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Nick & Mariah -- CPS Called Over Drinking Allegations

5/14/2011 3:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Nick Cannon revealed that Child Protective Services was called to the hospital where Mariah Carey is still laid up after giving birth to twins ... because of allegations of drinking and drug use.

Cannon spoke with Piers Morgan about the incident, saying CPS came to the hospital after receiving calls claiming "there was some drinking and drugs and all that going on while in the hospital." Nick says he spoke with CPS and told them the whole thing "is ridiculous."

Cannon went on to say he thinks it all started when a nurse suggested to Mariah she drink Guinness beer, saying the yeast improves breast-feeding. Nick said he felt someone overheard that and tried to set up Nick and Mariah with the bogus claim.


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If she had already given birth, who cares?

1237 days ago

Mary Ann    

Dum Dum, if she is going to nurse the babies, it makes a BIG difference if the milk has alcohol in it!!!

1237 days ago


I think CPS must make public, or at least tell Nick and Mariah, who made these false allegations about the couple. It's so sick and so very wrong to falsely accuse people! The identity of the person who called CPS should not be kept silent. It's, as far as im concerned, way too easy to make such big accusations anonymously. It's sick that this bothers the newbee parents so much and at the same time it has no consequences for the perpetrator.

1237 days ago


Who cares anymore? Bottom line is Mariah used to be hot and now she's not. Let's move on to a younger and better looking topic.

1237 days ago


On an episode of the reality show "Bethany Ever After", Bethany's private nurse encouraged her to drink a little Guinness Beer before breastfeeding her baby too. I thought it was strange. Can this be a common practice?

1236 days ago


I don't know why these nurses (some, not all) are insisting these breast feeding moms drink beer to "produce more milk"! Being a mom is a helluva job! The drinking may get too good to you after a long day with the baby. Before you know it you and the kid are sauced. Any nurse who has the audacity to give this advice should lose their license. And any mom who takes it should have CPA called on them. Not everyone's able to breastfeed and nothing's wrong with that. That's why GOD created formula.

1236 days ago


Nick is a liar. There is no yeast in Guiness.

1236 days ago


There must be more to this. We had a champagne toast in my hospital room after the birth of our kids, and I don't think it's an odd occurrance...

1236 days ago


31 minutes ago
On an episode of the reality show "Bethany Ever After", Bethany's private nurse encouraged her to drink a little Guinness Beer before breastfeeding her baby too. I thought it was strange. Can this be a common practice?
It's a very common practice. They're not supposed to drink more than one a day and not right before they feed!

It's true that a polysaccharide in the barley used to make beer seems to stimulate prolactin, which helps moms make more milk.

(The good news, if you like the taste of beer, is that nonalcoholic beer has the same stimulating effect.)

Alcohol, on the other hand, can inhibit milk production. This may explain why babies have been found to drink significantly less milk in the four hours after their mom drinks a beer, which can also contain alcohol up to 90 minutes after consuming!

1236 days ago


This seems like a completely ridiculous claim/investigation to me. Like they would really be engaging in drug and alcohol use while still at the hospital. Really?

CPS doesn't look into every claim. If CPS determines there is no merit to the claim, they don't investigate. Sounds like some CPS workers wanted to meet some celebrities.

1236 days ago


Enough with these ads for knock off's that offer free shipping then slide inexorbitant insurance fees.

1236 days ago


Folks are crazy. Lactation nurses ALWAYS tell you that after giving birth, when you're just learning to breastfeed.


1236 days ago

two cents    

Am I the only poster that knows how to google? Seek and you shall find.

I'm no fan of Mariah (or whatshisname) but on this, I think they're being set up by some attention seeking hospital worker. Tsk Tsk.

1236 days ago


I have to agree that the claims are completely bogus. The person who made the call to CPS seems to have too much time on their hands. I hope that Mariah and Nick will be able to move on from this and enjoy their new babies.

1236 days ago


I dont doubt one second that there were drugs around them. Most of these celebs are druggies or just flat out mental, including ones you would never believe, with a squeaky clean image. My friends worked in a prestigious rehab center in malibu and she would have access to information about these celeb addictions. She told me Mariah was a major meth addict who would relapse constantly and be in and out around the time she had a meltdown on MTV

1236 days ago
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