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Charlie vs. Ashton

Who'd You Rather?

5/13/2011 6:15 AM PDT BY Johnny Lopez

Here's fired "Two and a Half Men" star Charlie Sheen and newly hired "Two and a Half Men" star Ashton Kutcher.


Question is ...


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Hamburger Bill    

Neither ! I'm thinkin'... after last night, Charlie runs off to (whereever) with Mia, and Alan's cousin, "Stash" (played by James Durbin) moves in with Alan and Jake. "Stash" is part ofas an up-and-coming "metal-rocker group"(aptly named "Idol Americans" !), and they could have Steven Tyler drop by every once-in-a while.... Heck, Jake can even be a "part-time roadie" for the group....

1208 days ago


Dissapointed! Why not Hugh Grant or John Stamos. Ashton Kutcher is just not right for this role. He's too young for the part and he doesn't have edge the way that Grant or Stamos could portray. Bummed!

1208 days ago


Now I will actually watch this show.

1208 days ago

Abraham Lincoln    

I can't believe anyone would choose Charlie. Granted, they're both douches. But at least Ashton is a good looking douche. Charlie is just disgusting. He's like a walking disease.

1208 days ago

Tony from norway    

Sheen is charlie. nobody can raplace him....
i dont gonna watch 2.5 men if they replace sheen.
that would just be to weird after 8 seasons with the KING sheen..
ashton is a great actor but not for this part..

and we are many more from norway who feel the same...

1208 days ago


Who is that wrinkled, nasty, tired, snaggledtoothed, ugly old geezer in the "Winning" hat? He must be 70 years old! OMG, that is the former actor named Charlie Sheen, who used to be somewhat funny? What a surprise, he is a used up old crackhead drunk, probably diseased and certainly with black lungs and leather skin from chainsmoking, how attractive is that!

1208 days ago

Ryan Wilkie    

SCREW THAT!!!.....There is NO way they will be able to "fix" the show without Sheen!!!! just dump the show, or get Sheen back...Ashan is good actor and all, but in a reality type show, you can NOT replace the boby of one for another!!!>...There just morons IMO!!!!!

1208 days ago


I have never watched an entire show, just caught it for a few minutes once in a while, surfing for something to watch. I always thought Sheen looked old, wrinkled and tired in those awful shirts, a bit long in the tooth to be chasing skirt constantly. I think the kid is way too fat, they should put him on a diet. I will watch the show now to see how Ashton does, I think their ratings will improve now. The format was old and tired, like Charlie, this will bring some new life and blood into it.

1208 days ago


They should just let the show end. I'm not saying Ashton is a bad actor or that he couldn't do the role, it's just my feeling that the show and network would be better served by letting the show end. The fans would understand and I think they would be far happier if the network did so. You can't duplicate what has already been and if you try to do so, it will be nothing like what the show started out with.

Move on and do something else.

1208 days ago


"I wouldn't sleep with Charlie Sheen unless he gave me the $20 million up front."

Really? You're that good? Any woman that would sleep with a man for money aren't worth more than $20...let alone 20 million.

By the much for a blow job?

1208 days ago



1208 days ago




1208 days ago


Ummm, gee, slight difference in eye candy for one. I could stare at Ashton forevah!

1208 days ago


Charlie looks like he's at least 55+ in this photo. This is a poster child of what drugs, hard living and alcohol will do to you. Charlie is 45 yrs old, and aren't men suppose to age better then women? I am 8 years older than Charlie and I must have good genes, cause everyone believes me to be late 30's to early 40's. No one believes I have children who are in their 30's. Maybe it is all in the genes, but in Charlies case, I think this is drugs, booze and hard partying.

1208 days ago


For those of you who think Ashton is going to replace the Charlie Parker character are wrong. I don't know how they are going to explain away the Charlie role in 2.5, but Ashton isn't replacing Charlies' character. His role will be a whole new character. And he only signed up for one season, so we just have to wait and see. I personally think it's going to be great with Jon, Angus and Ashton. They all have great comedic timing.

1208 days ago
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