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Ashton Kutcher: "I Can't Replace Charlie"

5/13/2011 10:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher paid a little homage to Charlie Sheen in the official, just-released "Two and a Half Men" press release, saying, "I can't replace Charlie Sheen but I'm going to work my ass off to entertain the hell out of people."

Ashton Kutcher

TMZ has now further narrowed the range of Kutcher's salary.  We've learned it's between $800,000 and $900,000 an episode -- less than the $1.25 million base salary Charlie was raking in.

The press release has lots of platitudes from all the honchos.



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Ashton is simply a putz.

1266 days ago


I thought he did a really good job in The Guardian.

1266 days ago


Sorry , I don't find Ashton the least bit funny , look at the guy he wears his hair like he's 15...looks like a fool that needs to wash it and get a decent haircut. Have seen his work stinks! His camera crap is enough to make you barf.. stick to being Demi's toy cuz you aren't a good actor. The show will be a flop.

1266 days ago

real deal    

Wow it that press release a love fest or what?!?

The rubber hits the road for Lorre and his choice of Ashton in the fall. We'll see if he can pull it off. I don't think Ashton will be able to carry the show in a lead role; and the Ashton's target audience is too distracted with watching Teen Mom, AI, and Jersey Shore to care about shuffling a new joker into a worn out deck.

After the novelty wears off after 2-3 episodes, TAHM coasts into the sunset. It should have just been canceled; but looks like WB is being generous with the surviving cast and crew with their savings on Charlie's $100M lawsuit.

1266 days ago


There is nothing remotely appealing, interesting or talented about Ashton Kutcher. Zip. Lorre has to be out of his mind to offer such a zero that much money.

I definitely do not want Charlie back. He was so boring and predictable. But I love the supporting cast, especially Cryer.

Don't know if I will watch. I really can't stand Kutcher on my TV or movie screen but Cryer always made me laugh.

1266 days ago



"..with all the americans out of work, you haggle about gazillions of dollars to keep your money raking sitcom on the air. i won't ask how Lorre and all the rest of the honchos sleep at night, cause i know what the answer will be "JUST FINE THANK YOU" you fuchers should be ashamed of yourself when there are people out of work and starving. tsk tsk."


I'm not a fan of ridiculously huge salaries, but if the networks started charging less money for commercials airing during a popular show's broadcast, and studio chiefs and producers earned less money from these advertising revenues, and lead actors were paid less for their part in drawing large audiences, I don't believe that any of millions from the projected savings would trickle down to the average American household. Manufacturers of high-end automobiles, luxury cruise lines, expensive jewellery and retailers of miscellaneous merchandise wouldn't take advantage of a reduced ad spend to re-direct dollars to their employees' pockets. Whether rightly or wrongly, officers of these corporations would most likely would use the freed-up cash to add to their collections of art, designer clothing, spectacular vacations and various financial investments.

I'm not saying that astronomic salaries seen in the higher strata of the entertainment industry shouldn't be derided. I'm just saying that if this pay inequity were somehow remedied, I don't know that the regular "Joe" or "Jane" would have more money for their weekly expenses. If only it would. (Then again, you'd quickly hear complaints about socialism...which, as a Canadian, I'm not afraid of.)

1266 days ago


Well Ashton will get to know what it's like to make out and hang with some good looking ladies his age that haven't had tons of plastic surgery and loaded with black hair dye. Be a treat for him. Better watch it cradle robber , he might find out what he's got home is a over the hill has been.

1266 days ago


Good now I WILL watch the show!

1266 days ago

Jack DaCarup    

KUDOS to Ashton!!


1266 days ago


It was a crappy show with charlie sheen... it'll be a crappy show with ashton.

1266 days ago


Like I said elsewhere... 2.5 was a good show because sometimes Hollywood gets it right with the actors and the chemistry and flow just works. The 3 had the IT factor going. I liked the show. That is until I actually dated a guy like Charlie's character. But that is another story.

Why didn't they just start a new show. Must be Lorre trying to prove something. Get over yourself. Ashton is too cute and known for being a different kind of character, type casted. The plot MUST change with Ashton. Sooo, why not just create a new show Lorre.

Camp Charlie! Good luck to you Ashton!

1266 days ago


Ashton is great but I wont watch it is Charlies part and Charlie wants to come back, if chuck wasn't so far up himself he would have Charlie back, thats what the fans want and Ashton shouldnt take the job.

1266 days ago


I think they should've given the show a shot with guest spots here & there and perhaps more focus on Cryer's character. I still don't think it would work but it would've been worth a shot. I don't mean to sound as though I don't think the rest of the cast is talented because that goes without saying however this show was all Charlie Sheen. I am not giving him right but even if he does "stay straight" I do believe he has crossed some "medical/mental" threshold and he will never be the same. Something is seriously wrong and it is beyond rehab at this point in time. I think he took a wooden stake and put it through the heart of his own career, it's over. That being said "so is this show". The entire show was about this character Charlie Harper and his lifestyle, how it was affected with the intrusion of his uptight, whiny, cheap brother & his young son. The writing was original and on spot, each actor complimenting the other which made it as funny and as popular as it was, however the entire focus was on the Charlie Harper character and no one could've pulled that off like Charlie Sheen. This character he portrayed so easily was not only due to his brilliant talent but let's face it, Charlie Harper WAS Charlie Sheen. I have watched him do so many things from drama to comedy and each one showed this extraordinary talent that makes what has happened to him even that more painful to watch. This is so sad because you can't help someone that does not want to be helped but as I wrote before, I think it's too late now just the same. Mr. Lorre should know when to take a bow, dim the lights and bring down the curtain. No Sheen, no show. I wish the cast and Ashton all the best but this is just like the old adage "you're beating a dead horse". Say goodnight Chuck.

1266 days ago


I have nothing against Ashton, but just let this show go already!

1266 days ago


OMG, who made that stupid decision...?

1266 days ago
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