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TMZ Rips Holes In Botox Mom's Story

5/20/2011 4:00 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Botox Mom better get her story straight ... because she was VERY inconsistent when she tried to explain how The Sun ended up with a shot of the woman holding a syringe to her daughter's face ... and TMZ called her on it.



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This is Alley Einstein....TMZ have not requested whats known in the business as a right of reply. I have emailed and left messages.The alledged affadavit doesn't even bear a proper seal. The phots we not doctored. The mother is lying and i nd 2 other people saw it.TMZ if you want to do your job properly call me on 447747825884
i used to respect your site now i think u'd prefer just one side as it may sound better....the womans a liar.....and anyone making false allegations against me will face legal acion. i remainavailable for comment


You should face legal action for not doing a spell check. LOL

1217 days ago


TMZ, you rip holes in her story, yet you believe everything BlowHan says? I guess Botox Mom didn't hand a check over like BlowHan's new PR guy.

1217 days ago


She's a perpetual liar and she's stupid.

1217 days ago


Alley, I think everyone is aware that this woman is lying. She keeps telling lie after lie. Whatever, your beef is with this woman, I am sure you are not being harmed by TMZ because of no will believe anything this woman says.

1217 days ago


What I don't understand is, they asked her to "pretend" like she was giving her daughter some kind of injection and that it was for photos only, and she had no knowledge of what the story was going to be? Why would she agree to that? She should have known that no good would come from any kind of pictures like that. She knew the Sun was a tabloid. She is an idiot.

1217 days ago


Real neat detective work Harvey. Almost as neat as when you almost
sunk the original OJ Simpson trial by falsely accusing Clark of not having a warrant...Nice to know you are still in great form!

1217 days ago

Kathi j    

I went back and looked at the photos and I can't believe what a liar this woman is! You can clearly see a needle on the end of the syringe. You can see injection marks in the skin after the pictures showing her injecting her and on the laat photo, where she is injecting her lower lip, you can see the change in color from the pink lips to a whitish area where something is being injected into her face. This woman couldn't tell the truth if it jumped up and smacked her in her ugly face!

1217 days ago

I am Spartacus    

it's looking more like she was telling the truth and TMZ looks stupid for congratulating themselves on punching holes in her story. Guess thats what happens when your staff is full of high school dropouts.

1217 days ago


Come on people, you are letting these people tell you what to believe. If you look at the original picture they are talking about it is obvious that the syringe in question is an oral one; this is besides the fact that doctors have determined this child was NEVER injected! I love TMZ and they usually get it right but every so often they will do anything to keep a story going because it's more rev for them. Yet, here I am day after day back for more!

1217 days ago



Harvey totally busted her! This where Harvey's legalese comes into play. Way to go, Harvey. She looked speechless for the first minute of this. I could literally see where her mind was going when Harvey tripped her up. She KNEW she was busted. It was very apparent by her facial expressions and then her answers.

She's a LIAR. I don't believe a word that comes out of her mouth.

1217 days ago


Make the video full screen and you can literally see from the expression on her face -- that she KNOWS she's busted.

This girl is a fat, obnoxious liar.

I hope her kid gets taken away from her for good.

Regardless of whether she's injected her kid with botox or not - is a moot point. This lady is a nutjob and has no business taking care of a child.

1217 days ago


this entire story was created by the media, perpetuated by the media, and judged by the media. It has absolutely nothing to do with reality. Botox mom is no smarter or dumber than hundreds of others I encounter daily. Just cause she is an idiot, doesn't mean she is the bad guy here. You must realize that most humans are morons and few of us have IQ's above 130 which is totally evident if you read all the comments on TMZ. Plus, It takes intelligence and experience to hold your own in a heated interview where so much is at stake. She was totally taken advantage of. I hope she gets a good lawyer and sues the Sun for millions!

1217 days ago


She's a lying liar who lies.

1217 days ago


She doesnt look like shes lying... she just looks kind of..umm..well..stupid. Let this story rest already. Next!

1217 days ago


@AnnaZed Wow, that other story is almost word for word with the one over here!
The pictures are the same!

The one thing that tipped me off was the pics of her getting "injected" around the mouth.
You NEVER get Botox around the mouth.

1217 days ago
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