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'Starsky' Actor --

Accused Of Being a Deadbeat Dad

5/11/2011 3:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

More legal drama for the guy who played Starksy on the '70s TV show "Starsky and Hutch" -- now the 69-year-old is accused of stiffing his ex-wife out of thousands of dollars in child support.

According to legal documents filed in L.A. County Superior Court, Paul Glaser's ex, Tracy Barone, claims the actor has flaked on $3,224 in child support payments and $13,000 in spousal support.

Glaser and Barone divorced in 2007, citing "irreconcilable differences" -- they have a 13 year old daughter.

As we previously reported,  Glaser just scored a legal victory against an obsessed female fan -- scoring a restraining order against the woman after she camped out in front of his home.

We called Paul's rep for comment -- who told us the actor had no idea the papers were even filed.


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Another woman trying to live comfortably off a man she used to be married to, without doing any real-world work, all because she agreed to spread her legs.
Sorry, but it's the truth. If he should be required to pay $15,000 to her, then she should be required to show she earned the same amount, proving that it's 50/50. Except you know that's not the case. The last job listed for her was in 1997. So she's basically just trying to live off him.

1260 days ago


Starsky just can't catch a break lately.

1260 days ago


How is she surviving if he's not paying spousal support? Isn't spousal support for a person who cannot make a living on their own? Shouldn't she have said something thousands of dollars sooner?

1259 days ago


Had now idea? Really? Well at least he didn't kill them...and give new meaning to Dead beat dad.

1259 days ago

artie help    

if the guy has kids pay up if not get off the tit lady, you can't have your cake and eat it as well

1259 days ago


Wasn't he in Mean Girls?

1259 days ago

Grow Up Jon    

$13,000 spousal support? This woman used to be a big deal executive and now she's wanting her ex to support her? It's an embarrassment to women, isn't it? It's not like she was some "trophy wife" who was trying to make it in Hollywood, married an actor and made being a "wife" her career. She HAD a career and a big income before she married him. Why go back to a career and having ambition when the man you're no longer married to can just support you, huh? Sad.

1259 days ago


What is with all the spam? I wish some people would not use this site to sell their business! Didn't there use to be a "Report" thing you can click on?

Back to Paul: I feel so bad for him. Isn't she a film producer? You would think that she would be able to provide for herself and her daughter. Why live off him? Because of his fame? She's a gold digger, plain and simple. :(

1259 days ago


How could he forget about paying the child support? He knows that he has a minor child.

1259 days ago


This is why older men should stop with the baby making..who wants to be paying child support at 69...Geez!

1259 days ago


Get Huggy Bear on the case...

1259 days ago

jealous of kate    

is his son still alive, the one from his first marriage, he is HIV positive, you hear nothing about him anymore.. tragic story... But, Starsky here, Paul Glaser, how is he supposed to pay that type of support? What kind of acting jobs has he been in, say in the last, oh, 25 YEARS???

1259 days ago


Oh how easy it is to villainize the woman for demanding she is paid what a family court ordered to her. You idiots obviously don't realize it takes two to tango. He knocked her up. It's his responsibility to take care of what he's supposed to.

1259 days ago


$17k is chump change! This is his 3rd wife. The 1st died of aids.

1259 days ago


eeewww. When I first looked at the picture, I thought she was his sister. NOT a good look.

1259 days ago
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