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Miley Cyrus -- Mommy & Me Bikini Time

5/12/2011 3:00 PM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Miley Cyrus, 18, and her demure back tatted winged mother Tish, 44, both bared their bikini bods on the beach in Rio on Thursday.


Birds of a feather ... sunbathe together.


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Not only is the tattoo fugly but it's off center...I hope she got her money back from the guy her did her tattoo.

1238 days ago


Another Dina Lohan

1238 days ago


Moms trash , one hit father acts like he's 20 , Trailer trash Family all the way around.

1238 days ago

PRO US    


Thanks for the ludicrous, gratuitous, baseless insults, Wiley! Got a good laugh! Sure, Miley looks a bit skanky to some bourgeois, uptight or mainstream, 'white bread', 'wholesome' people because of her tattoos and risque clothing choices during her concerts but her tattoos and outfits have nothing to do with how fit her body is.

You are clueless if you think that over half the girls Miley's age look better than her (as far as body, not face, goes). Most women her age would die or kill to look as good as she does. If virtually every woman in the bars and restaurants you go to looks better than Miley to you, either you're visually impaired, mentally challenged (retarded), deranged (psychotic), an older (and jealous)woman, a gay guy who couldn't recognize a hot young woman if Farrah Fawcett in her prime came at him with in a G String with a curling iron or you only eat and drink at Hooooters Bars and Restaurants and think hot women have to be packing double DD bags of silicone.

How's them apples, buddy boy?

1238 days ago


I have a feeling that Miley's Mom drinks. Maybe that bother's Miley? It looks that way to me, but who knows?

1238 days ago

PRO US    

Wiley 25 minutes ago

@ PRO US 23 minutes ago

Miley is well down in the bottom half of her age group. I can go into any restaurant or bar around and virtually every female looks better than Miley...some really skank looking young women.
dube blu 22 minutes ago

i'd give my left nut to bang miley.mmm mmm good!

Looks like dube blu doesn't agree with Wiley. Either that or dube blue wants to give his left nut to bang an ugly woman. LMAO

1238 days ago


Just wait in another 10 years, those "wings" are gonna be hangin' down around her ass. I wonder what it's like to have a WHITE TRASH Mom.

Miley - do you see your future? I do!

1238 days ago


So it sounds like Pro Us is retarded? Hate to use that word but he's not right in his mind tonight!!

1238 days ago


That tattoo is downright creepy!

1238 days ago


Mommys tat is fugly!!

1238 days ago

PRO US    

showgirl, what's your malfunction?

1238 days ago


Miley looks like she's running out of air trying to hold her stomach in! But, her mom...ugh, what a mess. That trashy tattoo explains a lot about that "thing" she supposedly had with super trash lover Brett Michaels.

1238 days ago

PRO US    

showgirl 34 minutes ago

I have a feeling that Miley's Mom drinks. Maybe that bother's Miley? It looks that way to me, but who knows?

So, you have a feeling that Miley's mom drinks? Based on what evidence? And you have a feeling that Miley's mom drinking (of which you cite no evidence aside from your laughable "feeling") bothers Miley? Based on what exactly? What are you an empath or a telepath? What planet are you from exactly?

I don't know if you drink but you sound like the kind of person who would drive their husband/boyfriend/life partner to drink to excess to kill the pain of listening to your inane and insane rantings.

Please take your medications and try not to hurt yourself or others.

1238 days ago



Her legs have no definition. She is sucking her stomach in but cannot suck in what is on her rib cage which looks like it is bulging and lumpy. Her chest looks like the shape of torpedo's which doesn't happen to women until late in life not in their early 20's.

Again no she is not fat. But she has an awkward shape and isn't all that.

1238 days ago



1238 days ago
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