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Lindsay & Marilyn Manson -- The Beautiful People

5/16/2011 5:15 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Now that Lindsay Lohan is hoping to land a role in an upcoming Charles Manson movie ... the actress spent her Sunday night with a dude who named himself after the psychopath.


Lohan and anti-Christ superstar Marilyn Manson kicked it together at the DeLeon Tequila Anniversary party at the Chateau Marmont in Hollywood ... and no, we're told Lohan didn't touch the booze.

FYI -- Manson has also stated he wants a role in the upcoming Tyler Shields flick, "Eyes of a Dreamer" ... but so far, nothing has been confirmed.


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Ain't laughing at her......

not many woman want to be seals, thats a man's club that doesn't allow women , can't have a woman doing something better then them now can they, we may not be as phyically as strong as a men but we sure in the hell can think faster on our feet the men..and shoot better too... but I did want to be a Green Beret but they where a mens club only also....still I loved watching them run by us every morning.........

1255 days ago


I was just playing you know you have never bothered me at all and didn't mean any offense, just a little tease on a slow day...pax

1255 days ago


To the guys on here saying discusting things about Lindsay, you should be ashamed of yourselves and to the women who should be standing behind a woman in trouble you should be ashamed of yourselves as well. All this carry on about her out drinking etc. Are you honestly that pure that you've haven't had drinks, police tickets, taken something you shouldn't have, gone out to a club? If you can really say that you've done none of the above it doesn't surprise me that I see the same pathetic names ragging on Lindsay. No,I'm not a Lohan. I'm someone who is just stunned at how you people go on and on and on beating her up over things that most of you have gotten up to yourselves. Time to grow up.

1255 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

ketjo I was teasing you and Seal Team Sixerniner, I'm baffled by this ROL story and looking some things up.

NOTE: I agree that the statement leading the Lohan story yesterday was possibly one of the WORST things she could have said. IF she actually said that, and it was a direct quote from the horses mouth but TMZ quoted a source. Two entirely different things.

If she did drink last night I won't hate on her or laugh at her expense but I will blame it on Dilo and the pressure from all the gossip sites trying to bully her!!!

1255 days ago

Pony Princess    

as you can see from this pic (although it's hard to tell, but I'm standing next to my brother at the door, and my sister is at the window) I've been in JAIL also.

1255 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

If you don't want to listen to me, then listen to fabienne!!!! I'm talking over everyone's heads and as much as I try to DUMB it down, it's not enough.

1255 days ago


Took a group of Art students and Criminal Juctice students to Washington DC one time and toured the DC jail.....had the poocies scared out of me just walking thru that place and some of my female students were crying like babies....thats as close as I want to be to a big city for that other stuff you named done some and not others we're all human, some folks learn by their mistake and soon don't....don't look like she's learn a dam thing does it.....

1255 days ago

Rogue Warrior    

If she sleeps with this creep I'm moving to LA and will live in my car until I find the right sugar momma because it looks like the ladies in Hollywood haven't set the bar very high at all. Don't worry, I'll tweet everyone from my car since TMZ doesn't have mobile comment posting capabilities yet. Hopefully their we development guru is looking into that. Smart phones are here to stay and will soon take over the majority of the handset marketplace....

1255 days ago


Exactly unless you were actually there you don't know what happened.

1255 days ago


@ julia@2121

If she was even remotely serious about getting her career and public image back together, she woldn't put herself in a situation right now where she's vulnerable to this kind of story. Sorry but that's the truth.

1255 days ago

Pony Princess    

Since I wasn't on the moon walk, does that mean I shouldn't believe that men were on the moon and walked on there? Since I wasn't at the inaugural in 2009, does that mean that I shouldn't say who is president now, I mean I don't have personal knowledge of it. And by rights, that also means that even though I was present when I was born, I don't really know that it was on the date that was put on my birth certificate, since I have limited rememberances of most events before I was 9 years old.
Pleassssssssssssssssssssssse, spare me the "if you weren't there, you can't know" stuff. It's a childish response.

1255 days ago


And you were there Nicole?

1255 days ago

the Seeker    

ketjo 3 hours ago

Sammy just commited fish murder, just brought me the siamese fighting fish from its tank ..needless to say it ain't fighting no more..!!...Can't understand why he could pet the fishy, ...Well need to go have a flush and a prayer for poor fishy ...back later..
* you should get offline and watch Sammy !!! *
FOR REAL lady he could have fallen in the fish tank head first and drowned !!! put down the mouse and put a lid on the aquarium he can't remove about kids dying of stupidity...sheesh, hillbilly get out of the corner and wake the fck up!!!..grandma kettle

1255 days ago


Well, enough of fun and adventure with Lindsay in LaLaLand(Alice in Wonderland) for today,
Been fun playing you show me yours and I show you mine with Pony Princess the only one brave enough to play, leave it to us older gals to have fun dropping our man takers at all..LOL ..Lovely Lady thank you....

Rouge Warrior and Seal6 I'd drather has a Goddess as a symbol then a Seal......and how about Brodicia and a great warrior she was real and ran cicles around those romans for a good long time till a Man betrayed her.......

1255 days ago


i can only wish marilyn manson did interviews for star magazine. if only life were that interesting and real.

1255 days ago
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