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Getting Sued ...

for $100 MILLION!!!

5/11/2011 2:47 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Reality superstar Bethenny Frankel -- creator of the Skinnygirl margarita -- has been sued for more than $100 MILLION for allegedly cutting her former management company out of the biggest deal of her life.

Bethenny Frankel $100 Million
Frankel's former management company, Raw Talent, claims Bethenny signed with them back in 2008 ... with the hopes of maximizing the potential of her Skinnygirl cocktail line. 

According to the lawsuit, obtained by The Hollywood Reporter, Raw Talent claims, "[Bethenny] expressly represented that any agreement relating to the exploitation of the Skinnygirl Cocktail Brand would be commissionable under their management agreement."

RT claims they hooked up Frankel with some powerful people in the liquor biz .. only for Beth to fire them days before she sold Skinnygirl for a reported $120 million.

RT claims they want their cut of the deal -- $12 mil -- plus $100 mil in punitive damages.


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So, IF there was this mysterious oral agreement about the 10% commission from Skinny Girl which was oddly left out of the written agreement...wouldn't her firing this agency exclude them from further deals. I mean, what good does firing/ending a contract do for the parties if one of them can come back years later and claim they still want to enforce it?


It is tough to say. What if they did a lot of work that set the foundation for a big sale.

What if an organization spends years building a brand for someone, the the brand owner decides to fire the company and one month later sells a product for $100 million?

An argument could be made that the marketing group should receive something.

1226 days ago

Mz. A    

Everyone and their mothers comes out from under the rock when someone hits it big! I'm waiting on a suit to come to it's completion and when the check comes in, mums the word!!!

1225 days ago


Well if she did fire them in 08, the case will have no merit?

1206 days ago


Oh boy, I really like Bethanny and she really worked her butt off for this. She'll be alright. She's a smart gal.

1205 days ago


there are always people that want to bring down successful people. i don't believe any of this story for one second. it's funny how there was no lawsuit until there was talk of bethenny making lots of money. also, whoever was handling it in the very beg. was doing a crappy job and should have been fired. the first six mo. it was out i could not find it anyway. just got the run around. i am loving seeing her doing so well with it now. just goes to show those arrogant male liquor executives that it IS women that buy all the liquor!!

1158 days ago


loll they won't get their part ...I mean..Beth fired them and then sold her company..i bet they lost the case.

1144 days ago


bethenny where you may not consider yourself to be jewish whole foods has removed all goods imported from Israel from their shelves perhaps that could be the eason as likely as it seems

1112 days ago


I think it sounds like sour grapes to me. I watched the NYHW and she was a very intelligent, pointed woman with a real strong attitude. I would have probably spoke up to her more than some of he other wives but I wasn't on the show. ha I seriously doubt I will ever travel in her circles. I am good with that. ha I hope she didn't get to use to driving expensive cars and living in a lavious home to have it ripped away. That would be awful. I think it is easier to never had wealth than to have it and lose it.

1112 days ago


i just started reading her "book" (which is like a spastic series of stupid personal stories and self-indulgent thoughts mixed with heavy bragging). i had to stop after chapter one, where she completely sells out her mom and tries to get the reader to side with her. then she does the same with her dad, describing him as "pathetic" on his death bed. wtf, who sells out their family? for a world-wide public audience for your own selfish gain because you claim to be "honest"? all the while she repeats that she's so much better than her mom. please, she's such a low life. i hope they take her for all she's worth. she blows!!! and has such a nasty face.

1104 days ago


TMZ, got ur facts wrong. Forbes took the lyin' ass bitch off their list because the skinnygirl deal was only for $4M. The press reports were wrong, and she never corrected them. Come on, can you really imagine that ANYONE is going to make enough coin off those crappy margaritas to pay $120M??? Bethenny is another RH huckster, willing to do anything to sell (insert word: book, fabric, restaurant, hotel, "jewelry", face cream, margarita mix). Would anyone NORMAL really want to have cameras recording in their bedroom, fights with husbands, etc.?

1026 days ago


Raw Talent won't get the amount they are after because that carcinogen-laden pisswater deal wasn't even close to what Frankel's spin doctors claimed it to be. Forbes mag tried to claim that Frankel made more money than Jennifer Aniston, Sandra Bullock, Angelina Jolie, and Brad Pitt with that Skinny Girl crap. Who would believe that for one minute? Some toxic drink mix targeted to anorexic girls makes more money than Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt combined? Forbes quickly retracted that statement.

1017 days ago


TMZ - She fired them in 2008 - you were just a few years off. "Raw Talent says Frankel fired Wald in November 2008, days before signing her deal to develop and market Skinnygirl."

940 days ago
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