 days ago


Why do we judge so harshly? Is it because they are in the open?
Take a good look at the relationships around you? How many people can sit there and "honestly" say they know a lot of men who don't cheat? There are many wives subjected to a multiple lifestyle they just either don't know about it or refuse to believe the affair is real. There are tons of children born to mistresses. Arnold Schwarzenegger is a very real example of that. The difference is he has money; can afford his affairs & other children. What about all the mental stress a man puts on a woman during and after affairs. In my experience most men lie & start arguments to feel justified for their actions. Most women blame themselves and lose their self worth.

As a society we don't agree with plural marriages but we sweep affairs under the rug. The children of affairs more so than not are left at an economic disadvantage. But that is minor when we look at the impact of fatherless homes. This covers the kids from the marriage as well, too many times we see husband leave wife and kids to be with current mistress. Wife becomes a single mom & left to support the kids. Too many men don't pay child support & now the children's only full time caregiver has to try and re-enter the work force.

Kody's bankrupcy is no different than any other monogamous relationships financial troubles. I just think a man who is willing to be honest & work hard for his family should be left alone. I also love that he married a single mom with 3 kids.
I wonder how many single moms who have had enough of the lies, cheating, & hardship would consider plural marriage instead of fly by night relationships or affairs with married men.

1248 days ago


heres the thing. I do not believe in Polygamy. I think it creates "its a mans world" to the 9th degree. Also, what about their daughters to think that this is what they deserve? Wrong to me.

I will say this: I have watched this show, they all seem like nice people. I am impressed with the way they respect each other and work together. I am confused why Cody "gets it all" but what can I say. It is illegal but seems to work for them.

1238 days ago


Why has TLC missed the obvious show idea Get DOG the Bounty Hunter to go after Sir Cody, since he is a fugitive from justice now that he ran away to Vegas? Think about it...would make for a GREAT episode. Get Dog's wife Beth in the little wife's face.....Baby Lisa would be holding the other wives at gunpoint, and his son with the long pony tail could sweep the neighborhood for plyg spies.......

1238 days ago


I posted a comment a few weeks ago and waited, and waited with no reply from you. Do you pick and choose? BARBARA Pearman

1185 days ago
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