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Hollywood Club Attack Suspect -- ARRESTED

5/13/2011 2:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The man suspected of brutally coldcocking a Hollywood clubgoer Wednesday morning has been arrested ... TMZ has learned.


According to law enforcement sources, the unidentified suspect -- said to be in his 30s -- was arrested this morning in his L.A. home on suspicion of felony assault ... and is currently being held on $500,000 bail.

Shocker ... law enforcement tells us, alcohol played a key role in the incident outside the Roxbury nightclub -- when the attacker delivered a devastating punch to the head of a man who had just walked out of the club.051111_knocked_out_v2_still

As for the victim -- we're told he suffered a fractured skull, but is expected to make a full recovery.


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What i'm hearing every time ELLAYALLDAY runs his punk ass mouth is....

By his own admission he was there that night. Not only was he there but Mr Ass Grabber got his hands all over his woman and despite every fiber of his being telling him a REAL MAN would knock that dude the FUGG OUT on the spot... in the moment he didn't have the balls to lay a hand on the dude or his girl held him back and it's eating him up.

Hence the super huge man crush he now has for Eddie, because he stepped up and did what ELLAYALLDAY didn't have the steel balls to do, knock that ass grabbing punk out cold.

Whatevs ELLAYALLDAY, check your humiliation and THANK your woman for keeping you in check. She just saved you a trip to prison even if it came at the expense of you fragile ego. get over it.

To bad Eddie's girl didn't do the same for him beforehand instead of blurting his name out after the crime like an airhead. lol

1256 days ago


Why would he get jail time...........that guy's a douche sounds like he'll get a nice pay-off though.

1256 days ago


Since when is it o.k. to beat somebody's ass just because you don't like something they said? Reading some of the comments left here, I have to wonder if some of you people have been raised in a jungle. Society is headed for the gutter.

1256 days ago


One wonders why this hasn't happened to Andy **** yet...

He's always drunk, grabbing random strangers in places he has no business touching, and spouting all kinds of trash talking sh*t.

Not condoning violence but if anyone deserves to be knocked the fugg out it's Andy ****.

1255 days ago


lol, that would be Andy D I C K i'm talking about.

1255 days ago


A warning to guys that may have had one too many, then argue: If someone attacks you suddenly, because of the alcohol your reflexes just might not be there. It's the same reason you see drunk drivers weaving, there's a delay in the reflexes. That's why guy just stands there frozen.

A warning to guys that may have had one too many, then argue#2: If you let your emotions explode while slightly intoxicated, you could seriously injure, or even kill someone. It's not worth going to jail for yrs, or maybe the rest of your life. Only use self defense as a last resort, if you're in danger, not just because someone called you a clown. Jails are full of clowns that go to jail over something stupid..

1255 days ago


No matter what side of the "sucker punch" argument you are on, throwing the first punch when you are not on danger is assault, and possibly attempted murder. Especially if this attacker has ever trained in MMA, (that will come out in trial). Do I like the way the "victim" was handling himself? No he was acting the clown. But you have to let the clown be the clown and not throw that punch. For one fleeting moment the attacker thought he was a super cool, now he's wondering who will pay his rent while he is on jail.

And to say this guy deserved it, well in a Lord of the Flys environment yes, but we live in a society that has laws against this type of behavior. When you break those laws, we will put you in jail for it.

1254 days ago


yeah,maybe the guy shouldnt have punched him in the jaw,but the other guy is partly to blame for running his mouth all night. I think he got what was commin to him. 500k bond. wow! he's gonna wish he just walked away. guy shoulda just robbed a jewelry store. ankle bracelet and 120 days at home

1254 days ago


yea BBROWN....

your comments are so shallow and stupid- I hope you get your dumba$$ sucker punched and beaten by a bunch of transvestites while you are leaving your gay club this weekend. Stupid fool, I bet you look as stupid as you sound.

1254 days ago



DOn't go making up stories and posting them on this blog- cause you know that the guy wasn't trying to hit on fat Eddie's ugly a$$ chick. it wasn't even about Eddie in the 1st place- this whole thing had nothing to do with Eddie, or his fat A$$ ghetto girlfriend. It had to do with the bouncers and the dude. By the way, the guy never got kicked out of the club either- it's funny how people go assuming **** to be true.

Eddie is the retard that "thought" the comment was directed at him and decided to empty his aggression- looked like he was just jonesin' to let loose on someone- typical of ghetto felons who belong in jail in the first place- its those idiots that look for trouble and an opportunity to "think" someone is violating them, when in fact they are trippin.

$500k bail! sounds like Eddie had a long prior record and was probably on probation! haha. now Eddie's the FOOL who's getting what he deserves.

Maybe Eddie can get his head knocked around a couple times in jail while he's getting his fudge packed- get his mind right!

1254 days ago


It's funny to me reading the comments of people who say the guy shouldn't hit him. I notice quite a bit of them wish bad things on anyone who disagrees with them. I also read a few were they wished violence on someone they disagreed with. What hypocrites, it's ok to wish for someone to go to jail and get azz raped, but not for a completely disrespectful drunk jerk to get his azz kicked? What a joke. I'll bet half the people who think this guy shouldn't have been hit are scared of confrontation and only run their mouth on the internet. You're also the same people who cheered when Bin Laden was killed, but of course that was for a cause you believe in so the violence was ok. Violence is a part of life and some people need to catch a mouth shot every now and then to keep them in line. Whether you like it or not.

1254 days ago


dude was shooting his mouth off "why don't you f$#%ing clowns go back to work" plus who knows what kind of smack he was talking or what did to get under this guy's skin before this clip starts.

I wish this would be a lesson to people who think they can talk **** to other people with immunity, but it won't be. If you talk **** to me, I consider it an invitation to punch you in your face.

1253 days ago

Jean Deaux    

Just walk away. Keep talking ****e an you might...just might, get knocked the fock out. Dude bought that punch with his mouth.

1253 days ago


shut your hole CHITOWN and bendover.....time to play catch douchebag!

1253 days ago


@Jane- I think I'll keep saying what I want to whether you like it or not. Your nothing but a scared internet talker who would never tell me to shut my hole in the real world. So I'll talk there and here. If you don't like it too bad!

1253 days ago
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