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Will Smith's Megatrailer -- TOWED ... On Tape!

5/12/2011 11:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Will Smith's 1,150 sq. ft. trailer was unceremoniously dragged off a busy NYC street yesterday after complaints from residents -- and you gotta see the footage ... thing's UNREAL.

Smith's double-decker luxury trailer was plonked down in the middle of a tiny street in Soho while the actor shot "Men in Black III" -- but after several residents complained it was blocking traffic, giving off fumes, and screwing up local businesses ... the studio towed it to a nearby parking lot.

And to give you an idea of how absurd this thing is -- the 53-foot trailer also boasts marble floors, a massive 100-inch TV, a bedroom, and several offices.


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Fallopia Lopez    

You: "You'd do the same if you had the money."
Me: No, I actually would not.
You: "I'd do the same if I had the money."
Me: Then you are as big an a-hole as he is. Congrats. No one in the world needs a trailer that size, let alone two. Eesh.

1268 days ago


It shows the arrogance of this guy. His whole family appears to be the same way.

1268 days ago


aldee 30 minutes ago
@ KH and you too Cella since you agree.
It isn't anyone's business. I believe it is. The people whom live in the building and pay rent to live there. It is large and in the way of whatever they might want to look out the window and see. You would be singing a different tune if it was in your front yard.


Jesus, do you really live in the city and believe that renters and owners have a right to have an unobstructed view across property they don't actually own? I mean really!? lol

Your right to an unobstructed view ends at your property line. Period. You do not own the street and you no right to have an unobstructed view of it from your window.

The trailers were only parked there after being approved and permitted by the city. If you've got a problem with it go rip Bloomberg's administration a new a-hole. Will and the production company played by the rules, and when it still became an issue anyway, they moved the trailers to a parking lot to keep the peace. Get over it.

God, what a whiny ass bunch of NY'ers. :rolls eyes:

1268 days ago


Does Will Smith actually own the trailer? As I understand it, most movie productions provide them for their actors. Maybe he requested the big ass trailer, who knows? Other trailers in the area are probably for movie gear.

1268 days ago


No Puckett...YOU are the "winey ass". You obviously work for this production company or whatever it is.

I am glad people stood up to this clown.

Can't wait till this crap movie crahes and burns. I agree with the poster who said he has stopped going to the movies. So have I. If I want to see something, I get it out of the library for free or get a free redbox code. I'm done paying inflated ticket prices to see a shiat movie with an some lame azz, over inflated ego, pompous azz actor "starring" in it.

1268 days ago


@ Pucket
Hey Pucket did you know Jesus and God are not swear word? As for as me getting over it, you are the one who seems to be swearing.
I'm not a NY'er by the way, but I can tell you are a jerk.

1268 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

He & the movie production can get as big a trailer as they want. They don't have the right to even partially block a street the way they did. He'll just have to deal w/ the discomfort of a small trailer, or rent a room. NYC streets are crowded enough with thoughtless taxi, limo, delivery, & personal drivers as it is. They don't need that monstrosity on top of it.

1268 days ago


If it's his trailer and he's footing the bill then it's his business. He has a family and I am sure they join him. I know it's for in between shots and make-up etc... But when it's in a neighborhood that get's in the way of the people living there, I see their point and it should be relocated. They have drivers etc to take them places if they need to be on set.
I know the movie companies kiss the asses of these big stars, so I am not surprised at all with it's size. It's probably in their contract.

1268 days ago


Big Willie has a $25,000 a month apartment 5 blocks away paid by the studio. Those who have walked SoHo knows the area can't handle big rigs, that's why you don't see them. Anyway, how much room do you need to sh*t, shave and shower? Everythings over the top for these STARS. I have no problem with the dough he makes, but when you roll your Bling into town on an 18 wheeler.......give me a break. Try to be a little humble.

1268 days ago


What a class driver, its not an easy thing to do parking one of those things. Just saying

1268 days ago

lexington marlow    

There go the racists again. Lady Gaga wore a dress that could feed half a village in africa, the royals kept a plane in the air at £109,000.00 an hour and all you idiots have to say is racists stuff cos Big Willie parked a trailer ? SMH.

1268 days ago


@ lexington marlow

Not racist. Just stating my opinion, whether it is about Sheen, Lohan or any other actor who thinks because they have money they can live by different rules.

1268 days ago

Frank Wank    

I'm sure he supports all the "green" initiatives that his commiecrat master Obama pushes too. Another POS hypocrite A Hole.

1268 days ago


He doesn't need a trailer that size. a 24 ft. would do. That's about the size of the condos I was raising my 2 daughters in until the oldest was 16 and youngest 14. They had to share a bedroom until the oldest was 16 and that's when we were able to get a 3 bedroom 1465 sq. ft. townhouse.

1268 days ago


TMZ, it's HIS trailer, so how can you question if 'If Will's star treatment excessive'??!! Will's footing the bill not anyone else, therefore, I would say Will's treating himself & kudos to those who can!!!!

1268 days ago
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