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Ashton Kutcher: "I Can't Replace Charlie"

5/13/2011 10:19 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Ashton Kutcher paid a little homage to Charlie Sheen in the official, just-released "Two and a Half Men" press release, saying, "I can't replace Charlie Sheen but I'm going to work my ass off to entertain the hell out of people."

Ashton Kutcher

TMZ has now further narrowed the range of Kutcher's salary.  We've learned it's between $800,000 and $900,000 an episode -- less than the $1.25 million base salary Charlie was raking in.

The press release has lots of platitudes from all the honchos.



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You guys are idiots for saying Lorre ruined the show. Charlie ruined the show. He's an immature idiot and felt even the people higher than him should bow down to him no matter what he says. Someone needs to take a stand at some point and they did it. He LOST, and he ruined it for all of us.

1235 days ago


I won't shoot down 'Webster' Kutchers acting ability. He did a good job with his movies but as I commented already...Webster knows that when you bring in the 'New Guy' into an old show, its ready to go out of production........

1234 days ago


$800,000 to $900,000 per episode????? For Webster Kutcher? You have got to be Kidding?!....For what?! He's ok but not That Good...Not to be getting That kind of Money! Whats wrong with you people behind the scenes?! You think by paying Webster that much money it will help him act better? You think it will help the show? You know as well as I do it won't be long before its out of production, in fact thats the latest water-cooler buzz...What a waste of money!!!!! What a bunch of Bafoons!

1234 days ago


Correction: Buffoons!

1234 days ago

Donny Wadd    

I Really had the idea they would use his brother Emilio . He was on the show as Charlie's good womanizing friend who died . They could have made that into a dream and brought him back as the same kinda car actor as Charlie . And If they ever came to terms Charlie could ease his way back in . And also kept it in the family ..

1233 days ago


I think that Ashton will do great on the show... Charlie was only great on the show because of the lines and such Lorre gave him so obviously Ashton will do great as its the same situation. Sure sheen is funny as all hell but what makes you think Ashton won't be ? He sure made me laugh on that 70's show and there wasn't even a great producer behind the show. I personally think there will be plenty of people to watch and enjoy the show to have AT least another season..
ASHTON won't let the people down I garuntee.

1225 days ago


Well we will see the writers are very very good and will need to be I like Ashton and Charlie is a peace of work have not liked him for ever he did not have to act in this show because the a$$ he was on the show was really him I am sure. I hate to say it but been waiting for the news he is dead from OD or something if not drugs (I am sure it is) it is a mental illness and likely to big of an ego to get help. bottom line I loved the show so I am hoping it will fly without him he does not need the shows flop without him to boost the inflated ego. I will at least give it a chance.

1164 days ago


I like Ashton but the show was written around Charlie and as someone said his character was based on his real life persona. He made the show what it was. I won't be watching.

1159 days ago


wow, I was really hoping the season premiere was going to be fun to watch and i was REALLY disappointed. My sons and I, 24 and 16 y/o, used to laugh our asses off because to us, the show really captured how guys are, just wiseasses with good hearts. Even though Charlie's character could be a total bastard, he always said what we were thinking, AND always came through for his TV family. Last night's new episode left me feeling kinda bummed. The show is done, for me anyway. Ashton is ok, but NOT for this show, if I wanted to watch his airheaded character acting, I would jus*****ch That 70's Show repeats. The show might last a while, but it'll be because of a new crowd of folks that think Ashton is "cute." I knew the show was dead for me the instant Ashton made a "Facebook" reference. Really, Facebook? Who watches the show? 17 year old girls? Oh, wait, yeah, that's who's gonna tune in now. See you around the "stoner table" with the 70's cast. At least back then, Ashton didn't have that disgusting "beard."

1106 days ago


I tried to watch it the first showing, couldn't make it through. I tried watching the youtube copies, couldn't do it. I tried watching the CBS replay, couldn't do it. It was not thought out and it an insult to our intelligence. I have yet to make it to the last ten minutes. Darma and Greg? John Stamos? OMG, flu***** now and save the effort.

1105 days ago

Pat Cal    

Hello--I am 70 years old and long time watcher of 2 1/2 men

If producers are going to base their show on strickly perversion and the acting capabilities of Aston Kutcher, show is moving really fast to disaster

Regarding Aston remark about he not being able to replace Charlie Sheen--Aston is correct--after this second episode, his acting proves he can't replace Charlie

Why does Chuck Lorre just swallow it and get Charlie back before the show falls flat on its face

Pat Cal

1097 days ago


I am not interested in the show any more.
Allan is the real star
however this is a kid playing a grown up
is a sham.
good bye

1079 days ago
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