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Paul McCartney's Ring

The Great Diamond Debate

5/10/2011 3:02 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The ridiculous $650k engagement rock Paul McCartney gave Nancy Shevell raises a good question -- why drop a fortune on a piece of jewelry?? Incredibly, one TMZ staffer actually has a reasonable answer! Kinda ...051011_TV_kathy_v3_still

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That TMZ staffer is a cutie... more of her please.

1231 days ago


By celebrity standards, the cost of that ring is modest. Don't understand why such a big deal is being made out of it. JLo's ring was over $1 million, Catherine-Zeta Jones over $2 million. Beyonce's ring was $5 million. $650K is a drop in the bucket, amd Paul can buy and sell all these other celebrities.

1231 days ago


Who's the intelligent, well-spoken, hottie sitting in front of Harvey? Need more of that one!

1231 days ago

CA Girl    

Good grief, what did he buy her? The Krupp diamond? Elizabeth Taylor wore spectacular (diamond) jewelry, so this isn't exactly a new idea for the rich. I wish we could see a picture of it, though. Ah, to have that much money to spend on a little engagement ring. Must be nice......

1230 days ago


The DeBeers story is correct. DeBeers controls the majority of the diamond trade in the world and is responsible for the diamond/marrage connection. It wasn't until the middle 90's or early 2000's that DeBeers execs would even come to the U.S. for fear of being arrested for antitrust violations.

1230 days ago


Good catch on the DeBeers connection by the clever girl in the clip. More light needs to be cast on that dark corner. The diamond industry owes much of its success to masterminds at DeBeers who manufactured the demand and create false scarcity to inflate prices.

1230 days ago

soccer mom    

The ring is actually an antique diamond from the 1920's. It is probably a better stone & cut than what is current. (Barbara Walters mentioned it on the View the other day. She is the fiancee's cousin.) And really who cares? Paul McCartney can afford to buy whatever he wants.

1230 days ago


Well if you truly love her that much you would do anything for love. She sure is a lucky girl not for the ring to be with someone as cool as you. All the best to you both!

1230 days ago


It might be an investment........FOR HER! Boy I guess money isn't a big deal since he didn't learn from the last gold digger he married.

1230 days ago


Check out who Nancy Shevell is. She doesn't need one dollar from Paul. She's a very wealthy woman.

1230 days ago


Don't do it Paul...especially after Hindenburg Heather.

1230 days ago


I wouldn't worry about Paul McCartney, he is a modest man and considering his wealth, $650000.00 is a pittance for him. The others you mentioned they flaunt their wealth for no other reason other than not to be one-uped. McCartney has no such need. He was a member of the greatest band of all time, that speaks for itself.

1230 days ago


The relationship between McCartney and Shevell is not a quick fling for either person. McCartney has been dating New Yorker Nancy Shevell for about four years. Nancy is a member of the board of the New York Metropolitan Transportation Authority as well as vice president of New England Motor Freight. New England Motor Freight, Inc. is one of the largest Less than truckload carriers in the Northeast U.S., based out of Elizabeth, New Jersey and is fully owned and founded by the Shevell family.

1229 days ago


Unless that diamond is.....clarity IF, color D, and "well cut" it isn't worth $650,000.00. Somebody didn't see him coming, they went and got him. He got ripped Off!!!!

1080 days ago

Shady's Lady    

For guy as wealthy as Sir Paul McCartney 650K is going cheap. I think I'd be feeling just a little slighted.But to be married to this musical legend...Some girls have all the luck!

1055 days ago

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