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Botox Mom -- New Photos -- So Who's Lying Now?

5/20/2011 3:51 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

TMZ has just obtained new photos of Botox Mom -- aka Sheena Upton -- holding a needle up against her daughter's lip, and the reporter who broke the story claims it proves Upton is a liar.

TMZ just obtained the photos from reporter Alley Einstein.  It's unclear from the picture you're looking at if the needle broke the skin. 

Einstein says she personally saw Upton inject her daughter's lip with a filler.  Einstein also says she saw Upton inject other areas of her daughter's face with liquid from a bottle labeled "Botox."

Sheena -- who says the reporter made up the story and she NEVER injected her daughter -- claims doctors at UCLA back her story because they found no evidence of Botox in her daughter's system.

So we gotta ask ...


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Theyre all sick but still, not on one single picture does the needle puncture the skin. Its all fake.

1249 days ago


the pics are good but it no way shows the needle actually penetrated the skin all the pics are conveniently covered by the napkin
and as was pointed out the ones that do show the needle without the napkin do not actually show the needle

i would also like to point out that being someone is thfrequently around people whom recieves needles every tuesday of everyweek
that after the needles are given there is some redness i am not seeing that with these pics nor am i seeing any blood whatsoever which come on there woyuld be a lil at least from at least one of them injection points
the redness on her face can easily be attributed to the pressure of someone just putting a little pressure on her face


just my 2 cents

1249 days ago


I get that you're featuring this as a commentary on fame-seeking, but story isn't worthy of the continuing spotlight you're providing. Let the authorities sort it out and move on. You're walking a tightrope here and risk falling into Jerry Springer territory.

1249 days ago



1249 days ago


The least she is guilty of is fraud. That can entail a jail sentence and the daughter is taken away. But if she abused and assaulted her daughter by the injection of Botox--which requires an Rx(which no legitimate MD would prescribe to a child so therefore the Rx was not written for the child) AND TRAINING to administer, she is also practicing medicine without a license and/or dispensing medicine without a license. So for the second possibility, she should have the child taken away. She has dug a hole too deep for her to get out of at this point. Idiot belongs in jail and the child needs to be placed in another home. Where the hell is the father in all of this?

1249 days ago


The reporter is a big fat lair. Look at pictures #25, #26 and #14.
Pictures #25 and picture #14, the needle is all the way in the body, at that angle, if the needle was all the way in, the needle would strike the cheekbone and the girl would be in a lot of pain.
Picture #26, shows the needle all the way in the lip. At that angle, the needle would go through both lips.
Pictures #7, #13 and #17 show the needle placed on the girl’s skin. Do you notice the length of that needle?

My opinion, Botox Mom did not inject her daughter in those pictures. In pictures #7,13 and 17 the needle was attached just for show. But then the needle was removed for pictures #25, 26 and 14.

Plus those black marks you see on the daughter’s face are pencil marks not needle marks.

1249 days ago


What is wrong with the inside of her elbows in pictures 29-33? Please address that!

1249 days ago


If she didn't inject her daughter, she's a scam artist. If she did inject her daughter, she's an unfit mother. Either way, that little girl deserves better.

1249 days ago


Please stop running pictures of this ugly cow (apologies to actual cows) and her kid! Haven't you given her enough publicity which is what she wanted in the first place?

1249 days ago


also wondering what was the first injection pic as in some photos such as
7,14,26 n 27 it looks as though the syringe is already empty

where as in some such as 13,15,17,24n 25 the needle is at the same by the looks anyways

i still say no actual injections were given being the closeups they show do not even show an injection site hole WHICH there would be and in this day of high definition i would expect the reporter to take better photos than what she supplied here

1249 days ago


also forgot to ask isn't the botox a paralizing agent that would make it so the child could not move her face the way she is in the pics ?? just wondering as i was under the impression it makes it so you have no movement in the muscles where you received the botox

1249 days ago


AWESOME! Harvey is the man....Interviewed the suspect, her defense was flawed, so he found a witness and got picture proof.
Now hopefully that CrAzY lady will get what she deserves.
Mr.Lawyer Levin still has it, I don't care what kind of shirt he wears.

1249 days ago


you do know that they make fake prop needles.they use them on tv shows and movies.some times the needels even protract to make it look like you are inserting them into skin.tmz fails to see that logic.i sure as hell wouldnt believe a tabloid paper.heck they are the ones who captured bat boy remember him??

1249 days ago


Obviously the mom is telling the truth....that girl is too ugly to be a beauty pageant contestant.

1249 days ago


Im not an expert on botox but ive seen people on tv get it and doesnt the injection points swell up and are really red. I think the pictures are fake but this reporter and mom are dumbass for trying to pull this stunt. The mom should of known she might loose her kid because of this and the reporter shouldnt of put her career on the line for some dumbass story she made up. This reporter and mom both deserve what they get!!!!

1249 days ago
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