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Lindsay & Marilyn Manson -- The Beautiful People

5/16/2011 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that Lindsay Lohan is hoping to land a role in an upcoming Charles Manson movie ... the actress spent her Sunday night with a dude who named himself after the psychopath.


Lohan and anti-Christ superstar Marilyn Manson kicked it together at the DeLeon Tequila Anniversary party at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood ... and no, we're told Lohan didn't touch the booze.

FYI -- Manson has also stated he wants a role in the upcoming Tyler Shields flick, "Eyes of a Dreamer" ... but so far, nothing has been confirmed.


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It is possible to have fun while being sober.

It is, but it's quite difficult when surrounded by people who are drunk, or out of it by other means (or both, lol), because generally they think their conversations are far more interesting than they actually are. And it's not difficult to end up drinking out of boredom. I think MM is a good guy and is smart, if he's sober it's great they're friends, but I do question her choice of location. When I've had to stay sober it is incredibly boring company with friends who are drinking. That's what I mean by inadvertent peer pressure. I think going to an actual music gig, something entertaining for the head, or actually doing something productive, is far less of a risk than clubs or hotel bars in Hollywood.

1258 days ago


From the very beginning of my posting here before my Sharon Tate idea manifested into a nightmare, I had said Lindsay would be fine as long as she doesnt go around this guy. Manson had just gotten dumped and he always looks for weak prey because he is a master manipulator. BEWARE!

1258 days ago


Called it ....barely 10:30 on the east coast and another Lindsay story on the air......Way to go TMZ ...Ride this pony...
RUN it into the ground...

So much for staying away from , drinks, parties and people who can lead her down the path to her old ways...

Leading her hell, she sprinting a mile ahead of her friends to get there first.......

1258 days ago

I am Spartacus    

Wow she's really trying hard to derail every new movie. 1st the Gotti movie, now the Manson movie... she's a bigger buzzkill than Buzz Killington.

1258 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Fabienne 29 minutes ago

The let's bust Lindsay game is over. She doesn't serve jail time. It's not going to happen. Don't try to analyse any more.
It's an old boring story now. I look forward to see Lindsay in this seasons fashions instead of hiding away in black.
Can't help it I'm French, ramp it up Lindsay. Show them you can look good. Posters here made me think you are a total loser. I'm starting the "Let's make Lindsay Look Good" thread so please don't let me down. Not saying you've to be goody goody no life. Just up the ante with your style. Let's show them!

We need to start a thread like that! At some point, if you're the least bit human you must become part of the solution rather than part of the problem, and it looks like you have. Some people ie. the HATERS are constitutionally incapable of ever being part of the "solution" and all we can do is pray for them.

On another note, SealTeam 6 you're flopping around like a dead fish with your posts....

1258 days ago



Lindsay's FIRST PUBLIC EVENT - A Corporate Liquor Launch - LOL

This is what happens when you get DUMPED by a real talent agency, and have to use

These new guys are doing a GREAT job rebuilding your image.

1258 days ago


One more thing about Manson for now, there is a very good reason he cant keep a wife. You might not believe in the Devil but he does, and he and Manson have been business associates for some time. Souls will always be of value, if Lindsay still has one to sell that is.

1258 days ago

Grandma Cracker    

MM goes slumming......

1258 days ago


Love the sign he's making with his hand. Linds should understand that one.

1258 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

I will be done with her if it ever comes out that she slept with this THING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

1258 days ago


Couple of real charmers, aren't they?

1258 days ago


ummm everyone knows Marilyn Manson has a serious coke problem

for someone so serious about staying sober she sholdnt be going to tequila parties and chilling with coke heads

isn't that simple common sense

1258 days ago


Rogue Warrior- I agree with you on that! Manson works fast with his women, thats what sexual predators like him do, so I hate to speculate but Manson usually gets who he wants. I will tune TMZ completely off if they become an item.

1258 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

Celebrity gossip is, in many ways, rooted in bullying. We don’t usually call it that, because it makes it sound really ugly, but talking about the faults and failures of those who have succeeded — at being pretty, at being popular — whether they go to our high school or work next to us or appear on the movie screen, is our own way of venting frustrations. I remember, back in Sunday School, when my teacher told me that gossip was a sin. Now, I don’t believe that, even though “Celebrity Sin, Academic Style,” might be a great blog title. But it doesn’t always reveal our nicest, best selves.

Once they are told what is right by a parent or someone they have been taught to highly respect, they become closed to considering a different viewpoint, unable to think that any other way is acceptable. They become rigid in their thinking and judgmental of others who think, feel, or act differently. They basically don’t develop the ability and freedom to look at issues and consider the varying merits before choosing a side.

What Lindsay has to deal with that we don't, well some of us...

1258 days ago


Like playing Russian Roulette with Damien.

1258 days ago
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