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Von Ahole SLASHES PRICE On Bev Hills Mansion

5/13/2011 2:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Zsa Zsa Gabor's Beverly Hills mansion is not selling the way Prince von Ahole expected -- so he's chopping the price by a whopping 12 MILLION BUCKS in the hopes of closing a deal ASAP.


TMZ spoke with Prince who tells us he met with his real estate agent yesterday -- and they decided the best way to move the property quickly is by reducing the asking price from $28 mil to $16 mil.
Prince tells us, "I vant to sell it faster so Zsa Zsa can be in a newer, safer place once she gets out of zee hospital."

As we previously reported, the couple put the house on the market earlier this year -- because they feel the house is too big and want to move to a smaller place.

Prince says the fact Elvis once lived in the home AND it was built by Howard Hughes in the 50's should boost interest in the place ... but he's keeping his fingers crossed.



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I'll give him tree fitty for it.

1258 days ago


Who is he kidding??? He wants a quick sale before Zsa Zsa dies. The recent news/hype about him wanting a baby and blah ,blah, blah. He is in it for the money...poor ZsaZsa. He is a money termite of epic porportion...a con/user/liar /wannabe.

1258 days ago


Now would not seem to be the time to be downsizing when you are planning on expanding the family, Prince & Zha. You would need a room for a nanny as well as the child and all the stuff that kids need. Unless you are planning on not having any help for the kids.

1258 days ago

Jim in Cali    

this is so embarrassing. He's doing all this crap for money. He's a leach just like Osama Lufti was to Britney.

1258 days ago


He should slash off one of Zsa Zsa's arms.

Then at least she would be symetrical.

1258 days ago


Frankly he wants to sell while she is alive to skim some of the money. Pretty sure the house goes to her only child Francesca Hilton. Just my honest opinion.

1258 days ago


Who designed the roof, Arby's or Burger King?

1258 days ago

LA Native    

Hahaha...I agree, I was going to say it looked like an old KFC.

1258 days ago


he wants the cash so he can hide it in some off shore bank where Zsa Zsa's daughter can't get at it. Why does TMZ call this douche bag a prince. He was adopted at age 37 so he could be called prince (how much money exchanged hands??) ass wipe. This is the guy that had his hands handcuffed to his steering wheel naked a couple years back and said he was robbed

1258 days ago

get real    

Can We sat Leach!!! Termite... A Little Bug? The house is old, looks like it has not been Updated for Many Many years. The Only Photos were Von A Hole at the end of a dining table. In a Bedroom which showed a Cheap OLD comforter. The house is a mess
They will be Lucky to get 4 million. It is in BH. Zsa Zsa is in a hospital bed, not a regular bed. No Pun, but the poor thing is on her Last leg.

1258 days ago


I have read various reports over the months on Zsa Zsa's health and I don't think she is able to make any decision's. This fella she's married to is running a muck, having photos of her on her birthday, w/ a cake, she would never want the public to see her looking that way. The home for sale, the baby idea using one of Zsa Zsa eggs, if it's viable. I hope she has an iron clad will and the "prince" doesn't get "power of attorney" over her assets, which exactly is what happened to my dad and his 2nd wife, cleaned out all his bank accounts while he was still alive. I like that, Von Ahole, appropriate!

1258 days ago


I really like the guy.
However the home needs a ton of remodeling.

1258 days ago


The house will have to be raised with all the old people stink and such.

1258 days ago

northern gypsy    

when Z.Z. health first started to deteriorate...
i gave this fellow the benefit of doubt...i mean his background was impeckable...why else would Z.Z. have married him???
all this scrambling for $$$ make me thing Z.Z. has a iron clad will !!!

1258 days ago

CA Girl    

Zsa Zsa wanted to marry a man with a TITLE, so she married von Anhalt. That's a fact. She wanted her man to have a Title.

If this is the same house that I have seen on t.v. (w/the interiors) it's HUGE (26 rooms) and overdone. You need a golf cart to go from room to room. No wonder he wants to move out quickly (what a steal it is as $12 MILLION!), but I think it has more to do with the decreasing value of the property than with keeping Zsa Zsa "comfortable." Furthermore, two people living inside a 26-room "house"? Are you kidding me? How many of you really NEED 26 rooms to live in every day? I don't need that, that's for darn sure. What an albatross! (10 rooms would do me just fine...)

Incidently, according to Zsa Zsa's daughter, Francesca, her stepfather doesn't have the right to sell the property, as a pre-nuptial agreement was definitely signed prior to the marriage. He's moving fast now and knows Zsa Zsa's health is deteriorating fast, so he wants to cash in while he can. But if he gets it sold BEFORE she dies.......

SEND THE MARINES - er, I mean the LAWYERS!!!

1258 days ago
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