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Lindsay Lohan

I'm Being STALKED!!!

5/16/2011 5:15 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Lindsay Lohan claims she has footage and text messages proving she's being stalked by a person who has been "threatening to kill" her  ... and she's now going to the cops for help.

Lilo went on Twitter today and posted a photo of the man allegedly posing the threat -- saying, "This is the freemason stalker that has been threatening to kill me- while he is TRESPASSING! I'm actually scared now."

She continued, "all my fans, my supporters, please stand by me. g-d bless xxL."

We're told LiLo believes the man has been obsessed with her for nearly 4 years ... frequently dropping by her home and leaving weird gifts for the actress.  We're also told he's been sending her "insane" text messages for the past few years.

Sources tell us Lindsay does not know the identity of the alleged stalker -- but she wants the cops to help keep the mystery man away ASAP.


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TMZ is just embarassed they didnt run the story about Lindsay being drunk at a club so they run this BS.

1166 days ago


This is BS? Lindsay tweeted it.

1166 days ago

en Todo Momento!!    

Stalk it to me, baby!!! he's just a real big fan...

1166 days ago


Today in the Daily Mail:

Lindsay Lohan "belligerently drunk"

1166 days ago

Rob Base    

What perfect timing Lilo you call TMZ with a story about a stalker you have known about for four years the day after being spotted at a night club taking shots and getting wasted. Now your even getting TMZ to do your dirty work for you huh, Jilo!

1166 days ago


Freemasons. Oh yeah it's the Grand Lodge of the ****tail.

1166 days ago


I don't think that the term "freemason " means any thing except his name. They are not given to haveing nut jobs and stalkers as members . I do think that she is serious about it though , the timing makes me smile but who knows.

1166 days ago

john smith    

Nicole are you saying it's Paris's half brother, Lindsay's tweet at David JPC Hilton?

1166 days ago

paul a.    



Please just go away.

1166 days ago

jd hogg    

LOOK its...Gary

1166 days ago


Rogue Warrior
I .left you a message on the previous thread about using Smartphones and being able to comment on these tabloid comment pages. {o:

1166 days ago


Rhere must be more photos from last night to follow..diversion time.

1166 days ago


Nicole 4 minutes ago
hezzer19 5 minutes ago


Thank you Nicole. You just proved everyone's point.

IF Lindsay has been worried about some dude since 2009 why has she never done anything about it? Hello??? She's spent the last few years surrounded by cops and lawyers. She's had ample time to report it if it were true.

In today's little story she claims she can't identify him and yet, oh look at that, she has his Twitter account. All she had to do was alert the cops and they'd take it from there but she does nothing...because it's bull.

She only seems to bring up her oh so terrifying stalker when she is trying to divert attention from a major screw up on her know, like right after her little incident with Betty Ford or right after getting caught partying the same day she declared she was going to be clean and sober for the rest of her life.

And before you correct me by saying we don't know if she was drinking allow me to say it doesn't matter if she was or wasn't. A recovering addict does not hang out in bars. Public perception is all that matters if she has any hope in resurrecting her career, and in the public's eyes she was drinking in a bar last night.

Read the comments Nicole, not only here but all over the internet...including Twitter.

1166 days ago


LMAO. Oh Please, it's the lines of delusion talking. According to Lindsay, there are more people and plots against her then there were to get Osama Bin Laden.

1166 days ago


Yeah. No doubt it's Mikey, dear.

BTW, she was just snapped drunk, drunk, drunk. Photo and story is on Radar on Line. much for that sobriety pledge, blah bleh. Girl just is on a crash course to blotto-ed destruction.

1166 days ago
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