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Charlie Sheen's Ex Bree Olson

Count Me in

For Ashton's 'Men'

5/16/2011 5:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

If you thought porn star and former goddess Bree Olson would boycott "Two and a Half Men" -- now that her ex-BF Charlie Sheen is officially out and Ashton Kutcher is in -- think again.

Of course, when has Bree ever said no to two (and a half) men?

Ironically, she was pretty tight-lipped about her upcoming Playboy spread.


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Hey Joe,

Al was the major player on MWC, not Steve. Are you saying Charlie was a bit player on TAAHM? Bad comparison.

1221 days ago


Love it!So,now Chuck can contract her for 2 1/2 and write a plot where she was Charlie GF and now wants to live with Ashton and John,because Charlie left her!It will be 2 1/2 girl!And,of course,she will try to sleep with all of them.Real life,people!

1221 days ago


This article is crap. When she was asked if she was in for 2.5 men, she was thinking that 2.5 men were IN HER....

1221 days ago



I'm sure he did. That was a hell of an 11 page letter from WB, and CBS. Sounds like in simple terms, from all of what Sheen pulled both publically and on the set and finially getting fired Sheen is not entitled to any more money.

Sheen did not live up to his contract agreements.

1221 days ago


Newsflash honey, nobody gives a **** about you since you left Charlie. You're back to being another two bit whore who does porn for a living, that's all. And getting in playboy is a joke anymore. I mean really...

1221 days ago



Yeah, wasn't that termination letter a great legal do***ent? When I first read it I actually said "YES!" out loud - more than once. It was airtight and locked down. You could just see WB's legal team going over everything with a fine tooth comb. You could almost feel the enjoyment of the team that then drafted that letter.

I've read a lot of legal do***ents over my lifetime but that was one of the best. I thought that my personal bias might figure in to my reaction - but then I read legal analysts online saying exactly the same things for the same reasons that I had.

Sheen can spin it anyway that he wants, the plain simple truth is that he was fired for cause - for way more than one cause - and he sunk his own idiot ship.

Btw, have you read about what WB's lawyers said about the negotiation process they went through with Sheen and the original contract?

1221 days ago

Different Rules Apply    

She better save the Benjamins while she can get them - she will be washed up and forgotten soon - just a talentless whore on a mission for the gold... she won't be out here too long. Bree, hope you have a backup plan - standing upright that is.

1221 days ago


janet 3 hours ago
Say what you want about her, she was smart enough to move on from Sheen.


And stupid enough to hook up with him in the first place. Just saying...

1221 days ago


I call for a "who'd you rather".. Ashton C or Hugh Grant.

1221 days ago

John Grey    

The comment that Bree's porn is actually very low in class, style, production, &riddled with copy-cat issues (lack of originality) makes most people believe she should really be left to live out her life in obscurity.
She has no other "talents"; thus there's no real reason for any attention.

1221 days ago


@posui 36 minutes ago -
DO NOT use this website to hawk your fake merchandise!!!PLEASE
PEOPLE, boycott this illegal post!

@ Spring,
Thanks for sharing your legal expertise. WB has far deeper pockets than Sheen. They could litigate him into the poor house if
they so chose. Plus he has committed CAREER SUICIDE with this lawsuit!!! What studio or network would want to EVER hire him now?

1221 days ago

orange valentine    

The Porn Star has more class than Sheen!

Bree said nothing negative about Charlie Sheen,

However Charlie Sheen publicly attacked her during his tour.

Charlie Sheen calls his children's mothers whores and thinks it's

"winning" to attack his own show that earned him millions-

Bree was smart enough to dump Sheen, and wise enough not

to bad mouth anyone.

Bree (porn star and all) is still a better human being than Charlie Sheen.

1221 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I'm pretty sure there's not a market right now on prime time television for a Anal Performer of the Year.

1221 days ago



Don't fall backwards Bree,

Keep pulling yourself out of the pit.

Your a beautiful young woman, The God who created

you loves you-with a real and everlasting love.

God forgives us all, start a new life.

Numbers 6:25-27 (New International Version)
25 the LORD make his face shine on you
and be gracious to you;
26 the LORD turn his face toward you
and give you peace.”


I am praying for you

1221 days ago


Quit following this whore already.

1221 days ago
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