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Botox Mom

Loses Custody of Daughter

5/16/2011 11:53 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

The woman who admitted on national television that she injected Botox into her 8-year-old daughter ... has now lost custody of the girl. 

Child Protective Services in San Francisco launched an investigation last week after Kerry Campbell went on "Good Morning America" and told the world she gave her daughter Britney the anti-wrinkle injections herself ... to help her compete in beauty pageants. 

According to ABC News, Britney has been removed from the home by CPS and taken into their custody while an investigation is conducted.

Britney is reportedly "doing well."


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Very Happy to hear this!!! Good Luck to Britney, I hope she doesn't get traumatized by being removed from her moms custody, that would be a sad thing, but she'll be better off till mom gets help.

1258 days ago


@Lander, are you out of your mind? It is people like you who are sexualizing and parading our youth. I believe these pageants are just one step shy of pandering to pedophiles. All of you pageant moms and dads should be arrested for peddling children to the undercurrent of society.

1258 days ago


Jeez. I don't want to stick a tampon in my daughter, let alone a needle. And I have a few years before I have to get those! What a crazy bitch. Seriously. Maybe she should fix her own janky teeth, then she wouldn't feel like she has to mutilate an 8 year old to make herself feel better.

1258 days ago

liberals are ruining USA    

i saw the original new story and as shocked that a woman thought this was acceptable.... plus the kid was gonna need a face transplant to win.... sorry but not a ll babies are cute and that means not all people are good looking... this kid should of been spending time doing something more creative like piano or schooling, heck anything.... mom is another whack job from SF... used to live there and it is crazytown.....

1258 days ago

If sense were common everyone would have it.    

As well she should have. Though I'm not in favor of a permanent separation of her & her child, she needs to answer for what she's doing to her daughter, & it's not just the physical consequences. It's the lasting psychological damages that will turn the girl into another Jon Benet Ramsey. Even if she were not to meet such an unlucky fate, by the time she's in her 20s, she will probably have the been there/done that used-up attitude of someone in her 40s. Not to mention the loathing and hatred toward her mother.

1258 days ago


I love that she wiling went on Good Morning America because she wanted to show the world it was "okay" and then gets her child taken away from her. I like to think it was a bit of Karma.

When you have to tell the camera that you "Dont want to reveal the source of the botox" you inject your 8 yr old with, theres BIG problems right there.
Shes a lunatic.

1258 days ago


Its too bad it took national television for them to figure out she sucked. I hope the little girl will be ok.

1258 days ago


Good, this woman is horrible. And how the heck did she get her hands on the Botox and syringes? Unless she's a doctor, she has no business having the stuff. What if she had f*cked up, and paralyzed her daughter's face???
Pretty sure I heard that she said she wouldn't divulge her source, but whoever that person is should be charged for giving it to the mother.

1258 days ago


They have to take the kid away until the mother pleads to a sentence, agrees to the terms of counseling, allows social services in, etc...

1258 days ago


Trailerville Inbred Trash this one is!!! She made the choice to have her child exposed to foster care & the system, she made the choice to inject her child "illegally" with botox, no doubt she bought in Mexico, her choice to go on national tv & brag about her stupidity. Now that the authorities have stepped in, let's just hope there is justice for this child. Clearly, the POS needs to do some mandatory parenting classes until she f'n gets it, therapy to figure out wtf is wrong w/her, jail time, fined and hopefully the next idiot she decides to lay up with uses a condom!!!

1258 days ago


Hope this child has a "NORMAL" relative to turn to, and does not go into the
Foster Home System!

1258 days ago


What a freaking lunatic!!!
It’s a good thing she didn’t have a son, she probably would have tried to give him a cir***cision!

1258 days ago

Jafo Fubar    

To answer the question of how she got it... you do NOT have to be a dr to get it. All you have to do is work closely enough to a dr to get his/her license number and account number with the service rep.Most of the time, you don't even speak to the rep. You just call the phone number of a distributor. If you can't be at his office to accept the delivery, or have a friend that works there, some will use the docs home as a second delivery spot. That's how a couple of house servants I've read about have done it. Depending on it's classification, almost any drug can be swooped up like that. Supposedly the harder drugs require more finesse but I doubt it. And if the person uses a money order to pay, the dr will never know. No, I've never done it. But I work in OR.s and have heard the vet nurses and techs talk about other EX-employees who did. If it makes anybody feel better; after a while they get greedy and usually get caught.

1258 days ago


Lander "don't see a problem with this. it's every girl's dream to win a beauty pageant and bag a millionaire husband.

give the lady a break. it's not like she gave her a boob job in the basement."
What are you insane??? Injecting an 8 year old with BOTOX??? when that little girl is an adult she can make her own educated decision on whether or not she wants to take the risk of injecting potentially harmful ( I have had girlfriends with partially paralyzed eyelids and mouths because of this) botox or fillers but until then?/?BACK OFF MOMMY! Talk about giving the child a complex...your just NOT pretty enough honey....lets get rid of that baby fat with liposuction...

1258 days ago


How the hell did she get the botox?

1258 days ago
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