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Mom Who

Botoxed 8-Year-Old

Under Investigation

5/13/2011 6:05 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who went on "Good Morning America" yesterday and ADMITTED to giving regular Botox injections to her 8-year-old daughter is now being investigated by Child Protective Services.

CPS in San Francisco says their phones rang off the hook yesterday after Kerry Campbell appeared on "GMA" -- and admitted she regularly administered the anti-wrinkle injections ... to give her daughter an edge in the world of child beauty pageants.

A rep for CPS claims, “It’s pretty unusual for a mom to be injecting an 8-year-old with Botox and certainly is grounds for investigation.”

The rep adds, "We need to sit down and talk with the mom, talk with the child, and see what's going on."

Kerry Campbell faces 4.3 billion years in prison ... or at least she should.


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en Todo Momento!!    

i'm sure this mother has a very plausible excuse for her behavior. chances are, she has had botox injects herself, only her doctor administered it too deeply under the skin, and injected botox into her brain. i am sure this is really the case.

1222 days ago

winner, winner, chicken dinner    

Typical ugly fat mother trying to make their children into stars. disgusting.

1222 days ago


Why is she giving her daughter Botox injection. She should be teaching her kid how to eat in moderations. You can tell how the kid is going to turn out by how fat the mother is.

1222 days ago


Polo6918: you are correct, it is perfectly fine for an adult to make that decision for him or is NOT ok for an adult to give a child botox injections.

I'm sure your mother is proud she raised such a perceptive and intelligent individual.

1222 days ago


Lock her up! That's vile! God knows what it does to a growing little girl's skin, face, and overall health to be injected with that garbage. 50 year olds can do anything they want to themselves but you do not do it to another person who has no real ability to decide. Disgusting!

1222 days ago


Pointless considering EIGHT YEAR OLDS DON'T GET WRINKLES!!!

1222 days ago


This Mother and her child are SO misguided. They both need therapy as soon as possible.

1222 days ago


next stop...munchausen's by proxy. get the child out of there now!

1222 days ago


Wow this mom has issues!!! She gives herself and her child botox injections and it's okay because her daughter and her discussed it before doing so?!? Wow this lady does need psychological help and quick! The women on that Toddlers and Tiara Show are all pretty much nut bags too... It's sad to watch them parade their children around on stage... It goes with out saying Pedigree dog shows show more respect for the contestant than these beauty pageants. Sick.

1222 days ago


This woman openly admitted it, No need to talk, get your rear ends in there and take that child away! My cat would be a better mother than this woman. Our tax dollars are wasted even trying to form a defense on this woman's behalf. Protect this child now before it's too late and she ends up dead or needs years and years of therapy.

1222 days ago


I'm glad so many were disgusted with this and called CPS. An investigation is DEFINITELY in order here.

1222 days ago


I admit I did pagents with my daughter from 2 years until just 3. After only a little over a year I got the hell out. It was bizzare. Local level like a dress up party with a tierra girls run around its fun. One step beyond that and it insane. I was not going to have every inch of my kids photos photoshoped so that she was unrecognizable and look like a 22 year old girl going clubbing. I was not going to put eyelashes on her or worse extensions. Yes 3 year olds had extension lashes at nationals. Nor was I going to spray tan her, nor was I going to this was the worse for me Put HUMAN child hair extensions on her. The thought of some child having to cut her her off to sell just makes me sick. And if for some reason it was donated out of love by that child I am sure it was intended to go to make a wig for an ill child not a pageant girl. Mostly, I was not about to send a message to my daughter hey you are only pretty with fake tan, lashes, hair, and teeth (they use flippers if you are missng teeth) oh and the only way you are pretty is if we alter your photo your nose your ears your lips your chin.

Regardless whether pageant or not, who thinks gettin a girl started on Botox is a plus in the beauty world. My daughter is a teenager now. I love that she throws her long hair in a ponytail, throws on mascara and lip gloss and is out the door for school. Her facebook and phone is full of photos of her and her freinds. No photoshopping. Once a year for formal she transforms into this glamour girl for winter formal. She is about to quit school because they require a booster shot for next year. Ha ha seriously giving her botox right now is crazy.

1222 days ago


hahaha, gotta love america.

1222 days ago


Where did she get the botox and syringes? What doctor in his right mind, if he knew what it was to be used for gave her the Rx? You need to find the doctor in this mix.

1222 days ago


This "mom" is so wrong on so many levels to think that her 8 year needed botox. WHOEVER injected hed her should be under investagation as well. This child need SOMEONE to protect her!

1222 days ago
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