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Lindsay Lohan -- I'm Staying Clean ... FOR LIFE

5/15/2011 6:00 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan plans to stay on the straight and narrow for the REST OF HER LIFE -- telling friends, she's serious this time ...  no drugs, no booze, no breaking the law ... ever again ... PERIOD.

Sources close to Lindsay tell TMZ, the actress had an epiphany after her sentencing -- and is completely at peace with the judge's decision ... community service, fines, counseling, shoplifters alternative class ... the whole package.

Technically, Lindsay is REQUIRED to stay sober during her formal probation -- which ends after she completes her 480 hours of community service -- but we're told, it doesn't matter ... Lindsay's committed to sobriety for the long haul.

One thing ... Lindsay does take issue with the three-year probation itself -- telling friends she doesn't think she deserves it -- but que sera sera ... she has learned to accept her fate.

Bottom line -- her friends are adamant ... Lindsay has learned her lesson once and for all.


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1227 days ago


Tmz posts are always full of contradictions.

Lindsay saying that she doesn't "deserve" a 3 year probation = she's not really serious about getting better.

1227 days ago


Hmm, we'll see about that...won't we.

1227 days ago


What kinds of odds are they giving her in Vegas?

I wouldn't bet on it.

1227 days ago


LOL <--- yeah right

i give it 3 months tops...

1227 days ago


Good for you L.L. I hope you can do it. People are so negative.. I don't understand how anyone can sit and root for the demise of others whether they're ignorant, selfish or just plain bad people it's really not right to gain satisfaction from their pain.

1227 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

"Doesn't deserve it"? Lindsay, compared to the punishment in most states and how bad it COULD have been for you, you're getting off easy...much easier than you really deserve. However, if you can keep your word and stay out of trouble, probation shouldn't be that hard for you. In fact, if you're serious, you should knock out as much of your community service each week as they'll allow you and get off formal probation ASAP.

I really don't think you've got it in you though and time and again you've proven your detractors correct. Go ahead and prove us wrong just this once and maybe...just crawl your way back into everyone's good graces. Don't kid yourself into thinking it'll be easy though. Nothing worth achieving ever is.

1227 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

It's called "justice", CoolKid. People take satisfaction from the pain of others when they feel that it's justified because of the cir***stances. There's absolutely nothing wrong with that. Every time you help prosecute someone who wronged you you are taking satisfaction in someone else's pain. Why? Because they deserved it. They made their own choices and no one else is responsible for them. You're not causing their pain. They are.

I think, perhaps, what you meant to say was that it's really not right to gain PLEASURE from someone else's pain. Satisfaction OTOH? Absolutely under the right set of cir***stances.

1227 days ago


Linz, I hope u read this. Your words may be sincere but anyone who has dealt with addiction knows this is absolutely the worst statement an addict can make IMHO. (Well other than, I blinked and cured myself in a Nano You have not even begun to learn your lesson. Take a hard look when you visit the morgue girl, the grimm reaper cares not how special one is or how much money they have. Dead is Dead. You have cried wolf to the point that most of us simply shrug and mumble WHatEver~! Trust takes years to earn but only minutes to lose. Good luck staying sober TODAY. THats all we really have.

CU sonic

1227 days ago


When did she last tell TMZ she was staying clean? Wasn't that in january? Then she tested positive for booze in february. ... I'll believe it when i see it..

1227 days ago


This isn't the first time she's said this. If I recall, she said this about a week before she stole that necklace. lol.

1227 days ago


first off that was i lie. she has no friends.and if she did it was probably Andrew. or tyler. and she was in a mens bathroom at a bar when she said that statement. the words came out mumbled like. "no law sooze breaking seriously law. I mean it i love you". as she searched for residue on the sink. and drank her pampered with red bull. she still stoped doing CS on the 11th for some reason. she has clocked in 10 hours in over three, weeks.

1227 days ago

sick of it    

Bull S...

1227 days ago

Justsay Nohan    

Welcome back, Andy!

1227 days ago


thought long and hard and will not comment to any other poster. and will not post anything except about story at hand.

1227 days ago
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