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Rep. Aaron Schock -- Anyone Down for a 6-Pack??

5/9/2011 7:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Congressman Aaron Schock is flashing his ridiculous abs again -- this time on the cover of Men's Health!

Aaron Schock Shirtless
The Republican isn't just showing off his body to gloat, he's flaunting his cut stomach to promote the "Fit for Life Summer Challenge" -- an initiative focused on losing weight to reduce risk of heart disease, diabetes and stroke. For more info, check out the Men's Health website.

Schock's six-pack isn't new to us though, TMZ discovered his washboard stomach back in 2009 when we published this bathing suit shot:


Schock was also on "Today" this morning to talk about his shirtless spread:

Dude's got guts.


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There have been many rumours out of Peoria from high school classmates about this guy bein gay. I don't doubt it , another self hating GOP gay basher.
I guess everyone ought to follow his get in shape routine this arrogant GOPer has voted to end Medicare like the rest of his party costing seniors $6,000/year more in health care costs....and all the while saying "the U.S. is broke " while they cut the income tax rate for the wealthy from 35% to 25% !

1263 days ago


I've never seen a "straight" guy look so uncomfortable around a pair of boobs.

1263 days ago


Well, apparently, he's taken a few trips on Air Force One with Obama. Not much of a Republican then is he? Most "body-conscious" guys are flamers anyway. Straight guys really don't give a s--t about that stuff.

1263 days ago


Putting this idiotic republican (who has voted to privatize Medicare, and as a consequence put elderly people at the mercy of the greedy health insurance industry) on the cover of their magazine is an ample reason why I will not renew my subscription to Men'sHealth magazine, after being a member for over 5 years. When does he find the time to interact with his constituents, read, write and propose bills in the House of representatives (the job he was elected for), if he spends most of his time working working on his abs? The US taxpayer pays him $174,000 per year, obviously to work on his abs.

1263 days ago


Oh you guys are so wrong! Aaron is from my area of the country and he serves his constituents very well. He is a very effective representative and finds the time to work tirelessly for his pay. I plan to get a subscription to Men's Health magazine, even though I am a woman. It is obvious that you don't know enough about Aaron Schock to be making these statements. Perhaps you don't know that he had both republicans and democrats campaigning and voting for him, because he is the "real deal". I think you need to check your resources before making some of the ridiculous comments I have read at this site. You are way off base.

1263 days ago


Wow... haters!

1263 days ago


Yeah, sorry... my gardar went dingdingdingding the second he opened his mouth on the Today Show. Just another hypocritical politician - YAWN

1263 days ago


Good for him. I think he can be an inspiration to get fit. He is well spoken and obviously dedicated to get and stay fit, on top of his job. Every workplace has a variety of people working at it. Nice to see Congress has one that keeps his body in shape.

1262 days ago


I know Aaron personally and he's not gay. I use to work with him. He's a great guy and a wonderful person just in general. He's not snobbish, he's not arogant either. He works out and looks good. If your sayin he's gay because he looks good does that mean that all the good looking guys in the world are gay?

1262 days ago


@Raeanna_21 ; I don't think just because he's attractive that people think he's gay, personally I don't find him attractive. It's this thing called 'gaydar' and usually means it's just the vibe you get from the guy - doesn't mean they're like bashing on him because he's gay. He could be metro-sexual, because let's be real it does look like he takes care of himself to the point where I could see where people would confuse him for gay. Personally, I think even if he was gay he should take it as a compliment since girls are always saying "the hottest guys are always gay."

1262 days ago


He has a very punchable face and has probably blown all the male GOP presidential candidates.

1059 days ago


rep. aaron shock is a real hunky man what size dress shoes does he wear and would he like a foot massage. john in tampa fl.

388 days ago
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