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Arnold/Maria Split

A Long Time Coming

5/10/2011 6:20 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Maria Shriver has been "miserable" in her marriage for a long, long time, sources connected with the couple tell TMZ ... and it's all about Arnold Schwarzenegger's "craziness."

Arnold Schwarzenegger Divorce

We're told Maria moved out of the couple's L.A. mansion months ago.  Sources tell us she's been extremely unhappy in her marriage for years, complaining about Arnold's out of control ego, as well as his womanizing.

We're also told Maria feels Arnold has ignored her for years and she's felt terribly unappreciated.

Sources say the couple has spent "very little time together" for several years.  Maria was frequently absent from Sacramento while Arnold was Governor. 

The situation got worse once Arnold left office and decided he wanted to resurrect his movie career.  Maria felt Arnold was becoming more erratic -- more "unstable." 

Our sources say Maria's religious views caused her deep distress over whether to split and/or divorce.   As one source put it: "She's been a lost soul for a long time."


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"She's been a lost soul for a long time."

Tough not being the center of attention. Wait until she is on her own living back in New England. Camelot is over honey.

1263 days ago


I like how some of you call Maria brilliant and Arnold a moron.

When he's the one who's accomplished everything he's ever wanted to and the most she's ever been is a news reporter. I take that back.. the most she's ever been is ARNOLD's wife. LOL

1263 days ago


she helped get him elected by going on oprah and talking about what a wonder governor he would be...the other candidates didnt get equal time because it was not him talking , it was his spouse

1263 days ago


I am not surprised. Maria is such a bright, loving, dynamic woman.

I'm guessing that this marriage was dead many many years ago. She only stayed on to keep up appearances while he was Gov.

Good for her to move on and have a great life. They are probably worth a cool billion, so she will have plenty of $$$ to do whatever she wants.

1263 days ago


Wonder how long it will take before the craziness starts, by either one, or until the "tell all" book gets written/published???

1263 days ago


Too bad Catholics generally don't read or attempt to understand the Bible. Jesus says the only valid reason for divorce is adultery. So, according to God's own words, Maria had justifiable cause to divorce Arnold a long time ago. So, don't blame faith. Blame her lack of actually understanding God's words.

1263 days ago


Well, that didn't take long after he left the state throne. But his ego, huh? Maria is said to have the ginormous ego of a crown princess ... and he's "crazy" and "erratic," and she's "a lost soul" (and with all those self-help/motivational titles?!) ... I get the feeling that Californians lucked out when his term was up.

1263 days ago

The 4 horseman    

Arnold has a destructive narcissitic personality disorder, many politicians do. They are quite successful in the public eye, but inside the home it is a different story. Once he lost the adoration he gained from being govenor, he had to try and go back to hollywood. A narcissist only cares about himself/herself, it is never about the other person. They have no insight into what/who they are, so it is pointless trying to convince them otherwise. Quite a terrible situation if you are married to one.

1263 days ago


About time he traded that in for a younger looking skeleton.

1263 days ago


Seriously now... while two ppl splitting is always a sad thing especially w/ children involved, this woman is a Kennedy and knows full well the ego on those w/ political/celebrity aspirations, not to mention womanizing (she is a Kennedy, remember) - that any of this was unexpected by her when she is supposedly such an "intelligent" woman... there is no excusing the Govenator's behavior (there never is) but c'mon Maria, that's stretching the limits of your credibility and questions your judgement and intellect...

1263 days ago

karen dapello    

Another long-suffering Kennedy woman, putting up with a man's BS for the sake of his political career. I've always admired Maria and I think she's going to be the true winner in the end. He's nothing but a big buffoon. His time in Sacramento did NOTHING to help California, rather it just further eroded the dismal state of the once great state.

1263 days ago


She should find herself a 20 something guy who can get it up. Every woman knows that men over 50 are useless in that department ha ha!

1263 days ago


He was a nothing before and he only married her because she's the daughter of a Kennedy. She gave up everything for him including her career (which no woman should do, never give up your career for a man or anything else) and she even stupidly stood by him while he admitted to cheating. She should have walked away right then and there. In my opinion he'll always be a nothing. Trash.

1263 days ago


Saw Arnold at my local Starbucks last Thursday. He was with a group of people including a beautiful young blonde with an accent (Swedish? Hungarian?) He order a coffee and a scone. They were on their way to a motorcycle show in Napa.

1263 days ago

Jim in LV    

Don't feel sorry for either of them. Arnold had a reputation for not being able to keep his schlong in his pants in the 70's/80's/and well into their marriage. She knew what she was getting into.

1263 days ago
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