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Cali Swag District Member -- Gunshot Victim

5/16/2011 6:09 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Cali Swag District member M-Bone died of gunshot wounds last night in his hometown of Inglewood, CA ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Cali Swag District Shooting

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You commenters are all clueless as to this person is and still make light of his death? I hope none of that karma visits your dying or ailing relatives.

I did not know him personally, but I like his group. RIP fallen soldier.

1220 days ago


Ok this boy just died and some of yall asking some really disrespectful question which really shows how stupid you are. "who names their child cali swag or mbone" Dumb A** its a group name! Before you go running trap do RESEARCH if you don't know about!!! Point Blank Period....Has a low tolerance for stupidity and disrespect

1220 days ago


my prayers go out to his family

and people stop worrying what his name is? Obviously its not really M-bone
i mean come on a child just lost his life
SMH people are so Simple

1220 days ago



1220 days ago


These comments are disturbing! Someone has died, and you can't respect his life. He was 22 years old, and shot by a gangster that doesn’t make him a gangster, that makes him a victim. Have some compassion for people who lost their life. Some TMZ readers are true lowlifes, who are no better than so-called gangsters and thugs.

1220 days ago


this guy used to do the major dance of the dougie in their concert and shows. his pretty much their . if u dont know . shut up and stop talking ****.

1220 days ago


Are you people serious this kid was shoot and killed" HAVE SOME ****ING RESPECT". This kid was not a gangster just someone who joined a successful group and who tried to better himself. If you have anything negative to say I honestly hope you will suffer the same fate. Bitches

1220 days ago


My condolences to the group his family and friends my he R.I.P

1220 days ago

Christian Legit    

these comments are real messed up.. and really ****ing ignorant. this man was shot, no matter the cir***stance no one deserves to be killed. and who ever carolynn is may you go to hell.

1220 days ago


Maybe its a stage name dummy

1220 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Wouldn't really consider him much of a celebrity but that sucks he was shot and killed. Those bashing the people asking who he is, not everyone listens to hip hop. I do and i wouldnt have any idea who this guy is if they didn't add that he's in cali swag and they had that Dougie song. I hated that song, hated that stupid dance and couldn't pick any of the members of Cali Swag out in a lineup. So quit acting like this guy should be well known when he was part of a 1 hit wonder group.

That being said its unfortunate what happened.

1220 days ago

Shane D.    

he looked like a nice boy. may God be with him and his poor mother

1220 days ago


@ Spartacas It's not about the group or their song, this is about a person life. Nobody gives a rat ass if you like their music or not. All they was doing was bring something different to the table. You have to be inspire and creative to do such. But the bottom line is this young man lost his life for no reason give him and his group respect or don't comment at all.

1220 days ago


@ Greg you are very lucky to be where ever you are. Trust and believe me those words will not only get you hurt, but killed. I will not be little myself to your ignorance. People like you who deserve to die. It's the haterd white and others have for one another. And believe it or not African American don't judge others. We only do so when we are treated badly. I hope someone stab you and you die slowly and alone. God forgive me and have mercy on his soul

1220 days ago

Nicole Props    


I wonder how long it took you to figure how to spell and trust and believe that you wouldn't have enough "balls" to say those things in another person's face. So crawl back under the mudflap you came from. By the way, you would have to catch a "swamp mutant" to hang them from a tree first and I doubt with your I.Q. you would have such luck. Ignorant A$$!!!

R.I.P. to this young man and I hope is family can be at peace.

1220 days ago
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