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Oksana Probably Won't Use Tapes Against Mel

5/12/2011 9:50 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The secret tapes that made Mel Gibson really famous in a bad way are about to become irrelevant.


Oksana Grigorieva's lawyer, Dan Horowitz, told the judge in the custody case this AM that he may not even introduce the racial and other tirades into evidence. 

It's not shocking that Horowitz is backing off the tapes.  A few weeks ago he told the judge Oksana would not be raising the domestic violence issue in the case.

The tapes could surface if Oksana files a civil lawsuit against Mel, but it's starting to look iffy at best that such a case would even be filed.  Oksana's damages would be limited, even if she won, so it may not be financially worth the trouble.


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Fidel's niece    

@ Frieda,

WTF? have your read ANY of
my posts yesterday
about Dani Karlsson???

She is another Fame Whore with a BLOG!

Please, go read it, there is TONS
about her on the net...

Miss Sweden got rejected by the modeling
agencies in L.A. has too many tattoos...
plus to short (5ft 7 1/2" and too old (26)

Foul mouthed...
Called Miss China "Yellow F*cking Avatar"

Miss Sweden was falling down DRUNK
on several occasions by her own admission...

Smokes too...

She says she is a 'HUSTLER"
No job, never finished school...

Modeling or HUSTLING!

Broke up with a boyfriend
a music producer, and now she is
hooking up with a BBD
(bigger, better deal) like Mel.

daughter Hannah!

and there is more...

Is this a persono YOU would
like to see dating Mel???

1207 days ago


@FN Not at all! I hear ya.. I would advise him to avoid her like the plague but since I don't talk to him and he probably wouldn't listen anyway even if I got the chance I'm just going to sit back and have fun enjoying the idea of Ox melting down from jealousy. Know what I mean!?

I think the other lady closer to his age that there are rumors about is more serious and it's completely kosher, as it were. I really don't think there is anything to worry about (yet LOL)

1207 days ago

Fidel's niece    

Swedish Tabloids are all reporting the story
about Miss Sweden and Mel from Drais April 27...

of his ex-girlfriend Oksana Grigorieva."

Dani Karlsson:
"I have no comment.
And do not want to talk about it"
When ashed if she can refute it
she replied "Nope"

but she blogged/twitted about it!

Fame whore and a hustler!

1207 days ago


Gotta say, with the new developments here in the last week or 2, I can only imagine just how hard OG is kickin' herself in the ass for tossin' that 15million dollar deal in the trash....I bet she'd give her left lung for that option right now. Had I had a chance to get 15mill, I wudda grabbed that check and ran like hell to the bank!

Sorry to say it OG - looks like you grossly under estimated your "lowers" ability to squeeze MG dry...Tiger Woods money my ass!

1207 days ago


To Fidel's niece;

Read your latest post and I have a question; How do you know all this, and where are your facts? You are alleging that Oksana got the recording equipment ready in December 2009 for a fight that took place in Feb 2010. How do you know for a fact that she planned this? How is that you know her "frame of mind" in Dec 2009? It seems to me that unless you were actually living with this woman, and witnessed all that took place in the first person, then you don't know anything more than what the gossip rags have printed.

1207 days ago


Did you guys know there's a new thread ?

1207 days ago


Are we about to hear "Checkmate"?

1207 days ago


About the same thing.

The problem with a negotiated agreement is that she doesn't tend to adhere to them. Maybe this time...

1207 days ago


@Fidel's Niece OMG they don't want that 2008 date out there. It is GONE. You are one sharp cookie! The ABC article was NOT a typo. It was removed intentionally, I am sure, because giving the 2008 date proves that Ox was going to open a case against Timothy Dalton, 99% chance it was for DV like she has done to Mel!

I think this should be brought out and not forgotten. She's playing with fire once again. Someone needs to warn Dalton she was likely going to do this and appears to be going public with it! ANYTHING to get at Mel and delay this case.

Fidel's niece 10 hours ago
you are MISSING something here!

O$kanky met with Kolodny's partner in 2 0 0 8 ???

Why did she need a family lawyer in 2008?
Lucia was not even conceived until March 2009!

Was she going to sue Dalton for more
child support for their son?

ABC news also reports 2008!

Fidel's niece 9 hours ago
ABC news link I posted earlier
(O$kanky meeting with a family lawyer
in 2008 (2 0 0 8 ? )
has been removed
and rewritten story posted...

with NO YEAR in it.

was the year 2008 a typo?

I repeat: They don't want that 2008 date of her visit to the lawyers out there!!!

1206 days ago


Thank you to Moussemaker for busting Ox and her minion:

Oksana's lawyers are asking a judge to disqualify the actor's attorney on Thursday.

Her lawyers say Gibson's attorney met with Oksana Grigorieva back in 2008 and discussed representing her. (2008 date now missing!)

1206 days ago


@Moussemaker I have a screen shot, neener neener. Fidel's Niece busted the Creeps who are trying to hide the 2008 of Ox's visit to Kolodny's parter to --ahem, p r o b a b l y -- charge Dalton with DV

moussemaker 11 hours ago
Oksana's lawyers are asking a judge to disqualify the actor's attorney on Thursday.

Her lawyers say Gibson's attorney met with Oksana Grigorieva back in 2008 and discussed representing her.

1206 days ago


Of course the "tapes" cannot be used. There are too many pausations, irregular speech speeds, too many volume changes and inconsistent conversations all pointing to edited, altered and tampered evidence as well as potential prosecution for it.
A grifter never changes.

1206 days ago


It's increasingly difficult to locate articles with the 2008 date. They seem to have been pulled.

Even without the year included, this quote "She based the disqualification request on the fact that she had consulted and met with one of Kolodny's partners before the current case was filed." indicates the alleged meeting occurred prior to the current case.

It will be interesting to see if the appellate division even hears this. She has been playing her legal musical chairs for many months. Only now this issue surfaces? It is questionable at best.

As others have mentioned, Judge Gordon does seem to have had about enough of her shenani gans.

1206 days ago

Rebecca his new grfriends blog.

1183 days ago
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