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Getting Sued ...

for $100 MILLION!!!

5/11/2011 2:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reality superstar Bethenny Frankel -- creator of the Skinnygirl margarita -- has been sued for more than $100 MILLION for allegedly cutting her former management company out of the biggest deal of her life.

Bethenny Frankel $100 Million
Frankel's former management company, Raw Talent, claims Bethenny signed with them back in 2008 ... with the hopes of maximizing the potential of her Skinnygirl cocktail line. 

According to the lawsuit, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Raw Talent claims, "[Bethenny] expressly represented that any agreement relating to the exploitation of the Skinnygirl Cocktail Brand would be commissionable under their management agreement."

RT claims they hooked up Frankel with some powerful people in the liquor biz .. only for Beth to fire them days before she sold Skinnygirl for a reported $120 million.

RT claims they want their cut of the deal -- $12 mil -- plus $100 mil in punitive damages.


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en Todo Momento!!    

::::::This one is titled "How dare She"::::::::::




thank you.

1206 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

just axe her for like eighyeight bimillion dollar gold dollar diamond coin platinum pennies. geeze. what's the big deal. she probably has enough money as it is.

1206 days ago

Mother nature    

Skinny girl is DELICIOUS! Why else would it be sold out everywhere? They can't keep it on the shelves! It's based on being LESS calories, than the others so of course it's going to taste different.

1206 days ago


That will leave her with a cool 8 mil! if she loses, and hasn't spent it already!

1206 days ago


She should send them a bottle of wine and a Thank you card :-)

1206 days ago


This is the norm'.... Your people drop the ball, you do it on your own & then they want to be paid.. They wern't on top of things to make her franchise grow, however, after it did they want a payday....For what? Dragging their feet..... Just like in death sometimes.... When you're alive oftentimes, some aren't there for you, however, once your gone those same people are the first ones to be at the will reading or contest a will if they're not in it.......

1206 days ago


well, id tell them to SUCK IT! if they did hook her up with that deal, they do deserve SOME money but not what theyre currently asking. Stupid ass morons! I admire Bethanny for her accomplishments and when u are at the top, every ahole in the book of aholes wants to take you down. Bethanny, get a great lawyer and make sure they get not a penny. Contradiction? Perhaps but just because they are being such aholes, id teach them a lesson and make sure they dont even get a penny. Gready ass fkrs!

1206 days ago


Is this lady Jewish ?

1206 days ago


She fired him back in nov 2008, not days before she signed the $120 million deal!!!

1206 days ago


I TRULY believe out of all the "reality" shows on tv.SHE IS THE REAL DEAL!!

From watching her I dont think there is anything "fake" about her.I DOUBT it very much,she "screwed" someone out of something they deserved.
From what I saw,that woman worked for everything she has,and deserves all she has worked for..THATS MY STORY AND IM STICKEN TO IT

1206 days ago


funny how the tmz dirty word filter puts asterisks in clean words simply because some of their letters form a dirty word on their own. talk about overkill! let's see if I can outsmart the filter: do_c|u|m_ent & c|o|c|k_tail & s_c|u|m_bag

1206 days ago


Like she said, mo' money, mo' problems. That's kind of how it goes. They come out of the woodwork and everyone wants a piece. Hope she has (and had all along) really good lawyers. No doubt they are looking for a quick settlement, then they'll fall off like the leaches they are and another one will find a place to attach.

A good lawyer and a good shrink are vital if you decide to be a climber.

1206 days ago


I was waiting for soon as someone makes a bundle of cash the worms come out of the woodwork looking for a piece...even if she did NOTHING to them and owes them NOTHING...they will still draw it out in court.

Eff 'em Bethany don't give 'em a DIME. Fight 'em to the death.

Who would want to sign with this "management co." NOW? knowing what kind of slime balls they are?. You screwed yourself "Raw Talent" SUCK IT!.

1206 days ago

Carmel Classic    

Wow yesterday ya'll was giving her praise on being tha most HOuseweive... Now today u wanna post this ****... Just wrong

1206 days ago


Betheny is def the real deal!!! she has worked so hard in getting what she wants in life and now everyone wants a piece of it!....she and her husband know exactly what they were doing before signing any contracts!!!! come on now!!!
I wish her the best in dealing with this situation ...and everyone needs to just mind their damn business and let the girl enjoy what she created!!!

1206 days ago
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