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Cali Swag District Member -- Gunshot Victim

5/16/2011 6:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cali Swag District member M-Bone died of gunshot wounds last night in his hometown of Inglewood, CA ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Cali Swag District Shooting

Story developing ...


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Who is that?

1067 days ago


Wow alot of young people are losing their lives. What's going on?

1067 days ago


I used to live in Inglewood near the "Fabulous Forum."
I have insomnia and would sometimes walk around the block in the middle of the night...always armed for protection.

Nowadays there...I would not walk around in the DAYLIGHT without being armed.

1067 days ago



1067 days ago


A lot of you guys' comments are ignorant as hell. It is obvious his real name isn't M-Bone. Cali Swag District is a popular hip hop group. The guy died. It doesn't matter if he was a rapper or not, he lost his life. Have empathy or shut the hell up. Thanks.

1067 days ago


never heared of this guy,whats the big deal.sorry he is dead but why cover this when so many others get shot and you never show it on here.

1067 days ago


@Meanie and M how the hell you just going to judge a book from it covers. You don't know the first thing about this young man. You don't know nothing. Just an outsider looking in. Just because a person has tatts DOES NOT mean they are in a gang. Dumb mother****ers. @Carolynn Go kill yourself for that comment. That was somebody son, brother, cousin etc. How would you feel if somebody said iit about your child or brother or sister???? Think before you speak or type. Stupid. Krusty his name has nothing to do with the situation. Everyone had a childhood nickname. Give this name his respect. I am from the southside of Chicago Englewood and it is hard as hell growing up there. I have tats and I also have a good as job with the government. U saying something about a person u never meant, I wonder what people say about u. God bless your stupidity

1067 days ago


Why are people so concern about a person name???? The question is why did the person lose their life? All of this violence need to stop. It is sad to hear about our young African American males. I pray for his family.

1067 days ago


Y'all are ignorant as hell. His stage name was M-Bone, and this is being covered because him and his crew had one of the hottest songs out last year. Whether you heard of him or not doesnt mean be an ass about the situation.

1067 days ago


Are some of you really dumb enough to think his real name was actually m-bone, or Cali Swag? God i swear the majority of commenter on this site are ****ing idiots. And to the idiot who said he was in "hell", there is no hell or heaven. once you die, you're ****ing dead! Stop believing in iron age superstitions.

1067 days ago


And just so you know he was standing by his car and someone drove pass shoting. He was just at the wrong place at the wrong time. Some of you people are just plain dumb for your comments. How would you feel if they said it about you??? You said, whatever I don't care, but that's bull****. Give him respect and respect his family. He wasn't a gang member

1067 days ago



Young man dies, no one knows any facts, yet people draw conclusions he is a "thug". Do you know one iota of information about the person before calling him a thug and equating him to a mass murderer in Osama Bin Laden. You are ridiculous.

1067 days ago


They didn't name their child MBone, you idiot. That's his nickname. and Cali Swag District is the name of their group. They're musicians.

1067 days ago


I agree with La-Sheer! Yall dont know what that man was doing, he couldve been just an innocent bystander in the way of someones violent actions! We dont even know the whole story yet and people think they got it all mapped out! Any human life is a loss, any murder is a sin in Gods eyes. Show a little more compassion, the boy was only 22! RIP

1067 days ago


Wow...a lot you guys are really ignorant. The fact is that this young guy lost his life to a bullet. If you have never heard of him, why are you even commenting? If you don't have anything nice to say about him, why post? If you really think his name is M-Bone then you have problems. His real name is Montae. The fact of the matter is that someone lost their life. Rest in Peace Montae Talbert! I will miss you dearly! <3

1067 days ago
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