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Hollywood Club Attack Suspect -- ARRESTED

5/13/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man suspected of brutally coldcocking a Hollywood clubgoer Wednesday morning has been arrested ... TMZ has learned.


According to law enforcement sources, the unidentified suspect -- said to be in his 30s -- was arrested this morning in his L.A. home on suspicion of felony assault ... and is currently being held on $500,000 bail.

Shocker ... law enforcement tells us, alcohol played a key role in the incident outside the Roxbury nightclub -- when the attacker delivered a devastating punch to the head of a man who had just walked out of the club.051111_knocked_out_v2_still

As for the victim -- we're told he suffered a fractured skull, but is expected to make a full recovery.


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you have no argument, ellayallday. stfu.

1260 days ago

Terra Firma    

Somewhat non news, but glad to see the tool got arrested for the sucker punch. Figured the guy had some sort of head injury.

1260 days ago


Amazing. For all those saying the mouthy guy deserved it most likely are bullies too.

I have 6 brothers whom all would beat the hell out of eachother but never once laid a hand on another man. I was in situations where I was waiting for a punch to be thrown and they just kept their stance (and chest puffed out) and the verbal attacker always walked away - even the ones who would physically push my brothers - they would just keep saying; "I'm not going to fight you."

So for this jackass to allow words to get the best of him, just shows that if he did this in public....what happens behind closed doors.

This is someones son, brother, husband, boyfriend or father.....I am pretty sure all of you "sucker punch" supporters would feel very different if you were getting the call that this was your relative.

I am glad that he will be okay and the other one will do jail probably just saved someone else from another beating...say maybe his girlfriend or child?

1260 days ago


ELLAYALLDAY- You seem like a very caring person. Do you give your boyfriend reach arounds when you are making love. Come to think of it i bet your the catcher, or do you just like the balls slapping your chin. Either or you seem quite lovely.

1260 days ago


Ok...I watched this over and over. Who hit the guy? Wasn't one of the body guards...sooooo...what was going on between the two parties before we saw the punch? And btw...that was no sucker punch! Mr. Tough guy was wasted and taunting everyone and it's really no surprise someone hauled off and hit him.

But the same time, you can't be hitting someone just because they're taunting you. It's still against the law

1260 days ago


I too watched it over and over and that guy came in between the others and sucker punched him! NO DOUBT!

1260 days ago

44 Magnum    

This guy is screwed. Not only will he go to prison for a few years...he'll also get sued. It's going to cost him hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years to come. His life is basically ruined.

1260 days ago


He got what he deserved, I've been on both sides of this situation, I've been punched for talking **** and have punched people who were talking ****. So what, don't talk **** if you cant take a hit

1260 days ago


run your mouth expect the it.

1260 days ago

real deal    

TMZ did LA a public service by helping to get this jagoff caught.

He did sucker punch him and then some. That guy came at him like a bull. Actually, he's damn lucky he didn't kill him. He could be sitting in LA County for a homicide the way that boy's head hit the ground. He might have a nice case against the club for overserving him, if he was trashed. He must have been if he didn't see that coming. He didn't even try to move.

And I don't care what anybody says. That big dude was totally out of order. Who cares what the guy was saying. He's not going to talk anybody to death.

That's the problem with the mentality that populates these clubs. Everybody wants to be a gangster and live by some code they've concocted by watching music videos, movies and tv shows. In the meantime, they act more like Snooki.

1260 days ago


First off, the guy that got his ass handed to him deserved less, but not much. Ive seen to many of these beer balled idiots run there mouth because they watch way too much MMA, put on their TAPOUT clothing, and get there ass handed to them in a much similar fashion. The attacker deserves an award, then promptly bent over and forcefully inserted said reward into anus, and repeat. They call it a sucker punch for a reason.

1260 days ago


They're both losers.

1259 days ago


It sucks for this guy eddie because usually when u punch some one in the face once you usually dont fracture their skull the most you do is break the guys nose or jaw or something like that but He must hit hard as **** but I bet this dudes skull got fractured when he hit the ground idk for sure though. It sucks for this guy because he's going to go to jail and be sued but the guy who got punched is never gonna live this down and that guy is a punk I hope he knows to not run his mouth when hes drunk and around other drunk people because thats what happens. Eddie wont get attempted murder charges on him idk what people are talking about he just punched him once.

1259 days ago


How/why is that a sucker punch? The guy outside was talking trash, and buddy finally came out and KOd him. Play stupid games, win stupid prizes. Well done Sir.

1259 days ago

Throwback kid    

I agree 100% with Robzilla! If you look for trouble, trouble will find you. This guy did the same thing Maverick did in TOP GUN, he wrote a check his body can't cash. Only this fool didn't have Goose to back him up, that's why he got dropped like a sack of potato's

1259 days ago
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