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Arnold's Love Child

Spitting Image

5/18/2011 7:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has obtained lots of information -- as well as photos -- of the boy Arnold Schwarzenegger fathered out of wedlock -- and he looks shockingly like Arnold himself.

Arnold Love Child

The mother -- Mildred Patricia Baena (she goes by Patty) -- was a housekeeper/assistant for the family for more than 20 years. Her jobs included cleaning, laundry, cooking and other chores.

Sources tell TMZ -- in the late '90s Patty began to "pursue Arnold."  She told friends they would have unprotected sex during the day at the house.  Patty never slept overnight at the house and no one ever caught them in the act.

We're told when she became pregnant, she didn't tell Arnold he was the father. Arnold didn't learn he was the daddy until the boy was a toddler.

Patty -- who made $1,200 a week -- was treated well by Arnold once he found out. Sources say Arnold was always "generous."

Patty -- who has recently retired -- now lives in a 4 bedroom house with a pool, several hours outside of L.A. with the boy and her 3 other kids.

We are not revealing the identity of the boy, however his features are eerily like Arnold's.  We have various pictures of him at various ages (he's now in his early teens) and each picture shows striking similarities, especially the mouth and teeth.


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....I wish women would get off this "I am woman so therefore I am victim" bulls#it. It's become old and transparent.

Maria Shriver knew well what her husband to be was then, and is now. However, her gold-digging cravings,and desire for fame and prestige, made it easy to put those things before her own dignity. So again, enough with this female pity party.

Either a woman is too dumb to pick a better choice of man, or knows exactly what type of man she's getting it in with. Either way, it's time for so called "strong, intelligent women" to start taking responsibility for their own bad choices---or just concede that this "strong, intelligent woman" bit is just a fraudulent bill of sale.

Women, put on your big girl pants, or iron your skirts, get back into the kitchen, and make your man a steak dinner.

You can skip the barefoot and pregnant part, the world is already filled with way too many annoying rug-rats.....Artofwar

1254 days ago

joey _ I love TMZ 'til ya piss me off!    

To yessir on page 1 - I didn't hear Schwartenassbite on Howard's show, but after reading his opinion of what Arnold did and what a jerk he was, I kind of really liked Howard for a moment:

1254 days ago


KATHY =( ^-^ )= 5 hours ago

Just checked out the pics on her myspace and the boy does resemble Arnold. I can't believe she titled her photo album "my sexy self" because she is no where near sexy. I also noticed that the album has over 22,000 views and I'm sure she is going to hit payday giving interviews for tv shows, magazines, etc. I feel real bad for this kid, his mom is a whore and his father is a lying cheating *******.

1254 days ago


So sad, so sad.

I really admired arnold, but this is a low blow, poor little kid, poor Maria, poor family!

1254 days ago

wow ew    

You know if she lost like 50 lbs this woman wouldnt be so bad! i can tell she is overtly confident from her pictures. i can TOTALLY See her being a home wrecker! but she upped it up by having the baby of a celebrity! i feel bad for maria. this woman obviously has no morals! lol

1254 days ago

wow ew    

OMG thanks for the myspace link! her profile contains non blurred pics of her son! he's so cute! i feel bad for him that his mother's a slut like that IF What tmz is true
link to one of the pics.{%22ImageId%22%3A2168186}

1254 days ago


@Yessir: the Howard Stern episode was part of a bit using a fake "Arnold". It wasn't actually him, just an actor.

1254 days ago

two cents    

Is she an illegal?

1254 days ago


He didn't know the kids was his until he was a toddler? Give me a break! He had unprotected sex and didn't even have a clue?

1254 days ago


Levin - Shame on you, by picturing the mother you have identified her and you posted pictures of this innocent 10 yr old who will be quickly identified. You have singularly destroyed his life for a stupid scoop. That only someone could have 'outed' you at ten years old.

This poor young child has no idea what is about to hit him.
Hope you enjoyed your scoop. Next time, pick on someone your own age. I hope it was worth it.

1254 days ago


he only reason this came out is because someone had the goods on Arnold and he wanted to tell his wife before things got bad in the press with some media outlet dropping proof. She left and he’s still trying to put spin on this bulls–t he did. What is a shame is both of them are out of a job. Staying together for the sake of the kids?

1254 days ago

TMZ dont like me    

LOL, she got the nerve to put "My Sexy Self" as the title of her MySpace photo album, LOL. Boy, she really thinks she's the shizz, just because Arnie planted his Austrian seed into her, doesn't she??

1254 days ago


Wonder if the kid is an achor baby.

1254 days ago


Does anyone know if she is a legal resident of the US?

1254 days ago


Shame on you for exposing this child! He did nothing to deserve this. He is an innocent, and you should leave him alone!

1254 days ago
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