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Rep. Aaron Schock -- Anyone Down for a 6-Pack??

5/9/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Congressman Aaron Schock is flashing his ridiculous abs again -- this time on the cover of Men's Health!

Aaron Schock Shirtless
The Republican isn't just showing off his body to gloat, he's flaunting his cut stomach to promote the "Fit for Life Summer Challenge" -- an initiative focused on losing weight to reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. For more info, check out the Men's Health website.

Schock's six-pack isn't new to us though, TMZ discovered his washboard stomach back in 2009 when we published this bathing suit shot:


Schock was also on "Today" this morning to talk about his shirtless spread:

Dude's got guts.


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Schools, which are a gov't entity, provide 9 month's of breakfast and lunch for the majority of kids in this country and a most of their waking hours are spent at school.

They should share some of the blame for the bad eating habits of kids, who go on to be obese and a burden to taxpayers, if they're feeding the kids junk!

How dare they encourage kids to eat better and exercise, it's not like people send their kids to school to learn anything! (sarcasm)

Why not teach and train kids now so they aren't a health burden later, isn't that what all educational pursuits are; teaching kids the tools to contribute to society and not be a burden!

1230 days ago


one word "GAY" not that there is anything wrong with it...

1230 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

in 100 years, are we gonna look like some waaaay ridiculous fools, or like amazingly brilliant geniuses? i real do wonder...

1230 days ago



Thanks for that rambling post. I guess you have completely changed my mind about the marxist in chief and his limousine liberal wife now running loose in washington.
I guess I really do want the goverment telling me what to eat, what to drive, what kind of home to live in, where to go to school, how much fuel i can use, which doctors to see.
Ya know, cause marxism has worked out sooo well for the rest of the world (except for those 200,000,000 people murdered under those awesome "spread the wealth around policies" in the last 100 years).

Wake up you moron.

1230 days ago


His abs look like MOOBS! Got Milk?

1230 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

Hey Twilight, isnt it funny how back in the day the censors were probably going nuts over the "smut" on TV like Three's Company and look at the junk on TV now. Three's Company is one of the great shows. It has it all...sexual innuendos, a whole lot of misunderstandings and jumping to conclusion. Awesome show.

1230 days ago


Just what America needs...another closeted homosexual Republican Congressman...

1230 days ago


I hear he's dating "The Situation"....

1230 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

I also heard this Cindy. The rumor is that "The Situation" abs got Aaron Schock's abs pregnant.

1230 days ago


At the age of 23, Aaron Schock was simultaneously the youngest school board president in history and the youngest Illinois State Representative.

Congressman Aaron Schock (R-IL), 29, is the youngest member of Congress and represents the 18th District of Illinois. He is now the youngest Member of Congress and the first to be born in the 1980’s.

For the 112th Congress, Schock was appointed to serve on the highly coveted Ways and Means committee. Within the committee, he will serve on the Trade, Oversight and Social Security subcommittees. Schock also serves on the committee on House Administration and as the Chairman of the Franking Commission.

Immediately upon taking office in 2009, his colleagues expressed their faith in his abilities by appointing him to the coveted Committee on Transportation and Infrastructure. He was also the only Republican freshman selected to serve on the influential Highways and Transit Subcommittee which is charged with drafting the five-year highway bill due for reauthorization this year.

Schock also received a seat on the Small Business Committee along with designation as the Ranking Member of the Contracting and Technology Subcommittee.

House Republican Leadership also issued Schock a waiver to serve on a third committee and he was appointed to the Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Finally, Schock was chosen by Leadership to serve as a Deputy Republican Whip.

In his first two weeks in office, Schock succeeded in having an amendment adopted by the House mandating a web site to track the TARP (bailout) funds as part of the TARP Reform and Accountability Act of 2009.

In the Illinois Legislature, Schock succeeded in passing 18 substantive bills he sponsored, several of which were hailed as "landmark reforms" when they were signed into law.

Schock also developed a reputation for outstanding constituent service, having helped thousands of constituents solve problems beyond their ability to cope.

Schock shared the 2007 award with then-Senator Barack Obama from the Illinois Committee for Honest Government for his “Outstanding Legislative and Constituent Service.”

Schock got off to a fast start in the Illinois House by being appointed to serve on five committees, including rare service on two separate appropriations committees. His committee assignments were: Elementary and Secondary Appropriations; Human Services Appropriations; Veteran’s Affairs; Financial Services; and Environment and Energy.

Upon graduation from college, Schock secured investors and started a small business in Peoria. He later served as Director of Development for Petersen Companies of Peoria. Schock purchased his first piece of real estate at age 18, and continues to manage his real estate investments today.

Before going to Congress, Aaron Schock began his public service by serving in the Peoria School board when he was 19 years old. He was a write in candidate who won by a landslide, setting a precedence for young people to get involved in managing their school system.

At 22, his school board colleagues voted to make Schock vice president of the board and a year later they voted unanimously to make him board president of one of the largest school districts in Illinois.

Schock began working after school jobs in his early teens. By the time he was in high school he was working a substantial number of hours per week at a gravel pit and invested nearly all of it. With these earnings he was able to purchase his first piece of real estate at age 18 and bought and sold investment properties. He also bought his own home which he and his brother renovated on Melbourne Avenue in one of Peoria’s older neighborhoods.

Aaron graduated from Richwoods High School and Rolling Acres Middle School in Peoria. He then graduated from Bradley University in Peoria with a B.S. in Finance (a four year degree) in only two years.

Aaron Schock is an overachieving choir boy. He is not gay, he is driven, successful and compassionate to his constituents. He is a hometown hero, and for good reason, he earned everything he got-he was not born with a silver spoon. This guy is the real deal, he just happens to be a handsome, clean cut and obviously very fit. He is a shining example to all young people who aspire to make something of their lives and to make their world a better place.

1230 days ago

Chef Jack Tripper    

Constituent, Quit being the fun police. Nobody is questioning his work ethnic or his character. We are just questioning whether or not he wears dresses and make up in the privacy of his own home.

1230 days ago


He reminds me of Dr. Stork from The Doctors in the picture where he is by the pool. He is so cute! Great body and adorable baby face. Yummy!

1230 days ago


IF this guy is GAY, and he may be if he's NOT married at this point - {straight guys that look like that are NOT without a Hot girlfriend already} GOOD FOR OUR SIDE....IF he's NOT gay, and just a Metrosexual Guy, good for you chicks! You need all the good looking straight guys LEFT you!
He is Hot though, Gay or Straight....

1230 days ago


Isn't this Majority Leader Eric Cantor's boyfriend? I wonder when the wedding is?

1230 days ago


foto chop help fer sure...

1230 days ago
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