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Botox Mom -- I Can PROVE My Story Was Scripted!

5/19/2011 4:40 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Sheena Upton ... aka Kerry Campbell ... aka Botox Mom ... tells TMZ she has undeniable proof that her story was scripted ... including photos that appeared to show Sheena injecting her 8-year-old daughter.


For the very first time since the scandal broke, Sheena is telling her side of the story -- explaining to TMZ how she first got in touch with the U.K. newspaper The Sun through a close family friend and was under the impression she was only doing a simple story about a spa day with her kid.

But Sheena says during the photo session -- producers asked her to pose with a medical syringe and "act like I was just holding it up."

She says she had no idea the story was going to be about Botox -- and claims she doesn't even know what Botox is.

After the photo session, Sheena says things began to spiral out of control -- and she received detailed scripts instructing her how to carry on the lie in front of television cameras.

Sheena says she still has the scripts.

Stay tuned for more video.


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She should still loose her child what a disgrace....this is horrible!!!

1254 days ago


She is so lying!

1254 days ago


A supposed aesthetician who doesn't know what Botox is?!!!!

Okay, maybe that line of work mentioned in the media was false, too, but just about eveyone's heard of Botox.

1254 days ago


That's hilarious; it's like a how-to video for one of those "10 ways to tell when someone is lying" things The body language, the eyes sliding to the side the peculiar facial affect all scream "lair." That is to say that she is certainly lying about something, but what is the question.

Now, like most habitual liars she certainly has elements of the truth mixed in there, but she's lying about some significant aspects of this story, that's for sure.

Obviously, the stuff about "poor little innocent me, I was duped" is a lie. "The I just thought we were doing a story about a "Salon Day" is absurd. The marks for the injection spots on the child's face, the posed shots with the needle show that to be a dumb lie, easily disproved. She may well be insane enough that she actually did inject the child's face, but the kid didn't seem to know where on her face it happened, so it can't have been much of an injection.

I am sure that there is a middle-man or broker for this and it would be interesting to see who that entity is. I totally believe that GMA didn't check a single aspect of this story, that I believe.

1254 days ago


This chick should marry balloon boy's dad. Think of the crazy stories they could come up w/ together

1254 days ago


She was just trying to get attention!!! The woman is obviously sick! But....then again everyone is trying to get their 15 minutes of fame. Very sad, though...either way!

1254 days ago



1254 days ago


completely lying

1254 days ago


This STUPID & unintelligent B!tcH needs some physic help STAT! That kid should be taken away from her because she is immoral, unethically and mentally challenged to be a sound-minded parent. Plus the hag looks like Fiona (with downs on crack) from the Shrek movie!

1254 days ago


I don't know how many things are wrong with this video and this lady..even if she was telling the truth, which I think she isn't. Why would you pose holding a syringe to your daughter's face without asking any questions or even objecting to do it in the first place. No responsible parent would do that. And it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what you'd be portraying from the acts.

You can tell she is lying. I don't know how many times she contradicts herself. Let alone can't even get her story straight or look into the camera. I can't believe this is on here. wonder how much she was paid for THIS crock.

1254 days ago

botox or not, she still used here child wrongly

1254 days ago


why would GMA "try to figure out if she was lying" ? as a journalist, asking pointed questions, to both the mother and child, why would they think she would lie about these things? the kid said it hurt a lot, and it made her cry, but was not clear on why she was getting the shots. the mother also said she waxed the girls upper thighs in the interview, and admitted to obtaining botox illegally.

1254 days ago


Who in this world is dumb enough to believe her? Nobody!

1254 days ago


I hope she gets sued for slander!

1254 days ago


"The story was SCRIPTED and you can prove it?" Well... News Flash! You're an IDIOT and the rest of the world can prove that! You are a spineless sorry excuse for a Mother!

1254 days ago
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