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'Idol' Finalist Gets $61,000 Homecoming Bash

5/14/2011 2:30 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

"American Idol" top three finalist Scotty McCreery is so beloved in his small hometown of Garner, NC -- the locals have dropped more than $61 THOUSAND to throw him a homecoming bash today!!!


We're told the town has already raised $45 thousand in CASH for the event ... and local companies have donated roughly 8 grand in services.

The event will include a traditional pork barbeque, local entertainment, crafts, a parade and a concert by the country crooner himself!

As a thank you for all the local love, Scotty is expected to take his acoustic guitar and sing a whopping SIX songs -- compared to the usual two or three he belts out on Idol.

Fun Fact: Census records show the total population of Garner is less than 30 thousand people -- and we're guessing every last one will be at the big party to support their hometown superstar.


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OMG. Bloggers are OUTRAGED at the Judges. This one lays into J LO. A bit too harsh if you ask me.

1221 days ago


The American Idol producers should be ashamed for letting the judges pick a nasty song for Haley to sing at the end knowing that the 2 other bible thumpers were who they wanted in the final 2. We watched this year because Tyler was on it and made it fun but your so worried about ratings and your image that you steered it in this direction. Get the double meaning !!!! Were not going to watch or through the party we were planning. I don't believe that country folk can even text 90 millon times! Thank you Simon Full of ****!

1221 days ago

Chico Brisbane    

You're right TRACKER, Scotty's winning this season.

1221 days ago


Every rock and roller out there shut off American Idol and don't watch the finale. I know I won't. Last week James Durbin who was NEVER in the bottom three and as J Lo said "could sing anything", and now Haley who cannot sing everything and has proven it over and over. Pia and James should be on that stage instaed of Haley. This shows how this is all about popularity contest istaed of a TALENT contest. Watch real talent on the VOICE, new show real raw talent and its not fixed, my new idol show!!!

1221 days ago


This whole season in general was a huge disappointment. No one that exciting made it into the top, save for Pia. Now we have a one trick, hillbilly nobody and a girl with a mediocre at best voice, and generic sound.

The reason these people are the top two? Because J-Lo and Steven are too scared to criticize. They want to please all of the contestants, so we're left with the two worst, all because they didn't want to say no, and disappoint anybody.

1221 days ago


McScotty is a JOKE! This is a sign that AI is on a DOWNHILL. I have been watching The Voice ever since it aired!

1221 days ago



1221 days ago


Scotty is a total package of what American IDOL IS.He has d looks,voice so natural need not force or scream 2 appreciate where his tone shld b...humble,not arrogant....go SCOTTY!WE luv u....

1221 days ago


Scotty's community PAID $61,000 for his homecoming bash......James Durbin's community MADE over one million from James's homecoming bash. Hmmmmm.

1220 days ago


The judges were great this year. Guess Randy was suppose to be the new Simon-but he is too nice a guy to be nasty. Hope the 3 come back nextyear. Steve and Jennifer being singers added to the more fair judging.

1219 days ago

Donna G    

In reference to all the mean spirited people who left nasty messages on this subject, "shame on you!". Scotty just so happens to deserve the position that he is currently in, as does Lauren. I have never seen two more humble young adults as they are. They both have improved greatly. Perhaps it may be because they both can take constructive critique suggestions unlike Ms. Hailey ( who may have been eliminated simply because of her demeaner).In addition, at thier homecoming, I have never seen two people so affected by the love and gratitude from thier home staes. Scotty with his tears of gratefulness and love for his hometown. Also the thanks for the oppertunity to fulfill his dreams. Then there is Lauren for her genuine compassion of the devastation to her hometowm endured while she was away fulfilling her dream was extroidinary.So I say to all of you meanies, "Scotty can sing, is not full of himself and is not a one trick pony".( A phrase that probably most of you youngins learned on Idol!) Go Scotty!!! Go Lauren!!!

1218 days ago


Hes ok but you can find singers like him for a dime a dozen everyday,nothing special.

1216 days ago


the voice my favourites fine very fine

1086 days ago
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